Friday, December 28, 2012

The party's over...

Today is December 28th...

3 days after Christmas.  (Ok. Technically,  we are still in the Christmas season. Yes, there are 12 days of Christmas, so it's still Christmas until the first day of Epiphany. I know that.) But, the hoopla is over. The presents have been opened, and the wrappings are in the trash.  The food and baked goods have been prepared, and mostly eaten.  The leftovers are starting to get stale. The Christmas music isn't being played anywhere anymore. The quiet has hit.  Family and friends have come and gone.

But, it seems life is in "limbo" as we wait for New Year's Eve and Day.

This week, these days following Christmas Day until New Year's, always feel kind of strange to me.  We all have "peaked" with our celebrations.  We are now done, a bit tired, and the holiday partying is over.  So...

Now what?

How do you spend these days?   I know some people who had to jump right back into work.  But many people take off these days between Christmas and New Year's.  What are you doing? 

There's cleaning to do.  Perhaps a movie to see (if you can get a ticket!)

I have a hard time slowing myself down. How about you?     

 Really? I can sit now - and read a book?  Do a crossword puzzle?  OK.  Sounds good.  I need to pay some bills that have piled up the past couple of weeks.  I need to do some laundry. 

All good things come to an end.  2012 was a VERY good year in our home.  No complaints.  No serious concerns...much to be thankful for as we finish up the calendar. 

I guess this quiet week is good for turning attention to the new year ahead.  2013!   My next blog will do just that.  I will spend a couple of days now and think about what I can do better, or do more often, in '13.   Stay tuned.

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  1. For me it's still Christmas. I work in a church, so now is the time when I can really sit with it and enjoy the moment. I actually have time to enjoy the glow from my tree. I have a chance to make and bake all the goodies that people have been enjoying all month long.

    Previously, I worked in a business office, so I could never have any time off after Christmas. We were getting everything ready to finish the year, and we often had payroll to do too. Now, I'm enjoying getting to take the rest of the week off. The week after Christmas is one of the quietest weeks of the year in a church. I am really appreciating that. :)