Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oh February... Are we almost done with you?

Without further ado....

The weekly Hodgepodge!

1.  When did you last have to interact either by phone or in person, with someone in a government run agency?   On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate the experience?  (10 being fabulous and 1 being pass the Tylenol.)

Well, I do my best to avoid having to deal with government agencies and leave most of that "work" to my husband.  The last time I personally can remember is when I went along with my daughter to get her SC driver's license.  That was over 7 years ago.   So, not bad, huh??   I DO try to keep stress out of my life!  It really wasn't bad.  So, maybe I will rate it a 7.

2.   The current governor of Wisconsin is considering running for president next time around.  Scott Walker attended Marquette University, but never graduated.  In terms of any candidate running for the office of president (not asking here if you agree or disagree with Walker's politics) would the lack of a college degree influence your vote or no?   Would that be a factor in your support of any candidate running for public office? 

I do not think where they went to school, or whether or not a degree was achieved, would factor in much for me.  Without mentioning names I can think of a president in recent history who went to an ivy league school - but perhaps on the family name only - and he didn't study, was a cheerleader in fact, and partied...    so, the fact that he went to a "top notch" university meant nothing to me.   When making a decision on who I would prefer to be in office, including the oval office, I tend to look much more at who they are now, and how they handle themselves, what they believe in, how they would represent me and all other Americans.  That's much more important than what kind of school they went to, and if they finished or not. 

3.  When did you last visit a place or site named for George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, and what was that place or site? 

My.  This should be an easy answer!  But I am having trouble coming up with a recent time I have been anywhere named in honor of George or Abe.  One of my daughter's went to UVA for grad school, so there was much homage to President Jefferson there.   But Washington or Lincoln?   Well, I have driven "around"  Washington DC many times back when I was still commuting from NJ to SC.  (As I child I lived in Rockville, MD - right outside of DC, and later on I lived in Frederick, MD and we visited the museums and did sight-seeing in Washington DC then.)   

When I lived in NJ I would travel across the George Washington Bridge to go into New York City often.  Bet ole George could never picture all those lanes, and being charged $7 to cross it. (Maybe it's more now.)

But, since moving permanently to SC, I can't think of a place named after those particular presidents that I have been to recently.  I mean, this is the south ya'll know!  

4.  February 16th was President's Day in the US, but did you know it was also National Almond Day? I didn't think so!   Do you like almonds?  If so, what's a food/dish/recipe you enjoy that contains almonds? 

Yes, I like almonds!!  I enjoy eating a handful as a snack.   I also enjoy sprinkling them on a salad made with fresh spinach,  and mandarin orange slices.   I do not bake/cook with them....but only because I do not bake/cook very much!?!

5.  The television program "Saturday Night Live" celebrated it's 40th anniversary this past weekend.  Were/are you a fan of the show?  If so what has been your favorite (or one of your favorite) skits, sayings, or characters that came out of that program? 

I wrote about SNL and the anniversary show on Facebook.  But, for those who didn't read it there...

Yes!! I love Saturday Night Live, and have watched it from it's inception!  What a ground-breaking show 40 years ago!  I watched it religiously in my 20's and then as my lifestyle changed (kids!) and I didn't stay up late I missed it on a weekly basis.  But, I have always stayed aware of the skits, and guests - and now love that I can pull up parts of the show if I want to see it.  Thank you internet!!  

My favorites??   Too many to mention ALL...but here's just a list of some of my favs:

the Coneheads, two wild & crazy guys,  the cheeseburger restaurant cooks,  the samurai,   Rosanna Rosanna-danna,  Mr. Bill (oh no!!),  King Tut, the Blues Brothers,  the lounge singer, the Spartan cheerleaders, all the newsdesk anchors, the political skits, land shark, Father Sarducci,  the nerds, the church lady, ....  and more!!  

Like I said -  TOO many to name!!!  

6.  Anything purple within 10 feet of you?  What is it? 

No.  I'm at my kitchen table and there is nothing purple anywhere around me.  It's not my favorite color in general, although people have told me I look good in purple. Go figure.   

7. Back in December I (Joyce) asked you to submit a question for the future HP as part of a giveaway I was hosting.   Here's one..
"How often do you make your bed, and how do you make it - pull the covers all the way up over the pillow, tuck the covers in around the pillows, or place the pillows on top of the covers?" 

I make my bed each and every day unless I am sick and plan on crawling back into it.  I do not like to go to bed at night in an un-made bed because I feel like it's gotten dirty, and the sheets are colder in an un-made bed.  I keep a bunch of pillows on the bed.  So, I pull the bedspread all the way up, then I place the pillows used for sleeping propped up on the headboard, then put 3 big pillows on top of them, and 6 more smaller pillows...     aren't you glad you asked??!  lol

8. My random thought. 

Should it be heavy or light?     How about one of each.

My heavy thought this morning:  I continue to be so saddened by the daily shootings that take place in this country.  Too many innocent children and young people killed in a blink of an eye by stupid people who have guns.

My light thought this morning:  Today is Fat Tuesday. Do we really need a day that encourages gluttony in America??   (Yes, I know the history of the day - one last day of fun & eating before Lent.)  But, most of us do not need to pig out on sweets and pancakes - and worry that we will not get a good meal for the next 40 days!

Stay warm out there - come on March!  Come on Springtime!!!




  1. Stopping by from Weds. Hodge Podge. I too was a huge Roseanne Roseanna Danna fan....and loved the Blues Brothers...

  2. I forgot about Father Sarducci. And I didn't mention Joe Piscopo who was popular when I went to college in TN (from NJ). If I had a nickel for every person who asked me, 'You're from Jersey? What exit?' I'd be a rich woman. They always looked confused when I replied with Exit 4. Everyone knows their exit here : )

  3. I feel the same way about SNL...too many to mention!

  4. I, too, am ready for March...it's when "Southern Charm" returns! You plan to watch?

  5. I think Fat Tuesday is the perfect excuse to overindulge. I love SNL too!

  6. Yeah, I suspect that in the South there wouldn't be too many Lincoln memorials. lol There aren't around here, either, but this is Wisconsin, not Illinois. Enjoyed your Hodgepodge this morning. :-)

  7. I think we were both thinking of the same recent president.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  8. I think we were both thinking of the same recent president.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings