Monday, November 21, 2011

Being thankful

Hi All,

I know it's going to be a busy week ahead as we all prepare, and then feast at Thanksgiving.  It's kind of ironic that my post before this one is about obesity.  Ha!   But, Thanksgiving day is the one day where it's acceptable to overeat and enjoy all the wonderful foods prepared for the event.  The meal is "THE" event.  Family and friends getting together around the table.  So, don't count calories. Take a second helping of turkey dressing, or mashed potatoes (is the plural with or without "e" ? I never know.)   Have pumpkin pie - maybe two slices!  Go for it! 

But, while you are feasting don't forget to be thanking too.  I mean, it's in the holiday's name!  You know like Christ is in Christmas??  (And, don't forget that.)   I try to think of ways to make the day a special day for thanking.  In the past I used a book I found that gave the Thanksgiving history and had an interactive reading to share around the table.  It caused some eyes to roll, but that's okay.

Here's a warning to my family:  I have a new idea for this year!   I won't put the details here, because that will spoil the fun!?!?   But, just start thinking about what you have been thankful for this past year.  Be prepared!!!   I'll tell my blog friends about our special time around the table after Thanksgiving. And I'd love to hear what your special new or old Thanksgiving traditions are.  What do you do that's unique and special? 

I look forward to this time each year EXCEPT for the traveling.  I wish I could be a genie and cross my arms and blink my eyes and be at my sister's for the get-together.  It is the worst travel weekend of the whole year.  The road to my sister's is long and crowded and at one point the major highway goes down to one lane. Yes, ONE LANE!!!!  It's crazy!  It's not for roadwork, or a temporary detour.   The road just goes down to one lane for about a mile (to then merge into another road.)  On a good day there is a backup there.  We'll be sitting in a backup for an hour - or more -and there's no getting around it.  Believe me, I have looked for another route.  There isn't one.

So, I plan on bringing my Kindle and my Ipod (thank you technology) and will take deep breaths, and remind myself we will eventually get there.  And when we arrive, I will be THANKFUL on THANKSGIVING! 

Lastly & a totally change of topic:  GO GAMECOCKS!!  This Saturday is the annual rivalry football game of Clemson vs. U of South Carolina.  It is for bragging rights for a year as the two biggest schools in South Carolina go at each other.   I'd love to see another Carolina win!  

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