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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Are you mad about Spring?!?

Hello friends!  I hope you are having a good mid-week and I think I know you are happy it's officially Spring! Right??   Here are this week's questions with my answers.  As always, feel free to answer or comment. 

1. Setting aside the real March Madness (NCAA Basketball) describe something happening at your house this month that might earn the title 'March Madness'?

I am definitely experiencing some March Madness these days.  As I have mentioned before ( many times - sorry) we are trying to sell our 'big house' because we felt it was time to downsize.  Months have gone by without an offer and so now we are doing some upgrades inside it to help give the house more appeal.  I think I mentioned before that we bought all new kitchen appliances and had the entry, great room, and kitchen painted gray. 

Well, we have decided to do more!  We are pulling up the carpet and laying hardwood in the entryway, in the great room, and in the dining room.  We are also pulling down the wallpaper in the master bathroom and painting it, and also changing out the faucets, lighting, and mirrors in there too. 

We have hired a handyman to do some 'fix it' jobs that will help the house show better and will also come up if we get an offer and then have a home inspection. 

I went to Home Depot today and spent $400 on bathroom upgrades.  I will meet the handyman in the morning.  I am doing some yard work there too,  So, yes, this is all "March Madness" because I know this is the season to sell.  Spring is here!  We want to get this house sold!   Help - I'm going crazy!?!!

2. What's a favorite made up word from your childhood or a favorite from your children's childhood? Does your family still use the word today? If there's a story behind the origin please share.

Hmmm.  Immediately I thought about how I would say 'buzzard' instead of 'buzzer' when the doorbell would ring.   Being the youngest I was teased about things I said.   And, my dad called me 'misery'... I think he did as a funny, sweet thing - but it is something I remember.  

3. Will you be doing any spring cleaning now that the season is upon us? I read here a list of 15 quick (under one hour) spring cleaning tasks. They were-

clean out a drawer, vacuum furniture, whiten tile grout, dust the nooks and crannies you don't get to year round, degrease kitchen cabinets, wipe down walls, go behind furniture, wipe down ceiling fans, vacuum the mattress, clean the range hood, wash baseboards, shine the stainless steel, clean out vents, tackle the windows, and wipe down gadgets

Of the fifteen 'quick' tasks listed which two most need doing at your house? Will you do them?

Well, not counting the house we are selling - right??  Because I am doing lots of cleaning there.

But, at my present home, I constantly vacuum furniture (sometimes twice a week) - because I have two pugs that shed big time!   Since we have only lived here since October I don't have too much in the  heavy cleaning that needs to be done.  Although, with all the pollen we have had, I definitely need to wash the windows! 

4. A favorite movie set in Paris or New York?

I immediately thought of "Home Alone."   And, the end of "Sleepless in Seattle" - takes place in NYC.  It's one of my favorites movies.  

5. What's put a spring in your step this month?

Just this morning I was at my church and walked by the preschoolers (we have a Monday - Friday program there) and the kids were dancing to music!   I couldn't help myself but jump in and dance along!  Those kids are just adorable!!   

6. Did you ever want to be a teacher? Why or why not?

Good question!   I certainly admire teachers!!   My daughter got her teaching degree and gave it a try. She was batted down by the craziness in the high school environment.  The fear of violence and the lack of parental concern ruined her experience.     It's SO HARD these days!  There are so many things that get in the way of actually teaching children. It makes me sad.  It's such an important job:  teachers are under-rated, under-paid, and have too many expectations beyond reading, writing, and 'rithmatic.  

There have been times that I have thought about it for me.  I mean, I just mentioned the adorable preschoolers I saw this morning... and how I felt the joy of that moment!  I think it would be so wonderful to be a positive influence in a child's life, and to help set their course for being a caring person. 

But, I also remember when my daughters were little. We lived in a neighborhood with a co-op babysitting group - and there were times I watched neighborhood children that were unruly, and too active, and I could not wait til their parents came back to pick them up!  So, I don't know.   Teachers hands are tied when it comes to discipline and they have horrible parents to deal with sometimes, and sometimes administration & paperwork is just difficult.  Meeting standards and following proper procedures!

As I said in the beginning, I really admire teachers!   It's a tough job - and about the most important job out there!

