Thursday, June 25, 2015

Things I have learned...

Things I have learned - in no particular order.

* I live best with "everything in moderation."  It doesn't work for everyone, but it does for me.

* Positive thinking makes positive living.  It turns into positive action.

* Love is free, but sometimes not easy to give out.

* Everyone has a unique body clock.

* I do not handle confrontation well.  I prefer to avoid it.  I prefer to agree to dis-agree.

* I have learned that you can NOT change people's core beliefs.  Ever.

* I will never understand how violence makes something better.

* I can fill my hours and be happy.  Alone is fine.  Being with people is great too.  But, sometimes I need a break from people.

* I have traveled enough to know how alike we are, but how different we see things.

* I prefer hot climates over cold ones.

* I also prefer pets to people at times.

* I have learned to "let go, let God" and it is a wonderful thing!

* I wish I was born with more athletic and artistic ability.  I have never wished for my mathmatical ability.

* I have days where my brain thinks faster than other days.  I get scared thinking about Alzheimers - and cancer.

* Sometimes I can be witty but sometimes I can never think of the right thing to say.

* I have a strong love of music.  It gets me deep inside.

* I also have a strong love of nature.   I could not be happy in an urban environment.  I need to sit outdoors and listen to birds sing.  I love to see a plant grow.

*  I shut off after 5pm.  I do my best work early and veg in the evening.  That's why I can't get into serial TV at night.

*  I hope I can keep learning.  I hope I can keep a positive outlook as I move forward.

* I am a blessed person.

* I think lists like this are good to make!

*  Starting each day with a list gives purpose for the day.   I have been a list-maker since I was in school.   Small things & large things go on my lists.  It's a great feeling to accomplish something and mark it off on a list!

* I think when I write something down it's permanent and personal.

* I wish I was a better writer.

*  I love children.  There is nothing better in this world then their innocence and sweetness.   I wish adults would not lose either of those things.

*  I wish adults would set rules for children.  Teach love, respect, and caring for others.   Think how peaceful the world would be!

*  I believe it's possible.  I do not ever want to give up on hope.

To be continued...

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