Wednesday, April 20, 2016

No Hodgepodge... but my own list of "this and that."

Hi readers!  I can't seem to find the weekly Hodgepodge questions, so instead I will post a few of my thoughts on this start of a Wednesday morning in April.

*  I love mornings when I don't have to rush out of the house.

*  I also love this time of the year because I can keep my back door open for my doggies and my kitty Midnight, and they can go in and out as they please.  The weather is lovely.  It's not too hot, not too cold.  It's just right.  (Goldilocks must love April!)    The AC and the heat are not running so the utility bill will be low.  Yay!

*  I have no reason to complain about traffic where i live, but I do get annoyed with people that drive 5 miles UNDER the speed limit.  It happens around here often. We have lots of senior citizens.  I'm well on my way to becoming one, but I pledge never to go too slow and to not pay attention to the cars behind me.

*  Yesterday was the NY state primary.   Again, the results show that we as a people are SO very  polarized (as in South pole - North pole)  when it comes to who we want as our next president.  I still keep thinking that those who support and vote for Donald Trump still don't get it - they don't think ahead and realize that he might be the next President of the United States of America.  Just that thought, oh, it makes my stomach do flip-flops.

*  Thanks to my family and friends who came out to our community band concert last night.  We had a couple of challenging pieces of music and we made it through...and the crowd seemed to love it all.  Phew.   Thank goodness not everyone has a musical background and can hear and pick out the rough spots.   But, when you end with Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever" the people are always happy!

*  I really DO NOT like when I see the sad pictures and stories about animal abuse on Facebook.  Seriously, what is wrong with people?   I know there are crazy people in the world, but how can anyone find jollies out of torturing an innocent animal?    But, then again, how can anyone see an animal in the woods enjoying it's life and then just shoot it?

*  Here's my Fitbit story:  I was VERY excited about wearing one and pushing myself to exercise more! I started wearing a Fitbit in January.   I upped my walking significantly for a few weeks...and then, I pushed too hard and got 2 small stress fractures in my foot!!  (It doesn't help that I have osteoporosis.)  It's been downhill since then.  Pain... and walking differently has turned into 4 months of walking with a limp,  shifting to compensate, and moving pain around... from the ball of my foot, to the heel, to hip pain, lower back pain...  here, there, and everywhere!     To top it off, I lost my Fitbit!!   I think THAT was meant to be! 

*  Got a favorite song out there right now?   You all know mine:  "Stay Humble and Kind"  - sung by Tim.   I also really like anything by Keith,  Dierks, and Jason.  All guys. Hmmmm    Isn't it interesting that country music fans name the artists by first name?  I guess when they make it big, they make it to 'first name only needed' status.  Also, country music fans feel like family.  There is a connection with the artists not felt in other music genres.

*   Speaking of... only 50 days until the CMA Festival starts in Nashville. But who's counting?  lol

*  I have discovered that some people read my blog posts, but never comment - or even let on that they have read it.  That's okay.  Hello to you!!! 

*   Deep thoughts happen as we age.  Religion and faith become more important.  That ticking clock reminds us that we are only here for a while, and it's really not very long.  Do you wonder what happens when your body dies?  Scared?    Find a church - and seek some answers.   Personally, I can't understand how people can not think about it - about life after this, about God, about soul connections.  Heaven.  

*  I want to wear shorts and flip-flops ALL THE TIME.  

*   Babies...  I LOVE LOVE LOVE babies!    My mother-in-law used to say "I could eat them up" which sounds disgusting, but it's a southern thing I guess.  And, really, I get it - they are so, so, so adorable!      Toddlers too.    The innocence, the little voices, the exploring of everything!   Yep - I could just eat them up!

Time to get my day going - beyond this computer.  My coffee is gone. My warm English muffin with peanut butter on it. Gone.   I'm ready to go...    

Have a GREAT day! See you back here soon.


  1. I declared it spring break in the HP this week. I am still in my pjs and needed a day like today : ).

  2. I understand your feelings about Trump, however I can't believe that our country would allow Hillary to run! I'm with you on seeing the abused animals on Facebook, it brings me down :( I also agree with you on the hunters in the woods. Have a blessed day.

    1. Thanks for responding. Well, we all have different opinions on presidential candidates. For me, Hillary is the best choice because she backs womens' issues, better gun control, and is the most qualified to know what the office entails. As a First Lady, a senator, and the Secretary of State, she has the most diverse experience of them all. She is tough but also gracious. My opinion. Blessed day to you too!

  3. I won't enter the political debate but I will say it's getting a lot of coverage over here in the UK and we cannot believe Donald Trump could get elected but the scary thing is it's looking like he ccould! Sorry about your foot and losing the Fitbit. I started wearing mine in January and doing ok so far. Enjoyed your post.