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Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday morning quarterbacking

Good morning blog friends!

It's Monday morning so I guess it is appropriate for me to do a little Monday morning quarterbacking.   Consider this post a look back on a few things and events and my thoughts about them....for what it's worth.   

*  I have to start with the shooting at the Santa Fe, Texas high school.    Is it just me or does it seem that this latest school shooting, which took 10 lives, did not get the news coverage as the ones before it?   I know the Parkland high school students were outstanding in speaking out and in raising awareness, and in creating a national march day.  But, where are they now?  We need those young voices to keep speaking out!  

I also think that so much is happening in the news right now that networks can only devote a small amount of time to the Santa Fe shooting.  Of course there is still all the Trump craziness and the daily new info about the campaign season, a Russian connection, etc.  But, also now the volcano eruption in Hawaii continues to get worse and is covered by the news as it should be.   The day after the school shooting was the royal wedding.  I'll have more on that in a minute.   Most of the networks had already sent crews over to Windsor for it, and had allocated lots of airtime to it. 

Another school shooting.   That's how it is viewed now.  Nothing new - unfortunately.  

I have written posts before about my hopes for changes in the gun laws and availability of weapons here in the US.  So, I won't use this space for it again.   But, I will say that I read a comment from a friend about our need to make gun owners (often the parents of the shooters) more responsible, and to be liable...and to be severely punished when their guns are taken and used in crimes.    It sure makes sense to me.

I continue to vow to you that I will not tire of this important problem in America.   Children are dying.    What can you do?  Here is an easy one: wear orange on June 1st - and let people know you are in orange because you want change, and you want better laws when it comes to gun ownership.

*  The royal wedding!  I was not counting the days down til the wedding.  But, I did wake up Saturday morning in time to turn the TV on and watch it live.  I'm glad I did.   It was a beautiful ceremony.  The liturgy was very similar to what I know, and the music was exceptional!   The sermon message was right on - all about love!   I felt  the wedding was a beautiful mix of heritages...  and an example that love brings us all together.

*  Trump.   I purposely have not written much lately.   I feel like I would just be a broken record... because it's the same thing every day.    BUT...     that being said, because it is the same thing with him day in and day out, for the life of me I can NOT figure out how anyone can still like him as our president.   We can disagree on policy and we can disagree on America's place in the world, but truly...Trump the man??   A liar.  A narcissist.  A womanizer.   An embarrassment.    How is that acceptable?    

I admit that I prefer not to be around people who still support him.   It has put a strain on some family and friend relationships.

*  My statement above leads me to the next topic.  Christianity.   Living life as a Christian, a followerer of Jesus.   I know I fall short on it, when I have trouble being around those who see politics so differently from me.   Jesus did not separate himself from those in need, or from those who were different from him.  In fact, he did the opposite. He spoke to them, and taught all of us about forgiveness and His grace.  

I sit in the pew each Sunday and hear the Word, and I know those around me are each unique... but we are all God's children.   But, even within our church walls we have had many disagreements and separations.   A few years ago we had a group leave due to an issue with the preschool administration.   And then we had a huge fallout due to individual beliefs about same sex marriage.    There was major hurt all around.  So many members left and found new places to worship.  It surprised me that people on all sides of the issue left!  Those who didn't believe in gay marriage left.  Those who do accept gay marriage left thinking we were not progressive enough.    It was devastating.  My friends and fellow church members left.   I felt they 'gave up' and I still struggle with what happened.     Our church now, those who stayed,  is still struggling over it today.   

I'm hurt. I'm bitter.  I'm disappointed.   I'm watching the struggles of other members who stayed too.  BUT....   BUT  it is my home.  It is where I have experienced Christian joys.  I put my faith where it should be...  in the fact that God is there. "Where two or three are gathered..."  He is there.  

I do NOT believe that God causes these things to happen.  I do not believe that God wants us to hurt.   But, He never leaves us and wants us to never give up.  I sit in my pew and look up at the cross and put my hope there.  