7.  What's your favorite floral scent? Do you have this somewhere in your home or maybe in a perfume? How do you feel about florals in food? How about wines with floral notes-yay or nay?

When I buy a scented candle, or buy one of those plug-ins that release a scent, I pick vanilla.  It's not "floral"... but of the florals I do sometimes pick lavender.   Those are my two favorites aromas.

Florals in food?   No thank you.

Wine?   I'm a dry chardonnay drinker.  No flowery 'bouquets' in my wine please.

8.  My random thought. 

 Back to "March Madness" - I am a big University of South Carolina Gamecocks fan and they just beat Duke the other night in the NCAA play-off series!  It was VERY exciting!!!  So, my random thought is that they may not get much farther but they made it to the "Sweet Sixteen" which is a first for the school - and it's very exciting!!  GO GAMECOCKS!!!!   The Lady Gamecocks are also in the play-offs in the NCAA Women's Basketball League.   I'm rooting for both teams!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday, Monday.... can't stop that day...

Hi everyone! It's Monday....

I have few thoughts rattling around in my brain today.

*  Well, the northeast states almost made it through the winter season without a major snow.  But, it looks like tomorrow will be a very nasty day... and people will have to hunker down til it is over.  Then there is all that shoveling to do.   I'm glad I don't have to deal with it.   Have I mentioned I am so happy I live in the south?  ( :   I think I have!

*  So,  I have Press Secretary Spicer 's White House daily press conferences pop up on Facebook.  I'm not sure why.  But,  I have been drawn in to watch them.   I truly feel sorry for the guy.  But, wow...  what a crazy hour!  I appreciate his talent to avoid questions.  He is getting better at it each day.   And then there is Kelly Anne.    Why oh why would they want to work for that president??   

*  So, who has seen the movie "Moonlight"?  It's available on OnDemand but I wonder if it's worth the money - and will I just get depressed?  Thoughts?

*  Speaking of movies, hubby and I watched "Jackie" on Saturday.  While we watched I realized that I knew a lot more than he did about those moments back then...Why?  Well,  because I am a female and I was more tuned in to the First Lady during the time of Pres. Kennedy's assassination than my hubby. I vivdly remember sitting with my mother watching the funeral on TV.  TV was new with all of the live coverage of events.    I remembered, and I paid attention to what Jackie wore, and the events of those hours.   Hubby and I both found it a very interesting movie.  I don't know if my daughters would care though.   It's all so before their time.   Ancient history.

*  Have you filled out an NCAA basketball bracket?   I did today.  You should do it - because it makes the coming games much more interesting to watch. 

*  The faked bloody stabbing murder in Sandusky, Ohio.   Absolutely stupid.  What are people thinking? 

*  So, I have noticed that many St. Patrick's Day parades happened this past weekend.   It sure seems early.  Why can't parades be on the actual day?    Don't answer.  I know why.  It just seems weird though.

*  Speaking of St Patrick's Day:  March 17th is my mother's birthday. She wasn't Irish - but just happened to be born on that day.   She's been gone since 2003 but I still think of her all the time.   A woman of another time.   Occasionally I see sweet older women and I think they look like her.  It's interesting (funny) because as I age I think to myself that I don't want to look old - and I try to dress appropriate for my age but still dress for the times.   Maybe she felt that way too.  Maybe young people look at me and see this 'middle aged' woman...   not quite yet elderly.   Oh - please!! 

*  Ways to stay young??   Stay current.  Stay involved.  Stay caring.

*  I'm really starting to count down to the CMA Fest in June!!    Right now is the time when fan parties are announced and the various stage schedules get listed.    I signed up to go to the Montgomery Gentry Fan party this time.  It includes lunch, a short concert,  meet and greet pictures, and a gift.   I went to the Scotty McCreery one a few years ago.  It was pretty cool!  And, shortly we all will be trying to get tickets to some of the smaller venues.  You have to sign up on line - and then hope.  It's comes down to random drawings.   We have seen Dustin Lynch and Eric Pasley at the Lodge, a small "up close and personal" stage.   Really cool experience.

* Daughter #2 is a tax accountant and is crazy busy right now.  She has a March 15th deadline, and of course the April 15th deadline.   I got us tickets to the Soul To Soul 2 concert in Charleston. Tim and Faith in concert!  It will be a fun time - and definitely a great "end of tax season" celebration.

