Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My two cents...

My two cents...

Fact:  People from Central America are leaving their very poor and dangerous countries because they fear they can no longer live there in safety and with a chance for a better tomorrow.   They search... and they think where can they go?   They hear that the United States has been a land of opportunity, of freedoms, of hope, and that the U.S. has accepted those looking for a better life in the past.   In fact, some already have family members there, working, and sending money back when it's possible.  The U.S. is glimmering to them!  It offers hope. A chance.   So, they take the trip to the U.S. border which can take months. It is dangerous. It is rough.  But, they do it. 

They are people willing to work.  They are escaping a land where there is little chance to work and earn a living.  They want a better life for their children.   So, they make the tiring trek.

Now, with the change of 'policy' of this current administration ALL of those who are arriving are looked at as criminals, and those who arrive as families are being separated.  Parents are locked up.  Children are too, and then sent off.    Our country, a land made up of mostly European immigrants a few generations ago (who came for the same reasons as the first paragraph), grew and grew and grew...  people came and settled. Families spread out all across the country.   Land was purchased.  Businesses opened.   And, we are huge now!!  It's really quite unbelievable how the United States of America has gotten SO BIG - and yet we are really still quite young.  Our forefathers set up this country to offer opportunity for all - and it did.   They set up a system to offer so much to people coming here from other places.

Forward to today.   Now....  We have come to worry that we can't handle any more people in this land of millions.  We fear that they are all 'bad' people.     So, here are some questions I have...

Why did we get to this place where some feel we need to close our southern boundary?  Why could our great grandparents come for the same wonderful chances here but now others are limited and looked down on?  Is it because they come from poor countries?   Is it because they don't speak English?   Is it because we stereotype them as ALL bad people trying to take our jobs?  Sell us drugs?  Beat our system? 

Why can't we reach out to the leaders of those Central American countries to help them become more viable as a country, and to offer livable places and better lives for their citizens?    Why can't we realize it's a 'world issue'?  When will we see that what effects someone in another land will also effect us?

Why can we not see that separating children from parents is creating children who are insecure, who  lose values, who grow up without family life?    The whole next generation will suffer because of this. 

The small picture is an individual family torn apart.  A child crying because he or she misses their parents and are alone and scared. Parents broken apart inside because they can not hug and love their child.  The big picture is a society that loses heart, that becomes a selfish country.  We isolate ourselves from the beauty of ALL of the people of the world.  We become cold.  Closed minded. 

This may remind you of another time, another country, another leader who tried to do this.  Another egotistical, narcissist...

Think about it.

One more thing.  Every American who had ancestors who came here for religious freedom, and who believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ, should welcome those arriving here.  Jesus reached out to people who were hurting, who were poor, who were lost.   He taught over and over again that we are on earth to love each other and to take care of our neighbor.   It is our mission.  

My two cents.

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  1. Might only be 2 cents but it's a huge contribution well made. :)