Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's a tradition.

I leave on vacation tomorrow.  Ok... I know I'm not supposed to write about trips prior to going because internet stalkers can come steal things while I'm away.  Well, for those who are reading this and want to rob me, my hubby and fierce watchdog will still be don't even think about it (said with a Jorsey Sopranos accent.)

I am packing and preparing for the annual week with my family.  Every year it's different in that we have a different mix of family members who are able to take off the week from work and attend.  We have had a few deaths over the years - and blessedly a few births too!  So our numbers have changed.  Same for this year.  We have had a strange start to this year and to tell you the truth it's going to be another "different" week for those together.

Dad, the patriarch, went into the hospital on Tuesday and he's still there.  He was losing blood, but the docs think they found an ulcer and were able to fix it. He needed several pints of blood. (Thank you anonymous donors.)  He's not a young man anymore and he's still extremely tired, and may need more blood.  Actually, he's been tired for years now.  Chances are he won't be at Lakeside with us, and in HIS cottage (that he built.)   My sister is healing from a broken leg and is doing much better but she is still limited in movement,  she tires easily, and has to catch up on missed work.  My brother had a case of pnemonia recently and he's still not 100 %.    I'm realizing this "getting older thing" is not fun.  I'm also realizing that family descriptions change.  The week each summer may not change, but how it all comes together, and who can attend it does.  Will it soon become the next generation planning the week?  And will they?

We'll have a good time next week - doing our usual:  church at Hoover auditorium, a bratwurst cookout, shopping the little stores in Lakeside, making a few crafts, and playing games and drinking wine in the evening. We'll still do a dinner out at Mon Ami, and maybe we'll take an afternoon and go to Kelly's Island or Put-in-Bay.

The interesting part is that over half the people attending all live in the Carolinas - and see each other during the year often!   Is there something wrong with this picture? ha!   I look forward to "hanging out" with any of my family that can attend, don't get me wrong... and I know the tradition continues for now.

So, here we come Lakeside!

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