Monday, January 27, 2014

The year of the polar vortex.

In anticipation of a pretty rare phenomenon of snow here tomorrow, I thought I'd say NOW that I know there are people out there getting enjoyment out of it - and of knowing that I am going to be finding myself dealing with snow.    You know who you are!   ha!!  ( :

It's going to be mid-60's this afternoon and then the polar vortex is plummeting down again and it will bring us cold temps and precipitation. The two together equals snow, and maybe sleet and icy conditions.   It's gonna be messy.  And, here in the lowcountry, we have a bad combination of no road salt, and no plows - and people who don't know how to drive in it.  Of course, if it's icy nobody should even try driving anyway.

So, as I anticipate this I am listening to the noise of new shingles being delivered on my roof.  I'm guessing they are going to have to sit there for a few days.  Thankfully the old shingles have not been pulled off yet.

I'm also wondering if my activities tomorrow, and tomorrow night will be cancelled.  I've waited all month for Book Club and we are to gather tomorrow at 7:00pm.  But, will we?    See.  This is what I don't like about snow.  Things changed.  Events get cancelled.  

It's been so cold on some days lately I've had to postpone our church work day at the Habitat for Humanity build site twice already.  

I know I have said this before, but I'm not a happy girl "cocooned" inside my house for very long.  I get "hysterics in the barracks".  I need to get out in to the fresh air, and I love to "piddle" in my yard (see earlier post - awhile back.)

So, to all you out there giggling that Marla is going to have to deal with cold and snow…go ahead.  Snicker.  It's only fair.  I know you all have to go through it more often than I do.   You can be happy I feel your pain.  Misery loves company!

Come on Spring!!!!!


  1. No snickering..because us up here have been dealing with this mess for a long time and I sure front your pain. We are fairly new to living up here (after 20 yrs of living in the deep south, mind you) and enough is enough. But, I am not suppose to say that cause my husband said it is still Jan. Good luck, keep us northern folks posted. Blessings

  2. No laughter from Texas. It's cold here. Bitterly. I don't mind being inside, though. But I am hoping for rain. We need it.

  3. Here in Florida, we have had our share of cold, too. I know our cold is shorts weather for folks "up north" but we are not used to highs in the 40s. We have rain and mid-70s today, but it will be back to a high in the 50s on Wednesday. Crazy weather!!