*  Lighter note!   I just received an email that I got a spot to attend the Brothers Osborne Fan Club Party while at the CMA Fest!  I love them and am excited!!   They have gotten so 'hot' that a lottery was needed to pick attendees - and it was for single tickets.  I can't even bring a guest.  But, that is okay!  I will go by myself - and enjoy it!!! 

The CMA Fest is getting close!  I also bought into another fan party for an up and comer named William Michael Montgomery.   (I can bring a guest to it!)   I will certainly get my country music fill there...   I love it, morning to late night.  Amazing music everywhere - from the honky tonks, to the fan parties, the daytime outdoor stages, and the big headliners at night.   

*  Family updates:  The twins are 6 months now and are more and more adorable each day!!!   I head back tomorrow to spend a couple of days with them.     Daughter #2 is traveling parts of Europe right now with her fiance.   She had business in Prague and then took some extra time to vacation and sight-see.  I hope they continue to have fun - and stay safe!

*  The daughter #2 wedding is going to be a bit smaller than the royal wedding!  ha   We continue to make decisions and make plans.  We tasted cake samples last Saturday and we walked the venue grounds.  It is slowly but surely coming together!

As the Mamas and Papas sang:   Monday, Monday - can't stop that day!   I must end this now and get on with my Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing my church quilting friends this afternoon - and then this evening I am celebrating with my fellow handbell ringers at dinner out.

Enjoy your Monday!!


Monday, May 7, 2018

Monday morning in May

Good morning world! 

Happy Monday - in May!  It's a lovely time of year, isn't it?  I love this month with the weather so nice and with lots of exciting activities going on for many.   People are celebrating graduations and weddings.   People are getting outdoors and enjoying nature and getting some exercise.   Birds sing.  The breeze is sweet.  Flowers bloom.  

* I love doing yard work and gardening!  I love pulling weeds.  I love spending time outside planting and watching things grow.    So, of course, I did ALL of that and I overdid it this past Wednesday. I was 'in the groove' and going full speed pulling out weeds, and trimming bushes, filling bags full of yard debris.   But my 61 year old body didn't much appreciate all the work.    Wednesday evening I felt the ache, and the past couple of days since, I have heard my screaming back.  Slow down!!   You did too much!   Unfortunately, I know all too well that a back out of alignment, zapping my leg,  and swollen from hard work and mistreatment needs time and rest to heal.   Grrrrr       That is where I am now.

* How was your weekend?   I played with the flute choir at a beautiful BIG Southern wedding on Saturday.   How big you ask?   10 bridesmaids, 15 groomsmen, a flower girl, and a ring bearer!   How southern was it?   I saw many, many gentlemen in their seer sucker suits and bow ties!  Women were beautifully dressed in springy dresses, with hair and makeup done perfectly.   Southerners know how to do it up!

* Speaking of weddings... daughter 2 is coming here this coming weekend.  We have cake tasting scheduled and will make decisions on what she and her fiance want on their dessert table.  We also hope to meet with the wedding planner and walk around the new venue, Brookgreen Gardens.   Brookgreen is absolutely beautiful - but it is spread out. We have different spots to choose from for the ceremony and the reception.   I have lots of questions. 

* Update on the twins:  they are 6 months old now and are starting in on some food.   Daughter 1 has introduced pears with success.  Today she will try prunes.  Hmmm.    I told her to have her camera ready because the prunes may create some funny faces!!

*. The political TV ads have started here for the midterm elections.  I have seen several different Republican candidates' commercials.   Our current governor (McMaster) took over when Gov. Haley went to represent the US in the United Nations.   He has ads running that show Trump endorsing him, which just really throws me!  Seriously?  He thinks that is a positive thing?      As in the past I will vote mostly Democrat and my vote will never leave the area due to the way our Electoral College works.  It saddens me.  I'm all for having getting rid of the Electoral College so that I can actually have my vote count.   But, I vow anyway to vote for all newbies.  

* Hey you!   Please vote this time, okay??     We need you.

