Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My puppy

Many of you know that our family got a new puppy this summer, a pug we named Miss Honeybee.  For the most part she is MY dog since Stan is away during the work week, and the daughters now have their own places.

At this writing she is 5 months old.  In doggie years I think that makes her a two year old, which means she's in her "terrible twos".  I keep reminding myself that she  is.  (Hang in there Marla!)  She's physically almost full size with crazy energy!  14 pounds of solid, strong, wiggling, biting energy!  She chews on anything she can find, and seems to love my flip-flop collection the best. Most of them now have teeth marks in the soles.  No Honeybee no!

I took her to the Petsmart puppy training program and learned to use a clicker to get her to sit and to properly use a pee pad. Honeybee was too small  to be able to go up and down the outside steps to get to grass when we first brought her home.  It worked well for her first 2 months living here.  But, now she's gotten bigger (and you know what that means) and she has NO CLUE about doing her business outside. 

So, my goal for the month of October:  get Honeybee trained to go outside!   How?  Should I continue with the positive clicking and rewards?   Or, do I need to get mean and punish her doing her business in the house - when just last month she got a click, a "good girl" and treat for it? 

Miss Honeybee has also taken to wanting to chase moving cars and people on bicycles.  This is something new to me. I've never had a dog before that wants to take off fast and chase things.  So, for now, she has to be on a leash at all times when outdoors. 

I know Honeybee will get older, and calmer, and easier to handle.  In time.  I know the puppy stage is a challenge.  I know, I know.    We'll make it through. 

She's so so so cute when asleep!  

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We have a 9 year old dog who is good as gold but we are considering adding a puppy in the spring. I am just not sure I'm ready for all of it's 'puppyness' : )

    My daughters both attend/attended oldest graduated in 2010 and my younger daughter graduates this year. I am slightly vague about locations on my blog : ) but my youngest was a cheerleader one year so there are a few pics of her in a school uniform here and there. My sister lives in Simpsonville...we were living overseas when my girls started uni so it was nice to have family nearby. We have loved Furman and I'm going to miss our trips back and forth when this one graduates. I will not miss the tuiition : )