*  The Bachelor.  Tonight's the final with Nick.   I don't know if he will pick one of the two girls remaining.  (I will be watching.)   But... it's already announced he will be on "Dancing with the Stars."  The guy has made a career out of ll this.

*  My friend mentioned to me that I should write a blog post about playing handbells.  We do have fun - even if we are all 'ding-a-lings!' Ha!   Stay tuned for it.
All for now.   Tomorrow we get the rest of the kitchen appliances delivered and installed in the house we have been trying to sell.  We should have the indoor painting done too.   Seriously, can someone come and see our house?  Come on realtors...  bring them by.   All the spring flowers are blooming and so beautiful right now.   It's the perfect time to see the place.

Have a good evening all.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Not so perfect Hodgepodge.

Welcome hodgepodgers!  I am not so sure about the questions this week.  I learned long ago that I fall short when it comes to making things perfect, so my answers may not be lengthy this time.  But, let's give it a go.

1. What is one area of your life where you're a perfectionist? Is that a good thing?

Seriously, I do not think I am a perfectionist in any area of my life. I have to say, it's less stressful that way.  If I can 'come close' than that is good enough for me.

2. What's something you find perfectly ridiculous?

Ha! I find striving for perfection ridiculous!  I also find much of what I see on TV these days as ridiculous.  I will leave it at that. 

3. What's a skill you've developed by way of that old fashioned saying, 'practice makes perfect?

Nothing. Like I said above, I am not perfect at anything.  I wish I had more dedication to some things I do so that I would practice more -  to improve.  I think about my music:  flute and piano playing.  I wish I would practice more and work on my skills.  But, I don't.

4. What's your idea of a perfect breakfast?

When it's a rare morning and I eat breakfast out, I will treat myself to eggs benedict.  I also love a good veggie omelet with some hash browns on the side.  Coffee - good coffee with some real cream in it is important too!

5. What's a trip, holiday, vacation, or day outing you've taken that you'd rate a perfect 10? Tell us why.

Recently I went with hubby and some church friends to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, outside of Charleston.   It was a beautiful day, and the gardens were beginning to bloom.  Camellias and azaleas were flowering.  It is a lovely spot along the Ashley River.   I suggest a visit there for anyone!!  History and beauty together.

6. What quote or saying perfectly sums up your life right now? If you can't do perfect, how about one that comes close?

I like the lyrics for the new song for "The Shack" co-written and sung by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.  Here are some of the lyrics.  I can relate.

 Ain't it the sinner
Who gets all the grace sometimes
Ain't it the saint
Who picks up the pieces left behind
Yeah, and it's human to hurt the one
You hurt the one you love the most
And you can't find the sun

Keep your eyes on me
When you're lost in the dark
Keep your eyes on me
When the light in your heart is
Too burned out to see
Keep your eyes on me

I hope to see the movie this weekend. 

7. How would you spend $300 today?

My day is already planned out.  I plan to drop off baby layette baskets at Georgetown Hospital and then run over to Wal-Mart.  I need to pick up birdseed, and pet food, and may take a look at the flowers that have come in. So, I guess $300 could go towards that.  I also need to pick up bread for our Lenten soup supper tonight.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Today is International Women's Day.  Are you acknowledging it in anyway?  I will wear red in support of my sisters around the world. I am not holding back on shopping today (see question 7.) Some people are and that is fine.  But, I think it is not a positive thing to do.  We need to do good things, not hurt each other. 

Have a wonderful day everyone....and 'near perfect' week ahead.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday morning - pause.

Sometimes I start a post and never send it out for public reading.  I wonder if this will be one.   lol

 Monday mornings are my time to pause, and think, and to thank... so here goes.

*  How was your weekend?  We spent part of Saturday appliance shopping.  After having our house on the market now for 9 months we met with our realtor about ways to improve the place and give it more appeal. I always knew the kitchen appliances were outdated but I hoped that if someone loved the many other features of the home, then they would put in their own appliances.  So far we have had no luck - no offers.    I  know many people like a place that is "move in" ready.  So, that is what we are working on now.

