Saturday, September 24, 2011


It's a Saturday in September, which means it's GAMEDAY!  The "Boys of Fall" take to the field tonight at 7:00pm.  I root for the South Carolina Gamecocks!!  Why? 

1.) 4 years of tuition to that great institution so daughter #1 could get her BS (Bachelor of Science degree.  What did you think I meant?)
2.) Supporting a team in the SEC is "classic football" and it just doesn't get any better!
3.) The Gamecocks are never a sure thing.  They keep you guessing, and crying at times, but laughing at other times.  So, a win is very BIG and always exciting!  

I have loved football since my childhood growing up in Ohio.  High school football was a "town event" and everyone went to the games on Friday night.  I was a marching band geek so I went to all home and away games. We even marched through the heart of town to the stadium, playing the fight song all the way.  I learned about football back then.  I learned the rules and why there are penalties.

So, one day when I was in college in Baltimore, a guy friend who happened to have a part-time job with the Colts (pre-Ravens!) and I were talking football.  He was impressed with my knowledge of the sport and offered me a job working in the Colts press box.   So, for one season I worked for the Baltimore Colts and got to see every home game in the warmth of the box.   My job was a "runner" which meant I brought in updates, stats, etc. to the reporters.  Did I mention this was a LONG time ago?  Before computers. Yes, before computers!   horrors.

But, often I was a glorified waitress and got the press members some soup and munchies.  I don't know why but one of my biggest memories was the huge vat of hot New England Clam Chowder that was available at every game.  I loved that soup!

Oh - I also got a special parking pass for the old Memorial Stadium and got to ride up the "private" elevator with the press.  I thought I was hot stuff for a college junior.

So, my love of football continues now...  

with the Gamecocks.  Only in this part of the country can you loudly cheer.....Goooooo   Cocks!!!   and not get arrested.

GO COCKS!   Beat the Vandy Commodores tonight!


  1. I didn't know about your long and distinguished knowledge and career in football! Cool! I came into football love late in life, and I'm pretty much an NFL fan. My Dad loved following his old college team and we'd go up every fall on alumni weekend for the game and festivities. I love your final comment - funny!

  2. Ha-we have much in common...we lived in Annapolis for nine years. We were there when the Ravens became the Ravens : ) We love the Colts though because we're Tennessee Vol fans and we saw Peyton play back in his college days. You are right about SEC football!