Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why I am voting...

I have tried not to use my blogging space as a political mouthpiece the last few months.  But, this Tuesday is the election...  for president, and other local and statewide people and issues.  

I hope everyone who is eligible to vote WILL take the time Tuesday and do it.  I don't want to hear complaints after the election, whatever the outcome, if you didn't take the time to vote.

Now, I know it's easy to get cynical about the whole thing.  I certainly have had my moments.  We see/hear so much about the dirty campaigning, and the spins on everything said and every poll taken (and there sure have been a bunch of them!)  What un-nerves me right now is how the news media narrows the election down to just a couple of "key" states due to the electoral college system.  It makes me feel unimportant, and that my state has already been "decided".   In general, I blame the media for creating too many hot button issues for their ratings.

But... I will vote.  I have voted in just about every election, and I have certainly voted in every presidential election.   I will vote Tuesday.  It's my civic "duty" but also my "opportunity" to express myself, and to be a part of the democratic system.

For many who know me, they know I lean towards the Democrats in vision and in policy.  I usually vote for a Democrat.  I plan to again on Tuesday.   BUT...  and this is a big BUT...  I do NOT like being stereotyped as "that kind of a person" of someone living in a dream world.  I have heard it all.  Believe me. I have been told that I'm not real enough, I've got my head in the clouds, people will not behave how I want them to behave on their own, business makes the world go round, etc.  

I am 56 years old.  I have lived pretty long now, and I have listened, and learned...and I have come to a place in my HEART and HEAD (I do believe the two have to go together - even in politics) and I am happy with my beliefs.  What are they?

I believe that all Americans have the same right to everything that is offered in our great land.  We all come from different circumstances and backgrounds, but we are EQUAL under God.  (I am a Christian and I do believe in God, but I do believe in separation of church and state. I live my life as a Christian - and thankfully this country gives me that right.)    I believe that women and men have free minds and can make choices...including choices that have to do with their sexual identity, their own bodies, and their livelyhoods.

I believe in taking care of those who can not take care of themselves.  STOP!  Listen closely... I believe there are those who can not work and need assistance due to physical and mental limitations.  It is our duty to take care of them.  But, they should not be freeloaders.  They should be required to give back to society.  They should have responsibilities expected when getting help.  Volunteer!  Do something!  I believe our govt has the right to limit the kinds of foods and drinks those on assistance receive.  I believe they should be required to take drug and physical ability tests regularly.

I believe that human kindness and love can win.  I do not want our country to be perceived as the "big powerful mean ruler" of this world.  We should always help other countries with whatever we can give them, but we should not shoot at their innocent people, or bomb their lands.  I know that terrorists and evil is out there and it must be stopped.  But, I believe that we can eliminate those people without sacrificing others.   Technology today has created ways of fighting that we have never seen before, for the good and bad.  

I believe education should be a true number one priority in the United States.   There's been too much talk of it's importance but our high school dropout rates are embarrassing.  Education can bring on better research and jobs, and it can lower crime.  It must include the arts... I believe it is not up to the govt to decide what type of education is allowed and what is not. 

Oh - I can go on and on...    there are endless issues.  I believe no person can totally agree with everything in one party, and not the other.  As free thinkers, that's just impossible. 

Yes, I will vote for President Obama to have 4 more years to continue his work. I believe our economy is slowly improving. Real state is coming out of the hole it was in.   Certain job markets are seeing some growth.   We are in no new wars (thank goodness!) and we have eliminated some evil in the world.  I consider President Obama a thoughtful, intelligent man - a family man - and I think he deserves more time to continue on.  Now, if only we could get both sides of the aisle in Congress to try and compromise for the good of the American people.  Ok, yes, maybe I can dream...

Go vote Tuesday!  

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  1. Yes, only voters should have the right to complain about the government. :)