It's weird to pick out a refrigerator, dishwasher, stovetop/oven, and microwave with no plans of using them!   FYI: First we went to Lowe's and we spent more than an hour with a woman named Carol, who really did her best to help us.  Once we picked out the pieces, she went to the computer to see what was in stock.  2 of the pieces were on 'back order' with no date on when they would come in.   We just could not take the chance on waiting.  So, we walked out without buying a thing.  It was a waste of her time - and ours.   So, then we went to Best Buy.  Totally different experience - and better outcome!  We were able to bring to our salesman at Best Buy the same list, all Samsung, and he was able to get us all the appliances - for delivery next week.   He was thorough, scheduled the installation, and let us know of the dishwasher kit, etc.

Today:  I will be calling Habitat for Humanity to pick up our old - but perfectly good and working - appliances.  I hope they take the outside grill too.

We are having the great room, kitchen, and hall painted too.  The 'in' color is gray.  So 'bye bye' to the cheery deep yellow the walls have been.   The wallpaper in the kitchen eat-in area is going too.

*    I don't know if you have heard this:  I follow some women's rights groups on FB and this Wednesday is designated as a Day without Women.   Women are to wear red, and they are to stay home from work, and not shop retail.   I understand that women need to keep politically active and to push back against the changes coming from the current administration.  I am with those women - I want equality and I believe in the right for free choice.  But, I question WHY women should stay home - and not work or shop.   One day of not shopping?  Hmmm. Most shopping is out of necessity.  So, those who don't shop Wednesday will probably shop Thursday.  And... not go to work?   That's just a waste of a vacation day or sick day.  And, really, work will pile up and be waiting on Thursday.   What do you think?

*  We stopped newspaper delivery a while ago.  And, I miss my daily crossword puzzles.  And playing on the computer just isn't the same.   ) :

* Movie thoughts:  Will you be seeing "The Shack?"  I definitely want to see it soon.    Yesterday I found a movie called "Wheeler" on OnDemand.   It's about a guy from Texas who goes to Nashville to make it as a singer/songwriter.   The movie is shot like a documentary - done by a couple of buddies who follow him on the adventure.  If you like country music, you will really like it.  If you enjoy seeing Nashville sights, you will too.   I realized at the end it is a true story.   Don't worry I'm not giving anything away but telling you this.     I also saw that "Moonlight" is on OnDemand. I may have to watch it soon too.... since it won Best Picture (after the crazy LaLa Land mix-up.)

*  "The Bachelor" is 3 hours tonight.  I will be in front of the TV! 

*  Lent has started.  Do you take part on the 'journey to Easter?"   If so, how?    I attend our Wednesday night service each week during the 40 days of Lent.  Before it, our church has a soup and bread meal - and this year the whole community is invited.  So, if you are reading this and you are a local, come on by! It's free.      Have you added to/given up anything during Lent?  Each year I think about what to do.  In the past I have given up chocolate, and I have tried to add something to my life too.  My focus has been on kindness lately.  So, I think I will continue keeping it foremost in my mind.   I have tried to stay open to all people, and not pre-judge when meeting a person, and just be kind!

Seems not too tough?   HA!!!   No!   Especially during these divisive days politically.   I don't do a very good job accepting those with views that are different than mine.   As I have said before, I have a really hard time understanding them sometimes.   I really need to 'pause' more and not lash out on Facebook.  I didn't at one point this last week, and I am sorry about that.       But, saying this, I do want people to know that if I do make myself pause - and then I don't respond - it doesn't mean I don't care.  It doesn't mean I have 'settled' with our president's way.  Hardly.

Hmmm...  I think my Lent word should be 'pause.'

*  We had some chilly weather this past weekend.  Nights with lows into the upper 30's.  That is cold for here.  We have had a very mild winter though, and I am hoping this past weekend was the last of the cold nights.  I am so ready for getting yard work done.  I am waiting to hear about getting some beds in our front yard redone.  We already took down two trees - one was damaged and leaning after hurricane Matthew. The other tree was next to the one that fell into our house.  We took it down because we do NOT want a repeat of that!  

* Things I am thankful for right now:  Monday mornings.  A hubby who gets me.  Daughters who make me proud.  Pugs with cute faces.   Music (although I watched part of the IHeart Awards last night and ending up changing channels - ha).      And you - for reading this.   ( :

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Take it slow

Well, I'm back at the Hodgepodge today.  I missed a couple of weeks.  I'm glad to be here, and answering the following random questions.