* I love my church.  Yesterday our handbell choir, which I am a member of, finished off our season with a wonderful piece, composed shortly after the Columbine High School tragedy, to honor those killed -  and to stir us up.  Violence in America.  Columbine was the first major school shooting, but we have had TOO many since.       Our music yesterday started with the the St. Francis prayer for peace.  It was impactful and moving.  Oh music!  It can be so beautiful!!

* I'm watching a segment on "CBS This Morning" right now about smart people dressing the same way every day.  Wow.  Interesting!   Too many clothes options can include some bad decisions, confusion, and people focus on what you are wearing and not what you say.   So, I think my clothes 'uniform' will be plain colored shorts, a solid shirt...and flip flops!  ha   

* Here's something interesting.   I went to the eye doctor's this past week because I hadn't been for five years and I knew my prescription for my glasses needed to be updated.   I have always had severe nearsightedness.  But twice over the years I had one of my eyes lasiked for better distance vision.   Guess what?  Now I have one eye still very nearsighted - and the other one has changed and is too farsighted.  The eyes are so far apart that I have been referred to an eye specialist.    Oh joy.    But, hey - at least I can see!!

*  Aging is not easy.    I've always heard that.  I know it now.     But, you gotta keep on keeping on... live each day!   Find the joy!

*   Are you watching "American Idol?"   I have been watching, but I have had a tough time stomaching Katie Perry (sorry Katie lovers).   Some times I feel Luke's pain as he sits there and tries to think of something 'different' and country-sounding to say.   Last night was elimination night.   I finally decided to go online and vote.  My two survived the night.   I guess my vote does count somewhere! 

Gotta run.  Happy Monday! Happy May! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Random dreaming... Love. Acceptance. Sharing. Giving.

Random thoughts.    Staying silent is easier sometimes.  I know many who believe that.   I constantly struggle with how much I should speak out...and WHY I should speak out.  Apathy on issues vs. commitment to a belief?  Keeping it off social media vs. using it as a positive avenue?  Staying quiet about politics today vs. believing each voter makes a difference?   Should I, or should I not?!?

Saying that, bear with me if I speak out (perhaps too much) in this post.  Some of you will agree with me and be in "my camp" and some of you will be upset by my out-spoken opinions and get annoyed and will think I should not be expressing myself like this on line.

Believe me. It's a constant struggle I have with myself.   But, my heart and my faith tell me that I have one life to live and that I should give it my best. I should speak as a Christian. I should be true, tell no lies, live my life as an open book.

So, tonight I speak of things that matter.

Love. Acceptance.  Sharing. Giving.

I admit it.  I don't understand a lot of people.  I don't get how some people can see things so differently.  I try, oh I try, to accept that we are all allowed our own beliefs.  I know we all have a different history, and a different raising, and we have different circumstances and experiences.  We all are individuals.  That's what makes life interesting.  Right?  I know it in my brain.  I just don't always accept it in my heart. 

But, there is a core 'thing'... a fundamental love that we must all feel.  Right?  It's a need to be of value to ourselves and to others.  We each have a uniqueness that must be honored.  We each have a hope for wanting a life that is full, satisfying, and beautiful.   Without it we hurt each other, and we put ourselves before others.  I think it's the basis of most problems...  we try to be better, and we try to find reasons to put others down.  It's certainly nothing new.  Throughout history there have been caste systems and man-made levels of importance.  There has always been one person or group keeping the others down.   There have always been struggles for many others to get ahead, to be better, and to achieve more.    The complex world we live in now bombards us all the time with so many, many ways to be divided, and to care about only other people that are like us.   Or even worse: only me, myself and I.  

We hear messages that put us against each other ALL THE TIME.  Politically.  Socially.  They are for ratings - and they are for business building and money making.  Endless hours our media now opine about politics.   Constant omplaining.  Lying.   There is not a lot of room or airtime for civil debate on issues or acceptance of differences.

