Monday, May 13, 2013

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

I haven't blogged much beyond the weekly Hodgepodge in quite awhile, and it's quiet around the house right now. Perhaps a good time to put down a few thoughts.

First, congrats to my daughter Lauren - and I say thank you!  Lauren got her acceptance letter in the mail today for grad school at NC State's grad program for a Masters of Teaching, and I am happy to have a child in school again!  Go Wolfpack!   I think saying I have a daughter still in college keeps me young...right?  Ha!   Really, good luck to her, and study hard!  I'm proud of her.   (I'm proud of BOTH daughters... equal love from this Mom!)

It's finally great weather here in the lowcountry!  Yippeeeee!!!  It certainly was a strange spring as most people know... here, and everywhere.  I "love love love" these days of sun and warmth, with still low humidity.  Aaahhh....

This weather is so lovely I just want to sing...    thankfully, this is a blog & no sound is available!

I'm glad to report my sister is back home after a 2 week stay in the hospital.  She flipped and flopped and broke her femur - so she needed surgery, then rehab, then had some blood clots issues, then went back to rehab.  She's home now and hopefully getting along okay at home with help from family and friends.   She truly broke her leg due to flip-flops... and I will never quit razzing her about it!  She should have been doing something much more dangerous and water skiing, jumping from an airplane, or even over-exercising with a large dumb-bell.   Seriously, I hope she continues to heal - and steadily improves.  I hope she can rest and not worry about going back to her job with a desk loaded up with work.

Speaking of work, it seems my hubby will be back at it soon.  Things are falling into place for a career opportunity.  I'm hoping it will be an exciting venture for him, and one that works out well...spending time committed to it, but also leaving time to still enjoy all that he loves here.

I just had a neighbor mention to me she starts Monday morning as a beach walker looking for loggerhead turtle nests.  Around here the mama turtles lay their eggs this time of year, up near the dunes, and volunteers walk the beach EARLY each morning - looking for mama's path in the sand.  The nests are then covered with netting to keep birds and other prey away (including nosy tourists) and watch the nests til hatching time. I have wanted to do this in years past - so I told my neighbor I would be her walking partner.  6:00am on the beach!

My CMA Festival countdown has started!!!  (Well it started months ago, but now it's less than a month away!) I'm so excited to be going for my 3rd year in a row!  My interest has not wained in the least!  What a great time in Nashville!!!  I'm really looking forward to sharing it with Lauren & Ryan this year...their first time.  I know they will love it too!

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means another set of Hodgepodge questions to answer.  So, all for now my blogging friends!

Have a peaceful evening...

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  1. I was offered a ticket to the CMA Fest, but that is the only week I have my daughter home on a term break so I had to pass. One of these years I'll get there!

    My youngest finishes her Master's in August. : )