Saturday, October 13, 2012


I have been thinking the past few days about a particular girlfriend of mine (her birthday is tomorrow) and how we have lost track the past few years.  We were "tight" in our younger years.  We spent a lot of time together back then and had some pretty great times.

I know I'm to blame for not staying in better contact with her.  It's hard as years and miles separate us - and lifestyles, and interests too.  I still really care for her - and love her - and wish her the absolute best life offers!

I know it's not unusual to have friends go in and out of life.  It's still sad though.  How many of us still stay in touch with friends from our school years?  Unless you never move away from your hometown it's bound to happen.  Remember high school girlfriends? I had two that were my best, best friends and we called ourselves the Three Muskateers.   Thankfully, I am still in communication with one, although it's not on a regular basis. 

I went to two universities.  Unfortunately, I lost touch with all of my dorm girlfriends from the first college, except for annual Christmas cards from a few. It was at my second school that I met Sue, and if you have read my earlier posts you know she and I have maintained a close friendship even tho we live in different states and live different lives.   Our bond is unbreakable.

Once I married, girlfriends came and went with the places we lived.   I worked with some really nice ladies in Virginia, Maryland, and in California, but for the life of me, I can't even remember all of their names.

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that throughout my life I have been blessed with meeting some very wonderful,  smart, fun ladies - and I considered them my FRIENDS!   I wish I could find out what they are doing now. I have reconnected with a few through Facebook.  I am one person that loves using Facebook as a tool for staying in touch with friends...

Here are a few names I wish I heard from more:   Karen, Pam, Paulette, Michelle, and Terri.  

Email me:  mfabiansc@hotmail,  or look me up on Facebook. 

I know friends are like flowers that make life beautiful in different seasons!  Still,  I miss you girls!

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  1. It's funny you wrote this today. I started a post last week, relating to the Christopher Cross concert, and it was also about a particular friend I lost touch with. His music, one song especially, always makes me think of her. I know she has had some very hard times in recent years, and several of us have tried to make contact, but long story...she's not in a good place. In the end I decided not to publish as several people who know her story read my blog and I was afraid maybe it was just too much to put out there. But she is most definitely a friend I carry in my heart.

    We've moved a lot too and have collected friends on all our many stops...this is why I love facebook. It's made it so much easier to be in touch with more of them. I hope some of your long-losties find you : )