Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting older

Today is hubby's birthday.  He still keeps it together pretty darn well...considering, he's getting older!

Remember how we would say "I'm not going to talk about my aches and pains when I get old like my parents do?"   HA!!!  Hubby and I are at that age now where the temptation is to start a conversation with news of our digestive system or how the bum knee is aching, or just wishing we could lose that extra 10 pounds (we say that every day!) 

We both had blood taken recently and just yesterday we compared our results.  Hmmm.  My cholestral is a bit higher than his. Glucose is ok. But we are borderline on some other levels.  Oh my!   I never concerned myself with any of this before.  Oh, and did I tell you I have osteoporosis?  What!!!  

This getting older thing is not fun. But, like the saying: "it's better than the alternative."   A weird saying really.  As a Christian "the alternative" is everlasting life... with NO pain. In fact:  NO body!
Think about that.  What will we talk about in heaven?? 

I digress...

I can't promise I'll never blog again about getting older and the physical issues that come with it. I'll try not to.  

So, let me just get it out now:  I need to get my hair colored, I need to watch my fat intake, I need to exercise (cardio and weight-bearing) every day.  I need to slather on the lotion. I need to stay out of the sun (never happen), and I need to RELAX.  Stress is the number one reason we show our age. 

oh my!!!

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  1. I can relate to all the 'maintenance' that comes with aging. Sigh. Happy Birthday to your hubs!