Monday, January 13, 2014

How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions?

So, how are you doing with your new year's resolutions?   I only made a couple of resolutions thinking if I made more  I would never be able to work on them all at one time…and two changes in my life right now is probably enough!

The first is an attitude change.  I vowed to keep my mind more open to others who see life differently than I do.  I want to stop myself from quickly judging a person because of their political beliefs, or because they don't see eye to eye with me on issues.  I don't want to "judge a book by its cover."   This is a work in progress… and it will continue to be.

The second resolution has to do with taking better care of myself physically.  I'm off to an okay start with it.  I'm trying to be somewhat careful in my food choices, and I'm trying to incorporate more exercise into my life.  Slowly.  I know if I go crazy with exercise I will hurt myself, then have to back off with it, and get out of the routine again.  I'm smart enough to know that moving the body is very  important for bone strength, for the heart, for weight control - and also for mind and emotional well-bring.

So…today I went to my first-ever yoga class.  A woman in my neighborhood is offering them in our resident's clubhouse each Monday, and at a very reasonable price.  Today was the first session of a 12 week program.  One of my neighbor/friends just LOVES yoga and I have seen the difference in her body.  She's become nicely contoured and has core strength.  She goes 2 or 3 times a week and says she misses it when she doesn't get there.   So, I thought, hmmm. yoga might be something that I should add into my life as I continue to age. (I haven't figured out a way to stop that yet!?)   I went to the class today…and I admit I did not like it.  I have never been flexible and I have rather long legs that make yoga "poses" challenging.  Hands flat on the floor??  While I'm bent over, straight back, balancing?? Well,  while it was only an hour class it seemed much longer than that to me.  ) :    I was ready for it to be done.

BUT - BUT - BUT…..I am not giving up on it.  Yes, I know tomorrow I will be sore. And maybe the day after.   I know the next time I go I will need to take sinus medicine an hour before class.  My head hurt by the end of today's class from being upside down so much, and I actually got a little nauseous from it too.    Sad, huh?

I'm not promising I will make it through the 12 weeks.   Actually, at this point I'm going to say I'll stick it out for the four more sessions.  Then I'll re-evaluate.   Wish me luck… I think I need it.

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  1. i do wish you luck. I didnt make an resolutions so dont worry about not following through.