It worries me.  It frightens me.   I think that many of us in this country have been swayed to live in a way that they don't trust anyone anymore, and in fact they think that others are out to get them.  It is put into their minds through marketing and the psuedo-news media... and yes, unfortunately, our leaders in government.  We have become a nation scared of each other and now we feel we need to protect ourselves.  We want to make sure we get OUR fair share because we think someone is always trying to steal from us.

  And  so, really, perhaps I do understand what has happened, but I am still disappointed how these  people think now-a-days.  I wish they could be stronger and true to the core needs of all...

Love. Acceptance.  Sharing.  Giving.

How can we get closer to it?   As a Christian, I believe we are 'commissioned' to go out and do just that.  Love, and accept.  Share what we have and give joyfully.   Jesus taught us that that was what God wanted for us to do... we are to love our neighbor as we love yourself.   But even for those that don't follow these teachings, it seems to me 'common sense' that loving, accepting, sharing and giving will bring a peaceful and happy life.  So, why not go for it?

 We need to stop putting others down (me included), especially those we consider different by color, or sex, or financial status.  We need to train our brains to be positive and to be open minded.  It means we accept people as they are.  Turn off our judgey thoughts.  Maybe we need to put on the rose-colored glasses for awhile.  See this world in a better way.  Stop being frightened.    Share our resources and give because giving is good.

Maybe we should NOT think about how we can be better than others, or think that we deserve more than others, and stop the feelings that we have a 'right' to things before others do. 

I think back to my birth... which happened to be from white parents in middle America.  I was born into a religious family, with stability, and I lived in a single dwelling home.  I had no choice into it... but I certainly know I was fortunate to have that kind of a start to my life.  I also know not everyone had what I had from birth and it was not a choice they made.    They too want...

Love. Acceptance.  Sharing.  Giving.



Thursday, April 26, 2018

End of April update

Hello!  How's everybody doing?   It's almost the end of April and I haven't had much time lately to post on my blog.  But, here I am...

* Last weekend I was more or less in charge of our church's annual garage sale.  I say that because it pretty much runs itself since we have done it for quite a few years now.  We have great church members who step up and help out.  Each year we pick a few local charities and take the money raised and give it back to them, to help our community.   It's a good day all around!  Lots of shoppers who get deals, money raised, and then the leftovers are given to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  

Even though it runs smoothly it is time consuming. Thursday and Friday were setup and pricing days.  Plus I went to a few church members's homes to pick up items that they could not bring in.  Thanks to hubby for helping me with that!

*. I'm still going back and forth to spend time with my grandbabies and to help out their mama.  The boys are growing and are much more settled but the mere fact that there are TWO keeps it a busy household!  My daughter is doing a great job with them!  She has them sleeping through the night and next week they go in for their 6 month checkup.  I'm pretty sure the pediatrician will tell her to start introducing food and that will help even more.   They really are good babies!  I credit my daughter more than she knows!  She has learned SO MUCH these past months, and has survived the early months with two preemies, on little sleep, as she healed too. 

The boys are in a fun stage right now - discovering each other, giving lots of smiles, squealing to communicate, rolling over.   It won't be long til they start crawling.   Every day is a new adventure and it's fun to watch them learn.

* At the same time, we are planning a wedding!  Daughter 2 had an interesting week!  The wedding planner called her to say that their were major issues happening at the venue.   Daughter had booked the Litchfield Plantation home, and the grounds around it.  It's a beautiful setting, overlooking the marshes. Guests would arrive driving down the Avenue of Live Oaks with spanish moss.   BUT...  with the problems, the wedding planner encouraged daughter 2 to find another location.  It seems that the plantation home is owned by 2 people who live in the neighborhood, and the HOA has been paying the mortgage on it.   But, there have been disagreements and the mortgage has not been paid for awhile - so the home will soon go into foreclosure!  Lawyers are getting involved.  It's not good.   How very sad!    There are 10 weddings already booked for the fall there and now the wedding planner has to tell all the brides what is happening. 

