Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My two cents

It's Hodgepodge day and I will get to it next, but first I wanted to write a few things...  why?  It's my right, my blog, my way of expressing myself.  Read it at your own risk.

*  North Carolina is in hot water over a bill that is twofold.  The first part (the part that the law is named for) is the concern/confusion over which bathroom transgender folks should use when in a public place.  I get that... because, yes, there is worry that some people (those not truly transgender) will dress as if they are trans, just to go into a specific bathroom... because they are lewd people, or peeping toms, or you know, crazy.   In reality, they probably already do it,  but this law will make it easier.   Also, transgender people identify one way but have body parts that don't match.   It's confusing for us, so I can only imagine it is for them too! 

BUT...the second part of the law is what has most people up in arms.  It is the part that gives groups, churches, etc. the right to exclude them.  That part is blatant discrimination.   Even though we may not understand a transgender person's "need" to be the way they are, we can NOT exclude them from their constitutional rights... their rights for freedom, equality, and all the other beliefs that the very conservative speak out about upholding.   If the conservatives spout these rights for gun freedoms, then they have to acknowledge it's same rights for transgenders.  (Oh, and don't get me started on women's freedoms to decide about their own bodies too.)

*   I have had several incidents lately where others have left me 'in the dark' on purpose.  And, I admit, it has hurt.   As many know, I live my life as an open book.  I live my life with nothing to hide.  As Popeye said "I yam what I yam!"    What you see is what you get.    I find living this way is less stressful.  I don't have to remember.... 'did I tell this person?  But not this person?  Can I speak up - or out -or not?' 

For those, who don't live so openly, let me tell you:  it eventually comes out.  When it does - it can cause hurt and it can leave a person, like me, with a feeling of 'unworthiness.'  Or I feel that I am not to be trusted - or will think poorly about them.    I don't get it.   Really.   And, I feel for those who keep so much emotion in, and hide truths.  Play games.  Hide things away.   Just be who you are!   But...  as my favorite song says (by a certain favorite singer) - yes, speak openly, but always stay humble and kind.   It can be done!

*  Speaking of humble and kind...   Isn't it rather nice to have a break from political debates and town halls, and all the media interviews?  Is it me, or does it now seem like it's a bit calmer out there?  Less people are left in the race.  phew.   And, my state has already had it's primaries.  I purposely do NOT turn on CNN or Fox News, or MSNBC... or any other station that uses 23 1/2 - 7 for political discussions.  (A 1/2 hour a day may actually be about real news. But that is all. )

*   I am happy it's April.  Spring is here and summer is around the corner! Bring it on!!  My favorite time of year!!  (I disagree with the Christmas song...  )

*  I filled out a Neilsen TV rating book a few months back and so, I now just received one for radio.  Back in my days of working in radio the big rating service was Arbitron.  Does it still exist?   I am happy to take time for a week to fill out the Neilsen diary book about my radio listening habits.  I know from being on the other side how important the rating by the listeners is.  It's mostly about WHEN you listen and for HOW LONG.  Advertising dollars are decided by the results AND announcers jobs can be on the line by it.  

I learned by filling out the diary this week that I now only listen to radio when I am in my car.   My music in the house comes from my iphone - it's either from Pandora, or my pre-downloaded songs.   Occasionally I turn on CMT-TV to listen... mostly morning time when the music videos are aired.   I still enjoy music while I clean. It keeps me energized.

Neilsen and Arbitron used to only send cash to people to fill out the dairies in areas where encouragement was really needed. I suppose that's everywhere now.  I have already received from them some nice crisp new dollar bills.  At the end of the TV diary time, I received $10 for filling it out and mailing it back in to them.  I think I will get the same for the radio responses.

If you get the opportunity to do it, you should!  It's kind of like voting... and you get to make your own selections and add your opinions.

*  So, I'm wondering...  of all the social media that is out there now, which one is your favorite?  I know most people are on Facebook.  Are you a Twitter person?  What about Snapchat?  And Instagram?   I just got something online that encouraged me to download Dubsmash.  Have you heard of it?  I'm not really sure what it does.   I think I'm starting to get a bit app overload!!   I'm all about Facebook, and I use Instagram.  I have a Twitter account but I gave up trying to follow people.   What about you?

Which makes me wonder... do you still get a newspaper?  We gave our home delivery up just a couple of months ago.   It makes me sad...but with all the other news sources on line, and with all the social media outlets, the newspaper was behind on everything. I don't care about local ads or coupons.  So, bye bye newspaper.

Well, it's time to hop on over to Hodgepodge and see what our leader, Joyce, has in store for me.  See you there, if you have the time.   Have a great day!! 


  1. Okay here goes. I won't touch the transgender topic so will jump to the end and participate. I do Facebook but it's more stalking on other people than actually posting myself, except for my blog and commenting on someone else's post; have a Twitter account that I post my blog on a couple times a week and follow too many people to keep up with them so rarely check in; do Snapchat with my granddaughters; post on Instagram once in a while; and have never heard of Dubsmash. I think I will leave that one alone as well.

    Yes, we still get a newspaper because Hubby enjoys it. I rarely have the TV on during the day and even more rarely watch one of the news channels. I wish we could dump all of the candidates at this point and start over if that would help, and yes, it does seem the last few days have been a bit quieter. Thank goodness! See you tomorrow.

  2. Well... I walked in one of the ladies bathrooms a couple of weeks ago (college campus--I'm a student)and there stood a transgender--boy who dresses like a girl...now...I turned around and walked out...I asked a trusted advisor what would she would of done and said, "Nothing, would of walked in and did my business." Hmm..excuse me...well..anyways---I have no desire to share a bathroom with a man--no matter how he feels or she feels --whatever--how confusing.

    NO FB or Twitter here...so just Blogland. smiles

  3. I enjoy Facebook for keeping up with friends far away and enjoying the pics of kids. 99% of my Facebook friends are very positive and post encouragement or just friendly chatter. Those who post what I don't want to see, I just unfollow and every now and again check their page to see how they are doing.

    I have very strong feelings and opinions about this whole transgender issue. It disgusts me to think about the possible abuse. We have grandchildren to consider. People need to get over it. They may "feel" they are female rather than a man, but that feeling is a feeling. Pretend you're a woman if you like, but don't expect to get special privileges because of the feeling you have. I don't want you in the bathroom with our kids.

  4. Here you go: we still have a newspaper at weekends and on the days hubby's at work he brings a free evening paper home. We enjoy doing the cryptic crossword together.

    I have a facebook account but I don't post much although I am in two online book clubs which I enjoy as I have had to read things I wouldn't normally choose. I do love a challenge.
    I also have a twitter account which is lying rather dormant. I don't do Instagram or Snapchat or any other social media.
    As for the transgender issue. I think, thanks to very prominent celebrities, the whole thing has been thrust under everyone's noses and lots of people are not ready for it and indeed many will never be ready for it. The practicalities are a tricky issue. Hopefully common sense can prevail.