Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012...

As we say goodbye to 2012 we think back of our memories from this year.  The TV networks are all running "best of" moments and remembering those that passed.  Even Facebook "mysteriously" has picked our highlights from all our posts and pictures and has a feature about the past year.

One of the reasons I like to blog is to record what happens and to try and keep life in perspective.  So, that's what this post is about today.

For me, 2012 had some wonderful highlights.  I think back on family times:  Easter in Charlotte, our summer gatherings, especially our annual 4th of July, and the Milheim Lakeside week.   We gathered again at Thanksgiving...and we spent a special weekend in Las Vegas.  The year was topped off with family being here at Christmastime.

We saw job changes in the family over the year.  And, there is still uncertainty going into the new year. 

A personal highlight for me was the time with hubby and the Lewandowskis in Nashville for the CMA Festival.   It's a new tradition. And, I'll be there again in 2013!

When I think of our nation, 2012 had the usual political satire and frustration. I was glad to see the election finally happen, and yes, I was happy to have our president re-elected.   I know that one man can not change the course of the big, bad, political machine and 2013 will have more of the same craziness.   It is what it is, but we still live in a wonderful country.  The diversity of people and places is absolutely amazing here and I consider it a blessing to live in America.

Narrowing my world abit, I continue to LOVE the lowcountry of South Carolina.  We got to see it's beauty from the rivers this past year, and a whole new world opened up to me! 

I thank God for all the good, and turn to Him for hope even when such bad is still out there.  We all hurt over the whole Sandusky scandel, and the horrible mass shootings, and endless war overseas.  And, closer to home, still too many of our neighbors struggle with trying to live with basic needs, and crave love.

My family gained a beautiful little boy this year, and thankfully, nobody suffered with serious illness.  No death in the family.   I lost a dear neighbor, and some church friends though.  I know they are now "in God's hands."

I plan to celebrate 2012 tonight and raise a glass of wine to another year come and gone.   What will happen in '13?  I don't know.  I'll make a couple of personal resolutions (yep, I got to get back into an exercise program), but I am excited about what I don't know will happen...  

so, goodbye 2012.  It's been nice knowing ya.   Cheers!!!

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