Thankfully, the wedding planner called around and found other venues to consider.  So, daughter 2's wedding will now take place at the very beautiful Brookgreen Gardens near us!!   We are lucky that it is available and that we were not left high and dry, without any option.    We had not ordered the invitations yet.   So, basically we just need to make a few phone calls to let some of our vendors know the wedding is at a new location.

*  Tomorrow night hubby and I are going to a Nashville Songwriters Roundtable event.  4 songwriters will perform a short acoustic set each and will talk about some of the songs they wrote or co-wrote.  Some of the songs have been recorded by big names in country music and became hits.  The event is to raise money for a charity but it's an amazing opportunity to  be "upclose and personal" with these writers.  I'm a huge country music fan so I am really looking forward to it!!

* Speaking of country music... the CMA Fest is only a month and a half away!  I am in a group on Facebook - a group of people who are going.  Some are first-timers but some, like me, have gone for many years.  For us, the ones who have experienced the festival before, there is a lot of grumbling on line about the lack of some of the biggest names on the schedule.   It seems that in recent years more and more 'summer festivals' are popping up around the country.  We have one right here in Myrtle Beach.  The big names are booked for those festivals...  but not the CMA Festival.    Historically the CMA Festival was a time of year when the artists 'gave back' and thanked their biggest fans.  (It used to be called Fan Fair.). The artists play for free.  A portion of the proceeds is given to music education in schools.    But it seems more are performing where they get a paycheck.  I'm sure their record companies and agents have a lot of say about it, and do the booking...   but it's disappointing for us CMA Fest regulars.   And, of course, the price of the festival continues to go up.  

* So, in general, am I getting more impatient??    I have posted on FB about the crazy drivers here, and the fact some don't seem to know the rules of the road.  But, perhaps it is ME who has the problem?!?   Reality check!  I need to chill on the road, and I need to realize many drivers have their own issues.  Perhaps driving slow and in the wrong lane is the least of their problems!   ha!!!

*  Sum-sum-summertime!  It's almost here!  My favorite time of year!  I'm planting flowers, and spending more time outdoors already.   Are you?  What is your favorite thing to do?   I love having a book and a glass of wine on my deck.   I need to walk more.... in general.  So, I'm hoping to make it a daily thing come summertime. 

* I am only home for a couple of days... so if I want to get walking I better sign off. I have much to do!  I have a hair restoration day tomorrow.  I need to run errands today, make up layette baskets for the hospital, plant some hosta plants I ordered that have arrived, and I have a flute choir session this evening.  We are going to record a few of our pieces to make a demo CD.   (Gee, I should really practice and limber up the fingers ahead of it! )

Enjoy this time everyone!  Today is awaiting...    

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Just little ole me.

Hi everyone!  I'm back - after many adventures and special days.

Happy Easter!  I hope you had a wonderful Holy Week finishing up with the celebration of our risen Lord!  

On Saturday we had family over to our home.  Daughter #1 and family made their first road trip here with the babies.  A 3 1/2 hour drive and the boys did really well.  They also did great staying at Baboo and Mimi's house, and meeting everyone.  No crying.  Such sweet boys!  I'm glad it went well so that they all come back soon.  This Mimi is proud!

Mixed in to the weekend was a major challenge for my hubby.  He had a kidney stone attack and had lots and lots of pain.  I have never experienced stones (thank God) but I understand it's as rough as childbirth pain.  We made an ER visit, and he got some pain pills.  He was all set up to have a procedure done to go get the stone out on Wednesday, but passed it on Tuesday night!   Yeah!   Kidney stones are strange things.  Such a mystery on why some people develop them and others don't.  Hubby has had them before and diet changes don't make a difference.   He just gets them.   Poor guy.

Easter:  Did you watch the live production of "Jesus Christ Superstar"  Sunday night?    Oh my!  It was wonderful!  I was so impressed by the singing, the dancing, the set, the emotion it provoked.  Very well done!  Daughter #2 and I saw a live version in Charleston a few years back and Ted Neeley, the man who portrayed Jesus in the movie, was Jesus in it.  I loved it BUT I think John Legend did an amazing job. The whole cast really.   If you didn't see it Sunday night, perhaps you can pull it up on line.

