Thursday, October 27, 2011


This post is for all my friends who have daughters - and for MY daughters.

There has been much written throughout time about the bond between a mother and her daughters; poems have been written and mushy cards are out there. There are some great songs about daughters too.  I burned some country ones on a CD for each of my girls recently.

 So, what I'm going to say here is nothing new - but it's personal.  My story. 

I recently became a true "empty nester."  College days are over and both of my daughters have their own apartments and separate lives away from here.

I am blessed with these two amazing daughters.  I don't know "how" it happened that I got the ones I got. (I'm not talking about conception! ha)  I'm sure hubby will take credit for their personalities and intelligence. Oh, I guess his genes played into it some...but I like to think they are a good mix of the two of us. Somehow they got our good attributes. 

You know, when you are raising kids you just never really know how they are going to turn out.  I certainly had those moments.  I had times where I tried to steer them towards something, and away from other things.  But, sometimes parents with the best of intentions and parenting skills have a child go "astray" anyway.  Thank you God: I didn't.  Maybe I should count my blessings that hubby and I only had two, because perhaps the third child would have been the black sheep.  Ha!

I was fortunate to have two girls. I felt from the beginning that I could relate to them.  I knew I could understand their ups and downs of being female.  Hubby was working many hours while the girls were growing up so I was pleased to have children I could relate with.  I remembered the angst of school cliches when I grew up, and bad hair days, and body changes, and the list goes on and on. 

Hubby used to say during some of those times "you have a 24/7 job now but one day it will be done."  And now it is. Okay, okay - I know a parent is ALWAYS a parent and always there to offer advice (but only when it's asked for).  That's why I'm so glad I have my daughters.  Nothing against sons. But I think sons go off on their own even more then daughters.  They make their way in the world and become independant.  

I remember my mother so fondly.  Not the last third of her life when she was sick and disabled.  But I remember her when she was youthful, and beautiful, with her big smile, and I remember her being there for me whenever I needed her.  I was her spoiled baby.  The youngest of three.  It's a mother - daughter bond I will carry with me all my life.  And now, I have that same connection with my girls. 

You know, there are days when I stop and think "I'm how old now???"  How can that be!!!!  I went from being a daughter, to a young mother, and now a mother who's daughters are raised.    I really can't believe it!   

But it's all good.  Daughters are the best!  MY daughters are such a joy in my life!  

(I can hear them now, reading this, perhaps rolling their eyes, saying "oh mom"....   but it's music to my ears!) 

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  1. As a mom to daughters I will just say a big AMEN!