Thursday, August 25, 2016

School has started. Don't blink!

My blogging friend Joyce made a list of "things I miss" and "things I don't miss" now that her daughters are all grown up and not in school anymore.  I loved reading it - and it made me laugh, and think back to my days of being mom to my daughters during the school years!   Good times (and a few crazy times) made me think to make my own list.  So, here goes...


Morning fights in the bathroom
cold mornings waiting in the car at the bus stop
fundraisers - for everything
being taxi mom and waiting in the pick-up line
the third snow day in a row
parental forms and permission slips
Limited Too and Delia's  (too grown up clothes  for young girls)
lost books, lost clothing, lost anything
car vs bus talks

THINGS I MISS   (sniff sniff)

band and orchestra concerts
warm cinnamon buns and icing in the morning
being a room mom and volunteer
football games and the marching band
Tricky Trays
Fabian Friday Night Dinners Out
morning drives to high school and listening to Elvis Duran
copying music in the teachers room
Chaperoning class trips
daughters' best friends
teacher connections
reading in my car
Listening to my daughters talk about things that happened in school
class pictures
being proud of my girls and their decisions, grades, friends, choices. 

My hubby used to always say when I was the mom in the middle of the school years that one day I will really miss it.  Because, sometimes when you are busy it's hard to stop and enjoy the moments.  And, he was right.  As Kenny Chesney sings "Don't blink...  because just like that your babies are all grown up."


  1. I saw that over at Joyce's. I might have to do it too except I kind of did already---but it was about not teaching anymore so... :) Anyway, a few of the things you won't miss would be on my list of things I do miss. Same with your things you do miss- like chaperoning those trips. Nope. Don't miss those at all. LOL

    1. Most teachers probably really dread class trips. So much responsibility and little sleep! And then being "on display" to parents and others. Stressful!

  2. Someone on my blog mentioned the science fair. That should have gone on my 'do not miss' list somewhere near the top : )