Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Appearance vs. comfort

As some of you know my hubby is living here at home 24/7 now after years of commuting between states for work.  It's been a pretty good adjustment for me. I was quite used to having MY time (my remote, my dinner food, my hours, etc.) Monday through Friday.  But, we get along well - thankfully. I guess that's why we are still married after 27 years.

But, sometimes my blog is a nice place to rant a little...  and so I will use it today to get out a bit of frustration.  I'm sure I am not alone in this.  In the whole realm of things it's pretty insignificant, but it's disturbing to me none the less...

I take pride in the "look" of my home.  I like the way I have decorated the interior. I'm not a professional decorator but I like to think I have some skill in putting rooms together.   I enjoy a pretty house, one that is pleasing to the eye.  I like to come in the door after being out for awhile and find everything more or less in it's place at home.  

So, I have been challenged since hubby is home all the time now.  He tends to re-arrange furniture and things solely on function, with no thought of appearance.  I get it.  He wants the table with the light and a place for his drink right next to his favorite chair - with the ottoman in front of it.  He drops his shoes there when he puts his feet up.   He is thinking totally about ease, and comfort. 

Home is a place to relax.  I want that for him.  Really I do!

So, in my mind I have this constant battle about HIS home and HIS comfort vs. MY home and MY appearance issues.  I think about "what if somebody unexpectedly knocked on the door and we invited them in?"   What would they see?  

Yes, you can tell me I'm being too particular, too concerned about "appearances".  I agree with you.  But, it's still there. I find myself "following up" after him.  Putting thing back in place, straightening, and closing doors (kitchen cupboards and closets.)  

I guess it's the difference between the sexes.  I guess it's the difference between what makes a person "relaxed" too.  I'm more relaxed/content when I see everything in place.  I am a visual person.  So, I look around and think "that looks good."

Ok. I have given in and allowed recliners to come into the house.  I am not a fan of them - visually.  I'm trying!  Really I am!!!!

So, now you all think I'm pretty petty.  I have my moments - and my issues.  I confess it. 

Aaaaaah.  Rant is done.  Nothing is different.  But, I feel better.  Thank you blog.


  1. Marla, you are hilarious. Welcome to my world. Raising two sons and a husband was a difficult task. And my house is a testimonial to my resolve not to fight. Your friend, Tina Lilly

  2. I actually had the opposite problem. Hubby retired before me so when I retired I had to share his space and his time.