Speaking of online...   okay, am I the only one who thinks it's a bit crazy that people are so upset that Facebook info was 'stolen'?   I mean, come on...   I love Facebook but I have known since day one that you don't put up any information that you are don't want being public knowledge.   I worry more about store websites getting credit card info, etc.  but Facebook?   Those who get into it can get your name, your birthdate, and can learn about what you like and dislike.   Duh.   Have you not noticed that after a post about a subject, then commercials pop up that have to do with it?   Facebook knows my age so the ads tend to lean towards products for my phase in life.   I laughed when I saw bladder control panties commercials!    Now, when it comes to trying to sway you politically...  which I think it really what this is all about, I again say REALLY?    Duh.   I am pretty secure on my social and political beliefs so maybe my account was not used.   I certainly didn't get Trump-favored ads.  Ha!  They knew it would have been useless!    I guess there is a segment of people who are gullible and are swayed...    but not me!  

The bigger question or concern is about the amount of lies that is out there all the time.  Finding truth is harder than ever.  We used to be able to turn to the news networks and feel comfortable that we were getting info straight.  Not anymore.   I have a friend who worked for a Sinclair TV station awhile back and she has been warning us for awhile about their power and grip on the affiliates. 

As someone who used to work in media (eons ago) I still believe that most reporters are doing their best to give accurate information, without a slant.  If bosses are mandating reporters and anchors to say things that seems biased, then they need to speak up.  I know - the fear of losing their job and being blackballed is real and scary.   But, saying nothing about it is wrong.  It's a tough situation for news people today. 

Sinclair owns a lot of stations around the country.  Fox stations - but other ones too.  You can easily google and find out which local stations are owned by them.  Maybe you should watch a different news source.  Just saying...

Speaking of news and facts:  The crazy, disgruntled woman who went to Youtube and shot some people...  she is not white, and doesn't have an easy name to say, but that does NOT mean that she is part of a bigger terrorist group...or that she didn't have a right to be in our country.  Again, don't go where it isn't!   Her family was concerned because she was unstable and contacted police.  Again, warning signs were there and she slipped through.   Sad.    But, I'm so thankful that nobody innocently died from her gun.

I continue to go back and forth to Raleigh to help with my adorable grand babies.   They are 5 months old now and thriving.  Those smiles they give to me melt my heart!  I am experiencing pollen twice this season tho.  We had it bad here at home a few weeks ago - and now everything is popping in Raleigh and my car got covered in pollen parked there the past couple of days!         Better than snow tho....       lol

It's been a crazy spring.   Snow and snow up north.   Temps going up and down everywhere!    Wacky.  But Spring can be that way.   So, stay healthy everyone....  

until next time...

peace to you.

Friday, March 23, 2018


Happy Friday to all my readers!

I hope you are ready for the weekend ahead.   I mean, who doesn't look forward to the weekend?   Right?   Here are a couple of things I have coming up over the weekend.

* I'm walking in the North Charleston March for Our Lives tomorrow.  It starts at 3:00pm with the march, and then it will have speakers and music at the end of it.    Want to come along?  Let me know.  If you live elsewhere, then find your local march.  Do it for the kids!  Do it so we can make schools a place of learning, and for sports and the arts.  It should not be a place where our kids and grandkids fear for their lives.  Schools should be safe havens.   Home, church, school. 

* Sunday is Palm Sunday - or also Passion Sunday.   I'm looking forward to the happy start of Holy Week on Sunday.  Waving the palms and singing joyfully.  Of course the week goes from joy to total darkness on Friday, before the joy again of Easter and God's expression of total love for us: the showing that physical death is not the end.  Bringing Jesus back from death and conquering death.  The promise of eternal life.

This year the spring blooms are lining up with Easter Sunday.  The azaleas are opening and by next Sunday our area should be full of beautiful colors of nature!  Another sign that life comes back!