1. 'Slow and steady wins the race'...tell us about a time this was true in your own life. 
In this generation it seems like much, often too much, comes at us very fast!   We get everything in a quick click, or a fast download. We ask Alexa a question and she responds.  We text an order and it's to our door overnight. 
So, learning to be patient, and waiting for something good to come, or to be 'earned,' is becoming a lost art.
I'm thinking back to times of slow and steady in my life.  I suppose it has to do with child rearing.  Remember how long a day could be back then?  Even if it was active?  Sometimes especially when it was active!  Teaching a child, and raising one to be a good person, can take a lot of work - and a lot of love. It takes a slow, and steady pace... each and every day.    The result doesn't "pay off" until you see an adult standing in front of you, and realize this person is smart and caring and funny!    

Yes, raising a child (actually two)  is a "long term project" but one of the best things I ever did!! 

2. 'As slow as molasses'...Do you like molasses? How about maple syrup? Caramel? Butterscotch? What's your favorite of the slow moving treats mentioned here, and what's your favorite food made with that sweet treat? 
Okay, I don't think I have ever had molasses.  Seriously.    But, I love maple syrup and caramel.  Butterscotch can be overly sweet.
  Even though I love maple syrup and caramel I can not remember the last time I poured it over pancakes or ice cream - or anything.  It's been years!  I don't have a sweet tooth, and when I do splurge on anything sweet as a treat it is usually made of chocolate.

3. Your favorite slow song?
"Look At Us"  - by Vince Gill

4. Your favorite thing to make in a slow cooker or crock pot? 
As I have said before, I am not a chef - or a lover of kitchen culinary time.  So, about the only thing I have made in a crock pot is homemade chili.   
Next Wednesday, I got 'volunteered' to make a children's soup for our Lenten Soup & Bread meal before the church service.  Anybody have a great recipe or suggestion for something children will love?     I may just buy cans of alphabet soup and pour them into the crock pot!  ha
5. 'You may delay, but time will not.' ~Benjamin Franklin Are you more a hurrier or a delayer when it comes to unpleasant tasks that need doing? What are you currently either delaying or hurrying to get through this week or month?
I'm a bit of both.  If it's a task I want done, then I will move on it quickly.  But, if it's both unpleasant AND I don't really care about it, then I have been known to delay starting the task or project.   If it's been 'assigned' to me....  I will sometimes wait a bit out of spite.  (I'm bad.)   
Thankfully, I can not think of an unpleasant task that needs done, at least one that I am responsible for right now.  If there is one, then I must have put it out of my mind!?!

6. Tell us three things you encounter regularly or even just occasionally that you find to be annoyingly slow.
1.  Traffic!  Especially going up and down Highway 17, our main drag to get anywhere around here.  Between the tourists, the elderly, and just rude drivers, the traffic moves under the speed limit too often.  Grrrrr
2.  My dogs when I take them on a walk....which is really just a sniff, stop, pee, and repeat adventure for them.  

3.  People in supermarkets, especially the ones with the cart parked in the middle of the aisle and they are lost in thought reading a label!   I outwardly patiently stand there, waiting for them to acknowledge me and move aside.   Inside, I'm not feeling so patient.

7. March is National Craft Month. Are you crafty? Tell us about something crafty you'll try in the next thirty one days. Or something crafty you'd like to try or wish you had the skill to make happen. 
I am somewhat crafty.  I used to enjoy doing crafts more in the past than now.   I have tried lots of things and I certainly enjoy going on Pinterest to get lots of ideas.  Yes, I "pin"  them, but then never get around to actually making them.  
What would I like to try?   I can't think of anything off hand.  I guess I better go check my Pinterest pages!
8. Insert your own random thought here. 
Interesting air today here!   We have had warm temperatures for weeks now so our spring is arriving early - and so is the pollen!  The past two days all the cars have become covered with yellow and green layers of it!  And, today, we also have some purposeful fires set in areas nearby to clear out underbrush, etc.  It's done here each year.  But, the smoke is stagnant and just hanging in the air.  It's a good day to stay indoors! 
So, it's a good day to do the Hodgepodge!  

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday morning quarterbacking

Hi everyone!   I haven't posted on my blog for a few weeks. 


