Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Hodgepodge and more.

Hello blogging friends!  Writers and readers alike!   Here is this week's Hodgepodge questions with my answers.  I have several things on my mind so I may just add on my thoughts in the random section at the end.

Read on...

1. American Idol is back on for a 14th season.  Are you watching?  Have you ever watched?  If you were to audition for the show (or made to audition), what song would you sing? 

Yes, I am watching the show again.  American Idol is the one show that I have stayed with from Day One and still enjoy.  Why?  Well for several reasons.  It has discovered/produced some major musical talent.  It has especially found amazing country music artists, and that it a music genre I particularly like.

The judges have changed over the years but I have found them all interesting in one way or another.  I particularly like Keith Urban now - I am a fan of his talent!  And his personality "baby"...    

I love the cattle calls and funny singers - and I suppose I can relate to those "wannabes" because I am one of them.  I have always wished that I had a better voice. I wish I had a "talent of singing." I do not.  I do okay. I can carry a tune and I think I sing on key...but I am not a strong singer, and I can not sing well without having some sort of music accompaniment.  

If I had to sing to audition, I would most likely pick a country song. Something in my "range" which isn't very wide.  I would pick a song that has meaning because I love when a singer sings with conviction - that the words speaks to them.   So...  what song?  Maybe "Jesus Take the Wheel" or "Live Like You were Dying."   I'm going on a cruise in a few days - and there will be a kareoke bar on board.  Will I give it a try?   Guess it depends on how many wines I have had - and if others are getting up to sing.   Although,  does anybody else remember the scene in "My Best Friend's Wedding" where Kimmi (played by Cameron Diaz) sings badly out of tune at the restaurant??  I am afraid that might be me!!

2.  Mark Twain is quoted as saying "If it's your job to eat a frog,  it's best to do it first thing in the morning.  And, if's it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first."   So, when did you last have to eat a frog?  How did that work out?

I interpret Mr. Twain's saying as this:   it is best to get the bad thing you have to do, or the bad job, over with first - or early in the day to make the rest of the day better.     When did I last eat a frog - or get something bad done early?   I think I live my life that way.  I'm not a procrastinator in general - but instead prefer to "get 'er done" early.  I can then feel accomplished, and get to relax later in the day.   I do not like to postpone work and worry about it.   Plus, my energy level is higher early in the day.  So, I do housework early. I do computer work early. I make a list for the day (early) and try to accomplish items on the list early.  

3. If you are going on a safari, what is the number one animal you'd like to see?

#1 animal is the elephant in it's natural environment.  I think it would be amazing to see these huge beasts, walking in groups, and living off the land.  Magnificent but gentle at the the same time.  My #2 animal is the giraffe for the same reasons as the elephants.

4.  January 21st is National Granola Bar Day.  I know! Who knew?   Do you like granola bars?  Chewy or crunchy?  Your favorite flavor?  How about regular granola? 

I do like granola bars!  But, I don't know if they need their own special day to be honored! lol   I eat granola bars on the run sometimes.  They are easy to throw in a purse, or stash in the car.   My favorite flavor?  Or type?  I like the Kind brand - my hubby buys them often.  Some have chocolate and taste like a dessert! They are crunchy and so much so I worry about cracking a tooth!    I also love plain granola mixed in with yogurt.

5.  If only _______________. 

Since yesterday was MLK Jr. day, I will say "If only the words of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech were a reality."       Some day - one day.  

6.  You can add one thing to your bedroom.  What will it be?  Keep it family friendly please. 

One thing?    I can't think of a thing to add.   Unless.... I can add a maid to come change the sheets, make the bed, clean the joining bathroom.  LOL   

7.  What is one thing you have enjoyed about winter so far? 

This winter?  I suppose it's been mild here so far....and that's good. We have had a few nights that have dipped down to freezing and a few of my plants got zapped.   I'm not happy about that.  But all in all, so far it's been okay.  I had on flip-flops yesterday and today is supposed to be another nice day with highs in the afternoon near 70.   Then back to chilly.  But, it never gets and stays frigid here - and snow is very rare.    i like it that way!

8.  My random thought. 

As I said earlier,  this may be a few random thoughts.  So, your choice: tune it out now - or read on.

I am wondering about your feelings about "needing to know" the news of the world.  I have recently chatted with friends who have decided to be cable-free in their homes.   They can pull up shows and some sports on their computers. They choose not to watch news coverage - but can check headlines on line.  They can watch footage there too if they want.    I get it.   The news is always so bad and frightening.  It's always about terrorists, and crazy people, and shootings, and life's worst moments. 

