Monday, October 14, 2013

Time marches on....

Today is the birthday of a dear friend who was very much a part of my 20's.   She's turning 60 today!   Happy birthday Karen!

I met Karen when I was living in an apartment in Cockeysville, Maryland and was working for 98 ROCK.  She was a part-time hostess at Sh'nanigan's, the "Cheers" style bar that sat in a shopping center in the middle of hundreds of apartments. It was a real hangout for the young people who lived around it.  

Karen also worked downtown at a place called Menu Man.  It was a printing company that specialized in menu layout and creation.   At that time she drove a cool silver Mustang - and she took that thing through the gears like she'd been born to do it.  I was impressed.

I don't remember how we first met, who said hello first, who suggested we get together.  But, quickly we became friends and she became my "go to" girl when I wanted to go do something around Baltimore - and vice versa. Often it involved my work - which at that time was as promotions manager for the rock radio station.  I had to go to quite a few night events and it was always good to have Karen to be with me.   Yes, we saw MANY concerts together!   And, we also got to know each other's families and friends...we went to family gatherings, parties, whatever came along together.  

Neither of us had a serious boyfriend when we first met so it was wonderful to have a dear girlfriend to be with as we traveled through our 20's.   

The long and short of it is, nothing can stay the same.  It was a "moment in time."   Our lives went different directions.  I moved away and got married - I was proud to have Karen be one of my bridesmaids.  We stayed in contact pretty well for the next ten years.  She came and visited me when I moved around the country early on in hubby's career... California, Georgia, and back to Maryland.   

But then we drifted apart.  I understand.  Like I said, it happens.   We are now down to sending  Christmas cards and seeing each other Facebook occasionally.  And wishing each other a happy birthday!   But, I want Karen to know - she holds a very special place in my heart!  We had some wonderful times together!  We had some bumps...and I know I was not always the most sensitive to her life.  I feel bad about that. I feel sad that I didn't stay in contact better right on through to today.  

I'm thinking of you today, on your 60th birthday!!   Wow!  Karen!!!  Time marches on... 
I certainly hope you have a lovely day today. I hope your health is good and that you are happy each day.   Love ya girl!   Happy birthday!!

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  1. Happy birthday to our friend, Karen! "Old friends" are a blessing. Hope the two of you can connect again!