* Did you watch Anderson Cooper's interview with Karen, the playboy model who had the affair with Trump?   If so, what did you think?   I watched.  She seemed pretty believable to me.   And, really though, what does it matter?   We all know Trump was an abuser of women, or cad, or whatever you want to call that type of male.  He used his position and power to have sexual encounters.    But, he is our president now.    And...he is not our first president to be a jerk.   People love to point out that both Kennedy and Clinton were womenizers.   And, there were probably thousands of others in political positions who were also.      I'm wondering... do people really even consider a candidate's personal moral values when voting?  Does it matter?            It still matters to me.   In fact, I think that how a person treats ALL people (peers, the opposite sex, those with different opinions, etc.)  means something to who they are in their core - and I think it will reflect in their decisions.      Oh, and then they lie about it -and try to cover up that it even happened.  And in doing so it becomes a 'he said/she said' on air media spectacle.   Demeaning.  Lowering value.  Wasting time.       Yes, it matters to me.

* I attended a series at my church about forgiveness.  This past Wednesday was the last class.   Each class started with a short film of a real life situation and then told of how the victim learned about forgiveness.  True forgiveness.    And, sometimes how the abuser/criminal also felt the forgiveness.  Thankfully, so far in my life, I have not had a major terrible event happen to me by another person where I feel unable to forgive.   Nothing major.  But, almost daily small things are done, or not done, that create hurt... and my/our reaction says a lot.  Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting it.  But, forgiveness means realizing we ALL make mistakes.  We all do things, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident, that wrong someone else.   It's really hard to forgive at times.  But as I rationally know, and the class reminded me, we are not to judge - and we have God's forgivenness for the asking.     It's a process.   Forgiveness is freeing.   Forgiveness is an expression of love.

*  Switching gears...        Facebook.     Are you going to stay with it?   I have heard from a couple of Facebook friends who have decided to leave it due to all the information stealing, and the political underhanded messages.    Yes, it is upsetting.   Hopefully, the information that was taken from accounts will not be used to do personal harm.   I think from what I hear on the news it was mostly used to try and change our presidential election outcome.     I think when my account was looked at, those behind it saw a very assured person, who will not be swayed by false messages.  Seriously, there was NO WAY I was going to change my opinion of the candidates - and more importantly about my moral and ethic beliefs.   So, I'm not leaving Facebook.  I still love the sharing of family and friend pictures. I love the positive messages I read.  I love getting local news.  I love the funny jokes.   I might be naive but I think I am independent enough that I will not "go with the crowd" or just believe anything online because it is there.    Saying that, I will also NOT become cynical. I will not fear being on social media.  I will weigh the value of technology to the concerns about it.

*   Friends.   How many do you really have?   How many people do you consider "real" friends?  And what makes a true friend?     I can count on one hand those who I consider true, positive, life-long friends.

Gosh, reading that back sounds sad.  It wasn't meant to be.  I mean - I have many wonderful, caring people in my day to day life that I consider friends... people that I like to be around, that can make me laugh, that share a lot of what I believe in.   But, there are just a few who "get me" and even if they don't always, still accept me - no questions asked.    Maybe it goes back to forgiveness.

*  Which of course makes me think of MANY songs about forgiveness.  Since I started this class, and since I have been driving back and forth from Raleigh each week listening to music, I have heard lots of songs about forgiveness.   Don Henley sings about it in "Heart of the Matter."   Of course Tim McGraw sings about it in "Live Like You Were Dying"... the lyrics: And I loved deeper, and I spoke sweeter, and I gave forgiveness I've been denying.     Really, so many songs out there are offering or asking for forgiveness.

I think I have reached the end of this post.  So, forgive me (get it?)  for bringing up heavy issues on this TGIFriday.   Some days are like that.    Enjoy the weekend. I'm ready for it!  Bring it on!!

Peace and joy to you. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Just me... reporting in.

Another week has gone by...     so it is time for another post.

