Thursday, March 14, 2013

What to do on a Thursday afternoon.

Today I had planned to spend my afternoon with my lady friends out on the golf course. We have standing tee times each Thursday and sometimes up to 12 of us get together to play - and talk.  But today, here in golf-land, in the lowcountry of South Carolina, we have a cold day with some wind.  It's certainly not acceptable golf weather for us "locals."  We know better days are just around the corner.

 Which makes me think:  You can always tell a vacationer here because they are out on the courses in all weather, including cold days and even really rainy ones.  Canadians come down this time of year and play in shorts.  They even go swimming in the ocean! Those crazy northerners!!   I know they often only have a week or so, and want to make the most of out they go. And really, a 45 degree day is practically summertime for them! Right?

Anyway, I find myself with the afternoon wide open now.  I have nothing that MUST get done and so I get to choose how to spend my time now that golf is not an option.  I have read my book - and I'm about to finish it.  John Grisham's "The Racketeer" is the neighborhood book club pick.  It's been okay.  Not a great book of fiction that will stick with me a week from now - which concerns me since our Book Club meeting isn't until the end of the month.  By that time I will be on to a new book and have forgotten details of this one.   Does anyone have a good choice for my next read?

I have practiced flute. We (the PI Community Band) have a gig tomorrow playing at the new library ground-breaking, and I even played the piano alittle.  Yes, I know I can find more cleaning to do...   but I'd rather not.

I'm wondering...what is your "go to" hobby or fun thing to do when you find an extra hour or two?  

If it were warmer I'd be "piddling" away in my yard. I love to do that. I'm also VERY anxious to start planting some flowers - even though I know it's still a tad too early. 

So, here I am on my computer.  Checking Facebook. Blogging.  Even tweeting. 

I MUST step away - from - the - computer!  Now!!  

(Don't worry. I'll be checking in soon, very soon.) 

I guess I'll go clean something....

Happy Thursday afternoon!


  1. My go to hobby is Pinterest :) haha!
    I actually knit when I can... but I'm still waiting for that hour break to do it

  2. How about quilting, Marla? ;-) or knitting or some other needle art?