Friday, June 29, 2012

Sometimes I can't stay quiet....

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I am not surprised with all the uglyness and division that the US Supreme Court decision stirred up when it made it's decision yesterday about the Obama-led Healthcare law being constitutional.  It was the perfect time for the opposition and the pundits to grab hold and run!  

But it frustrates me when the talk is so dividing even when the plan seems positive.  I really can't see what everyone against it is so upset about.  There will be those who are now uninsured that will have to find some health insurance by 2014. That is true.  They have 2 years to make it happen.  And, yes, they will have to PAY for it.  We ALL have to pay for our health insurance.   And, up to this time the people who have insurance have been paying for the unisured through insurance companies premiums anyway.   EVERYONE needs to have health insurance!  One medical emergency can wipe a person/family out - due to the high cost of everything connected with the doctors and hospitals, etc.  If a person without insurance goes into a hospital now they DO get treated, but the insured people (you & me) pick up the tab for them.  If they go bankrupt we pay for that too.

At least the new law will put the burden back on the person...that's more "individual freedom" in a way.  Hear that Republicans?    I truly believe that the GOP has come out so strongly against the healthcare plan because when Obama took office they vowed to do anything and everything to stop him from being successful.  It doesn't matter if it's good or right for the country.    Let's not forget that Mitt Romney set up a similiar health plan for the state of Massachusett when he was governor there.  But, now he's against it?    hmmmm

Politics and pundits filling the 24/7 cable new networks are getting in the way of the right thing for America. 

I know I sometimes think I'm just little ole me and I can't do anything to make a difference, or can't go up against such a big, powerful political  machine.  It's easy to turn a head and ignore it...instead of speaking out.   But, sometimes issues like HEALTHCARE should not be ignored.  I want to see all people have an insurance program that allows them to go in for treatment, especially before it becomes an emergency, perhaps life-threatening (and more expensive) situation.  I want to have insurance companies ACCEPT everyone, with no regard to "previous conditions".  I don't care what people label it.  Call it socialism.  Fine.  We have that with SOCIAL Security, and with many other needs in this country. 

It's the right thing to do!  We can't always live together with the mindset of "only if it's good or me."  We have to think of our neighbor.  "Love your neighbor as yourself."  I believe we can love them by making sure they have a health insurance  program with their name on it, so they can go to get treatment and be healthy. 

My blog - my opinion.   

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