Saturday, November 10, 2012

An early start this year.

It's a chilly start to today. Of course, it IS November 10th. The day is going to be beautiful by afternoon, sunny and near 70 degrees.  Since it's Saturday, I am planning my day around the South Carolina football game at noon.  Go Gamecocks! 

In just a bit, once the temps rise more, I am going outside to plant some flats of winter pansies I bought yesterday.  That's one of the nice things about living here: year round flowers!   I also bought two small evergreen trees to place into planters at my front door. I plan on putting lights on them later, for the holiday season.  Then, after the new year (if I can keep them alive) I will plant them out at the "riva-side" place. 

I can't believe how I am already in the pre-holiday planning time!! Christmas cards have been ordered.   I've started buying some Christmas gifts.   Next Saturday our church is having a festival with crafts, baked goods, etc. and I have been decorating ornaments to sell there. It's a fundraiser for worthy charities and our church quilting group.  I have been letting the Christmas songs play on my ipod while I do my work.  

Last week hubby and I even put up an artifical tree at the"riva-side" home.  It's our first Christmas season there and I guess we got a bit anxious! ha!  It's not decorated yet, but it looks very pretty lit up in our entrance room.  I plan on making shell ornaments for it. I want mostly homemade and "beachy" looking decorations there. 

So, this early "Christmas spirit" I am feeling this year is not my norm.  Believe me.  Oh yes, I usually start ordering & buying gifts in November because I don't like being in malls in December...but I have really gotten a jumpstart on much more already.  

Why?   I'm being postive in general, and I'm especially excited because this year both daughters are bringing the boyfriends for Christmas! We will have a houseful!   And, hubby's sisters will be here with their significant others too - for the special dinner. 

I hope this feeling continues.  I want to keep stress at a minimum and enjoy the season!    Stay tuned.

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  1. South Carolina is wonderful for the cooler months. I envy you being able to put out your flats of pansies. It snowed here in Idaho today though it was lovely in its own way too. I've heard a few people mention that they're in the Christmas spirit too. There must be something in the air this year. I've already bought my tree. It's still in the back of my car, but I have it. :)