Friday, August 11, 2017

Do I dare? How can I not?

Disclaimer:  This is a post about politics.  With a bit of religion in it too. So, if you can't handle reading my opinions, then exit now.

My blog. My thoughts.

In America you get to say what you feel. 

Here goes...

You all know this:   I cried on Election Night last November. I have written about it already.   I hurt.  Physically and mentally.  I was in shock - for days afterwards.   Some people told me to get over it, and to accept the results.     Well, I had to accept it...  even though I suppose I tried to stay in denial for a bit...   but get over it?    How does a person get over the sadness of knowing fellow Americans voted the way they did?    Some are people I know and love.  Family and friends. 

It was a blow to me.   It was SO obvious to me that our country was going to go backwards with this man at the helm.  It was obvious to me back then that he was a fake. An egotist.  An embarrassment.   I knew he was irrational.  Hot-headed.  Unprepared for holding the office.  

7 months in to his presidency, I am saddened to say that I was not even able to foresee all the craziness that is reality now.   I didn't think he would bring us into a place of war talk with one of the other crazy men of the world already.   I didn't think he would devalue so many people...  trans, gays, minorities, women! I didn't think he would so quickly deny climate change, and go backwards on our care for our land.   I didn't think he could not bring saner people into his circle - and keep them.  (Back then I hoped people around him would ring him in.) I didn't realize political posts would stay vacant because nobody can work for him.  I didn't know he would tweet like he does!!

But, here we are. 

I am a woman of faith.  I believe in God.  I know He (God our creator) has given us this amazing planet to live on... to tend it, to share with each other.  We are to love one another...even our enemies.  We are to feed the poor, to value our individuality, to give without judgement. These are basic beliefs - the foundation of following Him.  My belief as a follower of Jesus guides my life.  I fall short all the time, but I TRY to do what I think God wants me to do for others.... ALL others. 

Living as a Christian woman can be hard at times.  But,  Jesus told the disciples that there would be those who challenge, and do not understand, and that we must dust ourselves off and keep on going.   Never give up.  7 times 7...   keep on going...  Profess God's love and message.  Live as a child of God. 

I try.  I pray for guidance.   I ask for balance.  And strength. 

I am a happy person.  You may think I am not because of what I write here.   But, it's true.  I find constant comfort in my faith.  I find joy all the time!!  I am fortunate.  My circumstances, where I am on this earth and in America ...  I am blessed.      And, I live in a real world - and I speak out when I see wrongs, and I worry about innocent people getting hurt, and when I see political injustice.   I feel I must.   That is why I speak out about politics sometimes.  I can not hide my head and heart away.  

I will not, and can not, stop.  Yes, politics is so very depressing at times.  So much is wrong with it. So many are involved in it for personal satisfaction only, and for ego strokes.  Elected officials are supposed to work for the betterment of us all...but they don't.   Money, lobbys,  business - all need to get OUT of politics.

Caring, and working together for a better America for ALL is possible...    politics and religion can find common ground.   I believe that.    So, I speak out.  



  1. He's horrible, they're all horrible, in it for the glory and gain. So few care about anything or anybody. Do what I can as an individual hope for the best.

  2. Don't ever lose your voice :)