Friday, June 15, 2012


One of the reasons I decided to start blogging awhile back was to put down my thoughts, and to "pass along" my wisdom (what I have of it) and joys - especially to my daughters....and, to write ABOUT my daughters!   (Sorry girls....)

I'm one proud mama! 

It took me awhile as a new, young mother to find my way in life.  It was a time period when many women were having babies and continuing to work fulltime.  I wasn't sure if I should "juggle" both and I wasn't sure what I  "needed"  to make me complete.  And, when I first quit working to stay with my daughters I struggled just saying  "I'm a homemaker."  

But I quickly realized I didn't want anyone else raising my girls. I didn't want to miss anything they did. I didn't want to miss the milestones, but I also didn't want to miss the little daily changes.  I wanted to be there - to teach them, to read to them, to laugh.  I wanted to experience it all.  Oh, yes, it included some frustrating times.  Some days I was tired - and some days they were tired and cranky.   Motherhood was not always easy.  But, the good times definitely outweighed the hard ones. 

Let me say right now that I was blessed to have a husband with a job that brought home enough $ that I could stay home.  He was supportive in every way.

I was able to take my daughters to Gymboree, and then to Girl Scout meetings, to many, many music lessons, and to go with them on field trips.  I was a a "room mother" and a Girl Scout leader and a Sunday School teacher.  I was a parent volunteer in the school's music programs and with the county orchestra.   I guess I should thank my daughters for "allowing" me to do these things without too much eye rolling.  I'm sure there were times I embarrassed them.  Ha! 

They were great years!  I get melancholy when I think back on those fun years.

Today is the younger daughter's 24th birthday.  The older one had her 26th just 12 days ago.  They are no longer children.  They are educated, and living and working on their own now. They are supporting themselves.  A mother's job done.  Both girls have turned out beautifully.  I take a little credit. yes.  But I also know it "takes a village" and alot of prayer over the years.  We had alot in our favor: a faith in a loving God, a great extended family, and we lived in a town that offered many choices for children.  

My daughters have been blessed to grow up in a family with a mother AND a father who love them unconditionally.  

So, today, I celebrate who they are. I'm very proud.  I'm very thankful.  I'm full of love for them!

Happy birthday daughters!!

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  1. Your daughters are very close to the age of mine. I can hear how proud you are of them. Happy birthday to them!