Monday, November 28, 2011

Changing it out

Today is the day...out with the Fall decorations, clean, and then start to think about Christmas decorating.  It's a big day.  The holidays abruptly take a big turn.  Bye bye orange and brown. Hello red and green. 

Is your head spinning?

There's little time to adjust.  In fact, some people tend to overlap.  That's something I have never wanted to do.  As I have said before, one holiday at a time please! 

So, today is the official day in the Fabian home where the seasons change. 

Today is also the day where my "to do list" becomes huge.   "Christmas is a coming, Christmas is a coming!"   The countdown has started.  The calendar is filling up.  

Here we go!!!!



  1. I start to decorate the day after Thanksgiving. My shopping is another thing however, I shop all year and put it all away because I hate to do it all in December in the snow.

  2. Slowly getting out the Christmas decorations. My girls were home for Thanksgiving so we got two trees mostly decorated but they need tweaking. They like to help so I do get the trees started usually the weekend after Thanksgiving.

    Our SFN holiday luncheon is Friday : )