Well, I have been feeling a bit afraid, and a bit fed up, and just a bit annoyed with all the stuff out there.  And, I know just by finally posting I will probably upset someone.   I constantly struggle with what to say, how much to say, and IF I should say anything.

I started my blog years ago for a couple of reasons. I wanted to use the outlet as a way to express myself. I wanted to work on my writing skills (or try to get some! lol) I wanted to put down my thoughts so that my daughters can see me as a whole person, not just mom.  (Although being mom has been my greatest joy! )

Sometimes I have used the blog to post personal stories. Sometimes I have given a review.   I have used it to honor a family member or friend.  Sometimes I have used it as my soapbox to express my opinion on politics, and the direction of the country.  Sometimes I have tried to open up about being a Christian.  Everyone has their own story.  I'm not extra-ordinary.  But, I am unique - and I find my blog as a place of therapy.  A place to put down my thoughts.   A place for some 'Monday morning quarterbacking."

So, here I go...

*  Although it's been a mild, and really lovely January and February, I still struggle during these months.  It is still a time of 'waiting.'   I wait for spring when it is safe to plant. I wait for events that are on the calendar a bit later in the year.  And, this year I wait for a buyer for our Willbrook home.  I wait and wonder what to do. 

*  I prepare for Lent.  Ash Wednesday is in two days. Will I give up something - or add something to my life?  And why?  I need to decide. 

* I struggle with 'not doing enough'...  in just about everything. 

*  I miss people.  But I also love being alone.

*  I turned a new decade two months ago.  In reality, I know I am blessed to reach the age. I plan/pray on having many, many more years ahead.  But,  it's been a tough acceptance.   I know it sounds shallow to say it.  But, growing old is tough. I have always considered myself just naturally in good health, lucky to have good genes, and in having an understanding of how to keep it together.   But, lately, I realize it is not easy anymore.  

*  Mondays are reflective!  ha!!

* I have made 'kindness' my mantra.  Every since the song "Stay Humble and Kind" came out and touched me so, I have purposely tried to live my life being kind.  I have tried to share a smile, or lend a hand - equally.  I post uplifting phrases about kindness.  I even wear a "Kindness" My Intent bracelet.   I truly believe being kind can change the world. 

*  I love being home, and in my beautiful spot on this earth.  So many of my friends travel and I sometimes feel that I should also... I see the pictures and I hear the stories.   But, I don't have an aching desire to pack a bag and leave home.

* I admit I still don't 'get' the other political side.  My brain just can't figure them out.  But, I realize they feel the same way about me and others that are 'like minded' with me.  I really don't think people can be changed in their thoughts.  And, I really think we can not come together unless we teach our children the art of compromise.   But, we don't. We teach winning, and children mirror the adults in their lives.  We don't set a very good example.

*  Thank you God for music!  

*  I have never been a person who needs the finer things in life.  Name brands don't mean anything to me (except higher prices), and I worry about leaving behind too much stuff.  I want 'reliable' and I want 'convenience'... yes.  But, I don't want to collect, or put my joy into inanimate objects. 

*  I love to read but I get really annoyed with myself because I start to doze while reading after about a half hour.  It has nothing to do with the book!   It can be an amazing story.  And amazing author.   Does it have to do with age?  Probably.

* Well, one good thing about aging: I have learned to stop and smell the roses.  I appreciate nature.  When I was young I concerned myself with other 'stuff' and never gave myself time to appreciate the beauty of the world. Perhaps it was where I was living too.  I love this place here.

*  I like social media.  I don't deny it.  I like Facebook -and the way to keep in touch on-line, and to share pictures.  I do not fear it as some do.  I love texting too and wonder how different my connection with my own parents would have been with it.  When I went off to college I only spoke with my parents on the telephone once a week.  I became self-reliant (actually I always have been) but we never got to share 'moments' or funny things... or just a quick hello.   I am so blessed to have it with my daughters.  Thank you technology!!

* As I type this I have a pug on my lap and one on the back of the sofa by my shoulder.  Pets are the best! 

* I will never ever understand why people who own guns can't see the big picture and won't personally give up their own gun for a safer society for us all.  I feel there is too much "me" in this world...and not enough "we."   Anytime a child is killed by a hunting gun, or an unattended pistol, or by someone who has been careless - or by an 'accident' - my heart breaks.    Why are people so selfish?