* March Madness has started! Are you watching?  Have you filled out a bracket?  I have found that filling out a bracket is the best way to get excited about all of the college basketball during this month, and to have a reason to root for the teams as they progress.  How do you pick teams?   Obviously, you can pick from how they are ranked, but then you have to go out on a limb and pick a few underdogs.  I tend to pick SEC teams, and Carolina teams (not Clemson... ha) and schools that my daughters went to (go College of Charleston!)

* I am so proud of the students from Parkland that have started a movement!  And, I'm proud of all the students across the country who have joined in, and now have awareness and compassion about school safety and gun control.   So often we hear about the young being apathetic about issues and politics.  But this has hit home to them.  This is about their world.   I don't know about you, but I never EVER worried about my personal safety and feared for my life when I was in school.  Now, hearing that young elementary children have to 'train' to go into lockdown for fear of shooters is just so very sad to me.  I can not even imagine what that does to a little one.  So scary.   It's not fair to put them through it.  I think we need other, better solutions.  That's why I plan to march...

* I will be at the Charleston March for Life, Saturday, March 24th.   Thank you to my hubby for agreeing to go with me.  It's important for me to be there.   I ordered a shirt and got an email today saying that it is on it's way...but, guess what?  By mistake I ordered a KIDS large, not an adult large.  It might be snug, but I hope I can wear it.

* Doing it for the kids....and my grand kids.  I still can't believe I have two grandbabies!  They are the most adorable little guys in the world!   I'm marching for them.

* Daughter #2 (in birth order) just completed her training and is now a yoga instructor.  I'm so proud of her for her commitment to it, and for finding something that makes her mentally and physically fit and chilled.  She has a stressful life right now - her job, and planning a wedding, and starting to have a home built - and yoga is the perfect way to keep from going crazy! Like her mama, she likes her wine too - and it also helps!  ha

*  My son-in-law is a busy, hard-working guy, and therefore he doesn't check into social media very much.  So, he probably won't read this... but, I just want to say thanks to him.  He has 'allowed' me to spend the last 4 months living at his home, on and off.  Mostly on.  I am helping with the twin babies, my sweet grandsons, and I know he realizes my extra hands are needed, but he has accepted me there.  He may get tired of me being there at times, but he hasn't made me feel that way - at all.  For that, I thank him.  I mean... I'm his Mother-in-law.   lol

*  More family stuff:  I'm excited my sis is coming to visit over Easter weekend!  I'm also excited that daughter #1 (birth order) and son-in-law are planning to bring those above-said adorable grand boys here that weekend, for their first trip traveling anywhere.   It will be fun to have everyone together! 
The boys were born on Reformation Sunday.  I'm still holding out a little hope that maybe they can be baptized on Easter Sunday... no pressure to the parents, but it would be a lovely time to do it.  Easter is all about new (eternal) life... and the assurance of it.  No better time to welcome two more to God's family.

* Switching to another kind of family:  the country music community.   My countdown has started to this year's CMA Festival in June, in Nashville!!  I'm excited for it this year just as I have been every year!  I never get tired of it.  It's such a wonderful four days of live music on many stages!   More every year!  Soon the big name night-time lineup at the stadium will be announced. Will Keith be there?   Tim??   Fan club parties are also getting scheduled and announced.  Every year we have done something different and special!    We enter the random selections for Meet and Greets and small concerts.  We go to fan parties, and take tours.   Great music, great experiences, great food, great time with family! 

* Update on bathroom renovation:  ALMOST DONE!    Hallelujah!

*  Sad to see Toys R Us stores going bye-bye.  It just seems strange that you can't run to the store to pick up a baby gift, or a kid birthday gift, from there anymore.   More and more stores are closing up  due to internet shopping.  But, it's the way of the world.  And, I admit that I shop on line more than I go to a store too.   Question: what are we going to do with all the empty store buildings??

* I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I am in the mood for something new and different!  I'm thinking strong highlights and lowlights.  Lots of variation - maybe different layers too.   Wish me luck!

Have a good week everyone.    Be happy - be grateful - be filled with peace.