Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, Monday

As the Mamas & the Papas sang it's Monday, Monday - can't stop that day!  It's a new week and I'm sitting here in front of my computer thinking about what is on my schedule this week. I'm thinking about what needs to get done, what activities are coming up, and how best to manage my time.

First, it's Monday, November 14th.  so, happy birthday to my first-born niece Erin!  I remember when you were born and the joy of watching you grow up. Fun times..."do the chicken dance with me"!  And, now you are a Mom of the cutest little boy with another one on the way!   Time flies sometimes!

Which brings me to today's post:  It's a new week and one week closer to the holiday season(s). Thanksgiving is NEXT Thursday!!  Can that be right?  Here in the beautiful lowcountry we are still having nice warm temperatures and flowers are blooming.  It's still gorgeous out!  But, yet, it's mid-November and Thanksgiving is around the corner.  We will head to my sister's for the annual get-together again.  Thanksgiving & a bit of Christmas - combined.  We call it "Thanksmas".  

I'm thankful we get this opportunity each year to gather.  We lost two family members (my mom & brother-in-law) some years back but our group is growing again, and it's joyful!   Everyone brings some food, we share the meal together, sit together as a family.  It doesn't get to hapen often enough.

A Facebook friend of mine has been using November to list something he is thankful for every single day on his wall.  What a great idea!  I am going to try and remember to do that next year.  Let's make the whole month a "thanksgiving" month!

So, it's Monday and a new week.   I am looking forward to tomorrow evening's spaghetti dinner & auction fundraiser at church for our "Backpack Buddies" program, and I'm looking forward to the usual events of the week.  I'm also REALLY looking forward to a "country night" for me on Saturday!  A girlfriend and I are going to see Josh Turner in concert at the Myrtle Beach House of Blues!  Josh is a local boy (raised in Hannah, SC - between here and Columbia) and he's now a huge country star.  He's the one with the rich deep voice - he first sang the song  Scotty McCreery did to get the "American Idol" attention.  He's pretty easy on the eyes too!  I have seen Josh Turner a couple of times, but seeing him at HOB's is a treat because it's a small venue and you can get up pretty close.  

Oh - Let me take a minute to update you all on Miss Honeybee.  She turned 6 months and she has definitely turned the corner with her behavior.  She's 90% trained to go outside.  She's into routines and has settled down alot.   She's a sweetie!  I want to take a Christmas picture of her soon (I bought her a holiday bandana - of course) but she put her nose into a red ant hill over a week ago, and got about 8 or 9 bites right above her mouth.  Poor thing.  It was scary at first because she immediately starting foaming at the mouth. I think it was a physical reaction to the bites, and a way to get her healing saliva on to the bite spots.   Poor thing.

Well, got to get my Monday going now...   you just can't stop that day!!   I hope you all have a great week ahead!   

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  1. I need to get off the computer and hit my to-do list too. Drinking coffee and reading blogs is so much more fun : ) Have a good week!