But, a part of me says we can not stick our heads in the ground and avoid it.   I personally don't want to watch videos of bad things - but I don't want to be "ignorant" to them also.  I guess there is a middle ground.  And, yes, I try to live my life watching what I need to know, but not getting sucked into the hours of sadness, and the disagreements politically, and such.  

Where do you stand on this?   And, will the next generation rely soley on getting news from the computer?

In a related topic...   how can we all stop on MLK Jr. Day and hear his moving words, and praise his actions back in the 60's.... and then not take them to heart??  I wonder what bigots today think about MLK Jr. Day.     

Have you seen the movie "Selma" yet?  If not - go see it!  What a wonderful representation of that time, and the civil rights movement.   Young people shoudl be required to see it - because they didn't live through the 60's.  

Speaking of movies....   "American Sniper" is getting lots of talk.  I have seen the ads on TV for it, and have seen previews in the theater.   But, I am questioning if I can sit through it.   The emotion seems incredibly difficult.  Is it a redeeming movie in any way?  I do not believe in war, but I know if countries have to fight then snipers can take out the incredibly horrible leaders, without killing the innocent.  

One last thing....  the Patriots vs The Seahawks.  Got a favorite?   Going to watch and root on a team?    Football season has just one more game left.  Who do you want to see as the Super Bowl winner??


  1. I picked giraffe's but elephants would be awesome too! I hope one day too for that dream of his. We still have cable but I never watch the news or read the paper. I sometimes run across a story on Facebook or my father calls me when something major happens. I also DVR all my shows so I never see commercials. We are going to see American Sniper this week. I don't really care who wins. I hope it is a good game. I don't watch much football during the year but enjoy the commercials, half time shows and the snacks we eat while watching it each year!

  2. We just discussed this topic (need to know news) in our Bible Study yesterday, as we read the verse about 'coming like a thief in the night'. I think these days it's easy to become saturated, and then fearful, if you watch non-stop. But I don't think we can bury our heads or pretend things aren't happening either. We are told to pay attention to the world around us. I do think future generations will get all their news online.

    I know American Sniper is getting raves and criticism both, but I'm in the fan column. I don't know anyone who loves war, but I do think bravery is something to admire. I think people who sacrifice everything for us are heroes. And I do think the movie portrays the oftentimes painful and difficult feelings/injuries (mental and physical) of what serving sometimes bring.

    The Superbowl-eh. Neither are our teams, but will root for the Seahawks.

  3. Not too geared up for the Super Bowl...had hoped the Cowboys would be in it. Plus, it's Brittany's 23rd birthday! I would love to see "Selma" and "American Sniper". Both sound good!

  4. I want the Pats! I strongly dislike the Seahawks! (Bitter Niners fan)

  5. The old saying in journalism, "if it bleeds, it leads" certainly holds true and it's too bad that "leading" is actually more like "feeding". A steady diet of blood, gore, and terror is not good journalism; it's sensationalism. I appreciate the stations that show more "feel-good" inspiring TRUE stories because, like bad news, good news is everywhere, too, if you look. Sometimes I withdraw from the news on TV and feel more at peace. But I wonder, "am I just ignoring truth? Am I being ignorant in a bad way?" Tough question, great debate.

    The Patriots have a whiney QB in Brady; he's lost a lot of respect. We hated to see our Ravens lose to them, but they did outplay us this time. As for the latest scandal about them having cheated by using 11 underinflated balls, integrity alone would make me choose the other team, no matter who that is!

  6. The world really is a frightening place right now. I want to ignore it,,but feel I need to know whats going on. Sometimes I just want to to shout at the tv screen..'stop it..just stop it...how can you do all these things?' I just don't understand man's inhumanity to man. MLK had the perfect dream....I just wish it was reality.
    Selma is on our agenda...as is Exodus and American Sniper. So many movies..not enough date nights.. Oh..and I love granola bars ( she says as she takes another bite)
    This will be my first Superbowl..and I'm so looking forward to it. MrD is a die hard Seahawks fan...I will reserve judgement...lol
    Great answers Marla..Thank you for sharing
    Phoebe x

  7. Hello,
    Thank you for stopping over at The River. :-)
    I enjoyed reading your answers.

    We do not watch the news, but will look up the news on line. I do get what you are saying here. And I think it is good to discuss. My boys did a current events class for 6 weeks. They both asked me if anything was good in the world!! And they both felt very depressed after the 6 weeks!

    Thank you for sharing,