Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Let the sun shine!

Up until a couple of days ago we had beating sun here day after day, and we badly needed some rain.   Thankfully, in the last few days we have had some storms come through with heavy rainfall.  It was a relief.  But, this week's Hodgepodge questions emphasize the sun and what we love about summertime.   So, read on…

1.  What summer activity most takes you back to your childhood? 

This is an easy answer for me because each summer my family gathers for a week at a chatauqua town in Ohio, called Lakeside.  It's on Lake Erie, near Cedar Point.  It's a religious retreat, a family place, and a step back in time and away from the modern world.   I have been going there each and every summer since I was a young child (I think I missed a few years when I lived in California, but that was it).  

As a child my parents took us and we stayed with my grandmother, and aunts, and cousins - all in one rented house.  For awhile we stayed in the campground area with a trailer.   When I was in high school my parents bought a lot there and built a cottage.  In recent years we have rented an additional cottage or two to house all the relatives that come for the week together.

I will be heading up that way in the middle of July.  The tradition continues.

2.  What's your favorite summer smell? 

Interesting question….  but I'm not sure I have a favorite summer smell.  For one thing I am a person with constant allergy issues, so my sense of smell is diminished by a clogged nose most of the time.  Also, I love being outdoors.  I love looking at the beach, and the rivers around here - and the gorgeous flowers; I love feeling the summer breeze;  I love listening to the birds singing!   My other senses love summertime!  My sense of smell?  It's weak.

3.  It's beach season in the US of A….  so how do you feel about sand? 

I love a beautiful beach!  I am fortunate to live by one.  Here's my little PSA for everyone:  if you go to a beach, please please please pick up your trash!  Fill in holes you have made!  I walk the beach early every Monday morning in the summer as part of SCUTE (South Carolina United Turtle Enthusiasts). We look for loggerhead mama tracks from the ocean on to the beach, and for her nest of eggs she has laid.  We then cover it with netting to keep people & birds away, and mark it off so people don't walk over it.  We monitor the nest & help with the hatchlings when they arrive.   So many times vacationers leave huge holes which impede the turtles from getting near the dunes where they like to lay the eggs, and the babies from making their way back to the ocean.  (Plus morning walkers can twist an ankle stepping in the holes.)     Most of the time I am picking up trash too…   and it can be disgusting.

As for sand itself… I like walking on sand!!! I don't particularly like it in my car but it's what happens when you live at the beach.

4.  Sun tea, SunChips, sunflower seeds, Capri Sun, Sunny Delight, Sun-maid raisins, sun-dried tomatoes…   your favorite food or beverage with sun in it's name? 

I guess I have to go with the shriveled up food:  the raisins and the tomatoes!    ha!  I love them both on salads!

5.  What's your favorite way to cool off on a hot summer day? 

Besides going in somewhere with AC?  Or taking a shower?  lol     I have said before that I love boating. I also like a dip in the pool, even though I don't get there often. We have a community pool and I really need to take better advantage of it!!  Maybe today….

6.  Share a favorite song with the word sun or sunshine in it's title.  

"When the Sun Goes Down" - Kenny Chesney

And of course….     "Sunshine on my Shoulders" - John Denver

7.  Tell us about a time you had an exceedingly good, or truly awful customer service experience.  If it was awful, did you report it?  Ever go back there again? 

Let's see.  I will say that almost all my experiences person-to-person have been good.  I live in the south and I do find a bit more "pleasantry" among people here.   Just yesterday I took my Honda in for maintenance work and everyone there was kind, and the work was done in an efficient time.  Most southerners take a moment to chat or to say a pleasantry…and I think it goes a long way.

My worst customer experiences have usually been on the phone.  First, I get the automated system (which is SO impersonable), and then I get put on hold for ever…  and I know many of the call centers are in foreign countries.  Sometimes the dialects or accents are hard to understand.    

I was trying to think of one particular company that is annoying, and I immediately thought of Time Warner Cable.  But, I will say that one time when I called them after finding my TV sets without the main box connected to it got limited channels, the gentleman was empathetic and listened to me complain.  Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do for me.

8.  My random thought for today!

My hubby was involved in a car accident Sunday afternoon. It was not his fault. He was minding his own business, going through a green light, and a guy turned left, crossing his path, and smacked right into him.   Thankfully neither of them were injured, but our truck sustained a lot of front damage and we are waiting to hear if it's fixable or totaled.   The guy who ran into my hubby was handcuffed and taken in for a breathalyzer test, then booked.   He was extremely sorry - and apologized over and over to hubby at the scene.   We both felt so sorry for the guy…  because he screwed up, and now he has to pay the price.  

Like I said nobody got hurt - so he was fortunate about that.  And, had hubby gotten hurt maybe we would not be so forgiving.  I don't know.   We all make mistakes and I hope this one is a wake-up call for the guy.

Be safe out there everyone!  Have a GREAT week!


  1. Wow...glad your husband is okay. What a great attitude you have...and I hope you're right that this is a huge wake up call for the other driver. Happy Hodgepodge!!

  2. I'm so glad nobody was hurt. Still a pain to deal with all the new vehicle, insurance stuff, but perspective right? KC has a few great summer songs : )

  3. How scary that must have been for your hubby and the other fella, too! Definitely a hard lesson learned. Love "Sunshine..." by John Denver...so soothing to hear.

  4. That guy is really lucky that he didn't kill somebody. Love that you help out the turtles! I just missed being at the same university with Kenny Chesney...he got there 2 years after I graduated!

  5. Oh those are some great songs! I loved that John Denver song.
    So glad your husband is OK but sorry your car is wrecked. Too bad for that other guy.

  6. So sorry about the accident. Was the guy charged with DUI? Or was that standard procedure to cuff and book under the circumstances? My hubby was hit like that but it was a hit and run. Thankfully he was caught, but he was uninsured, of course.

    What a great tradition to gather as family all together every summer.

  7. Wow...such a scary thing! Glad no one was hurt in the accident. I love that John Denver song too! =) Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

  8. So glad everyone was OK .... that's always so scary.
    John Denver is popular today!!!