So, do I sit back and stay quiet?  Or do I blog?  Or, do I do more?   Do I become an activist without fear?  

*  Monday mornings are a time to regroup. To plan.  It's a chance for a start start a new week.  I will make a list of things to do today in a minute - and I will check my calendar for the next days coming.   Expectations?  Appointments?  Lenten choices?    Exercise? 

Let's get this week going!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The passing of time...

The passing of time - the joys and the struggles.

1. What do/did you call your grandparents? If it's something unusual tell us the story behind the name. If you're a grandparent what do your grands call you? Who chose your moniker?

My grandparents were called Grandma and Grandpa.  Nothing unique or different. 

Our leader Joyce is about to become a grandparent for the first time (very exciting!!), so I think she is getting ideas from us all who answer this question!  ha!   I don't blame her!   Wonder what she wants to be called.  I guess I will find out tomorrow.

If I become a grandmother, I don't know what I want to be called yet.    I love the idea of becoming one though!   If it happens!!

2. Ever taken a road trip along the California Coast? If so what was the highlight of your trek? If not, any desire to do so? If you were to take a trip along the California Coast what's one attraction you'd have on your must-see list?

We used to live in California.  We have traveled by car from the SF Bay area up north along the coast.  We have also gone the other direction, along Big Sur, and Pebble Beach.   Beautiful areas!  Definitely different than East coast beaches and the large expanses of sand and marshes.  I love the marshes!  So calming.   But, the high, rocky coastline is amazing too.

3. What are three things you don't know how to do?

Well, when it comes to car maintenance there are more than three things I don't know how to do.

I'm also not unable to do a lot when it comes to computer issues.  I love when my computer works right, but if there is a glitch, or a screen pops up that I don't understand, I am clueless. 

I don't know how to  play the guitar and there are times I really wish I could. 

4. Tom Peters is quoted as saying, 'Celebrate what you want to see more of.' If that's true what will you celebrate and more importantly, how will you celebrate?

Well, I want to see my daughters more often than I do - and I celebrate them!   But, I also know they have their lives and I am proud of who they are, and what they do.

I celebrate music - and I love seeing live concerts - and hope to see more of them.

5. Thursday (February 16) is National Almond Day. Do you like almonds? Which would you prefer-an Almond Joy or a macaron? What's something you make that calls for almonds?

Yes, I like almonds.  I will take an Almond Joy over a Macaron. Macarons have coconut, right? I'm not a big coconut fan.   I sometimes will add almonds to a green salad - along with mandarin oranges. It's a nice combination.

6. What does Saturday morning look like at your house?

Saturday morning here means up around 7:00am.  Coffee, news, and computer time.  Then we take our two pugs to the beach for a walk around 8:00am. They get to play with other dogs there. and get some exercise. We get exercise too - and get to experience a beautiful East Coast morning!  

7. Share with us a favorite book you've read this winter.

I have read two Sue Monk Kidd books recently.  I am loving her writing style and content.  The second book I read was written every other chapter by her daughter Ann. They traveled Europe together.  It's part a travelogue, but more importantly, part mother-daughter connection.  Family interactions - and age concerns.  A woman's book.  It's called "Traveling with Pomegranates."

Right now I am reading "Hillbilly Elegy" by J.D. Vance. I wanted to read it because people told me it helped to understand some of America's thinking these days.  It focuses on people of Kentucky and southern Ohio - from small towns, or "hollers," and why the areas have stayed in poverty.  It is a biography from a man who grew up there.  I am enthralled so far...but I am worried it is not going to end well.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

So, I opened mouth and inserted foot in a way (again.)  Here is my dilemma:  I try to stay aware, and concerned with my country - and I try to be Christian and say what I think is what Jesus would say and want.  But, often it can go against the grain of what is happening.  In Bible Study today we discussed that Christians are not 'normal' Americans and we live differently - and really, we try to see the country and world as Jesus would... and, yes, sometimes it's tough.  Thinking about what God wants, and how Jesus would have reacted to certain situations and issues in today's world.  Man, I struggle.  I WANT to and TRY to think about that all the time. I fall short.  I miss the mark.


Sorry.  It's been one of those days.

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