Monday, January 4, 2016

Heavy thoughts

Do you ever have days when you think change is just beyond doing?  That trying to make a better way or help those who need it just seems impossible? 

I ask because I sit here, at the beginning of another new year, and I feel like being hopeful is hard work.  It seems there is so much in this world that is a mess, and that little ole me really can't make a difference.  I know I am not alone feeling this way.  Actually, I think so many people feel helpless that we shake our heads, and we stay frozen in any activity. 

Or, we go on with our own little lives just trying to survive and find happiness - knowing that the "big picture"is just way too big to handle, to work on, to change.

People make new year's resolutions about themselves.  They look to improve a personal issue...often it's about weight. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that because we need to take care of our own bodies, and to try our best to stay healthy.  But, new year's resolutions are rarely about making the world a better place.

I sit here in early January, and listen to the news on TV, and feel over-whelmed.  I drive my neighborhood streets and feel helpless to those I see living in poverty conditions. A few days ago I traveled the state and felt so depressed by the abuse of our earth. God's creation so littered. 

But, I know - in general I am a pretty "up" person and I realize it takes a village to make change - and everyone doing just a little bit is certainly better than giving up and doing nothing.   So, I sit here and think what I can do.

I went online yesterday to order a trash tool - it's like a cane with a point on the end - so I can take at least one hour a week to stop somewhere and pick up trash.   That is pretty simple to do.  Not all issues are.   I want to do more.  My efforts won't change the SC landscape.

I want to stay hopeful... and I want to continue to push towards betterment with issues I really feel impassioned about.   But, have you noticed?  There seems to be a fine line between feeling that way and going too far.  At some point it's hard to be happy,  to live without some shame or disappointment.  To not judge others.  To feel down about it all.  I mean - if we ALL just worked together so much more could be accomplished!   So, why don't we???

Our political system is a mess.  Our divisions seem so much bigger than our unity.  Our schools are over challenged.   Our churches struggle as they try.   

Yep - this is how I am feeling this morning.  I don't want to end this post on a downer.  But, man, it's such a "dog eat dog" world out there.   Changing that philosophy seems impossible.  

So, how to end today's post without throwing my hands up?   

Anybody got some words of wisdom? 

I know a nice walk does my head good.  So, I will bundle up and head outdoors. I know reading scripture gives me some hope.  It isn't about just here and now.   I know music lifts I can turn on some upbeat country music.      Yes, those are all things I do to lift my soul.  

But, what about the world out there? 


  1. Marla,that's a tough one.So many things sadden me. I think of all the people murdered because of guns being out of control.The poor people who look forward to just one meal a day,though,the red cross and friendship trays just don't have enough volunteers. God's animals being tossed on the hwy.left to starve. I feel as if I am not making a difference. I try but it's just not enough. I try to, let go let God, and do the best I can. I always enjoy reading your blog.

  2. We can't save the world, we can only save little parts of it. Remember the old tale about the little girl walking the beach throwing the grounded starfish back out to sea. She's told by someone that, "you can't save them all" and she reminds him, "I saved this one." I get told all the time that I can't save them all. But one day I'll stand before judgement when asked, I'll be able to say, "I saved that one, and that one, and that one..." So keep saving.

    Maybe a contemplation of Matthew 25:31-46 will ease your pain. And, for some country music, Emerson Drive, 'Moments' ♥

    1. Thanks Carson. Yes, I like the little girl parable. I also like thinking that perhaps while the little girl was saving a starfish or two, others saw her do it and joined in! I will read your Matthew verses, and listen to Emerson Drive.

  3. Those are heavy thoughts and I have a similar feeling. Then I turned off the news and thought about the changes that I can be responsible for. Not changes in me, but the people I coach, counsel and advocate for. The big things I leave in God's hands.

    1. Thank you for your words. I try to leave the big things in God's hands... and I pray, and I "let go, let God." But sometimes I think too that it's "God's Work, My Hands"... that's why I am here. Right?

  4. I think the reason I don't watch the news is because I just can't listen to the sadness anymore. How awesome that you plan to pick up trash. My husband on Sunday's when he walks Skye will take a bag with him for a trash pick up because people just don't seem to care about the trash on their lawns!!!