Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter and sports

Happy February all!  Here's a little Hodgepodge break from the routine… I hope you enjoy my answers and if you want to respond too, please feel free.  I'd love to read your thoughts!

1. Are we always responsible for our actions?  Are there any exceptions? 

My first quick answer was "yes, of course"!  And for most people, and for most cases, I'd say that we are responsible for what we do.  Not only are we responsible, we have to accept/take the consequences from them.

But, there are certain people or situations that are exceptions to the rule….the mentally challenged, or young children are two that come to mind.

2.  Has anyone from your home town become famous? 

It's hard for me to answer this because I have a few home towns.  I spent my childhood in a few places - Cleveland Heights, and Bucyrus, Ohio - and then Timonium, Maryland.   Both Cleveland Heights and Timonium are rather large suburbs and I suppose somebody came from those spots that became famous, but I can't think of names.  Bucyrus is much smaller in population.  Again, I don't know of anyone who became well known from there.   If anybody reading this can tell me, that would be nice!

3.  January was National Slow Cooker month.  Do you own a slow cooker/crock pot?  Did you use it last month? What's a favorite dish you make using a slow cooker or crock pot? 

Yes, I used my slow cooker last month - a couple of times.  I baked ham with teriyaki sauce & pineapples in it, and I made chili in it.   Chili is probably my favorite meal I make in it when the weather is cold.  I like using my slow cooker IF I think early enough in the day what I want to make.  I love the way I can "make it and forget it" all day…and I love the aromas it provides!

4.  How do you feel about private companies collecting data about you?  

I am guessing I am in the minority with my feelings on this - but I do not mind that companies collect info about me, as long as it's not "hacking" personal credit card and social security numbers.  But, if a company is trying to learn more about me as a consumer, then more power to them!  That's what marketing is all about.  I do not mind that Facebook picks up my "likes" and then I see ads on the side that relate to them.  In fact I think it's rather clever!

All companies want to make goods or provide services that will be wanted, and they look for information to make it happen.  Pre-computers there were focus groups, and questionnaires to fill out.  Neilsen TV Rating Company has been collecting data for years to better serve their customers and advertisers.   So, the ways of gathering info has changed, but not the fact that every company wants to know who their customer is and how best to serve them.

5.   The Games of the 2014 Winter Olympics kick off with their opening ceremony this coming Friday… will you be watching?  Which Winter Olympic event would you most like to see in person?  Have you ever been to Russia?  Any desire to go, Olympics or otherwise? 

First, I may catch a bit of the opening ceremony but it is SO LONG and too much hoopla for me.  Friday evening I am out until about 9:00pm and I haven't checked to see what time the ceremony starts. If I'm back home and it's still on, I will watch a little of it.

 What event would I like to see in person?  Well, I have no desire to see ANY event in person but I enjoy the ice skating competition the most.

Yes, I have been to St. Petersburg, Russia.  My younger daughter took Russian language in high school and college and as part of her studies she spent time in Russia three different times.  The last time she was with a program for the summer so hubby and I traveled over to visit her and see the sights of St. Petersburg.  We had a great time! The city is beautiful! We felt safe, and enjoyed the culture very much.

I would not feel comfortable in and around Soochi for the olympics.  Sad but true.  The terrorism threats are concerning for sure.  I know security will be as tight as possible but it's just a scary time to be there.   Saying that, I would encourage anyone wanting to see Russia to go. It's a huge country and there are amazing sights to see and much history!

6.  Share a good or bad sports related memory from your childhood or teen years. 

I'm scratching my head a bit on this question.  I did a few sports in school:  girls' basketball and volleyball, and ran some track.  But I can't think of an exceptional fete or moment, or even an extremely embarrassing one (I guess that's good!)    I was in the high school marching band and in a small Ohio town Friday nights were football game nights in the fall.  It was a "town event."  We marched through the heart of town to the football stadium.  As a band member we worked each week on halftime shows, and we sat in the bleachers as the "pep band" too.  Those days going to home AND away games are good memories for me.

Oh, one May our high school marching band went to Indianapolis for the Indy 500 and we marched in the big parade through the city, and ended up at the famous track - and marched all the way around it.  That was pretty cool!

7.  What's a must have song for you on a work-out play list? 

I am a big country music fan so I usually turn on CMT and watch music videos while I treadmill it.  One song?  I suppose something very upbeat and energetic like "Country Girl Shake It for Me" by Luke Bryan!

8.  My random thought. 

My thoughts are with all of you in the Midwest and Northeast that continue to get snow upon snow and frigid temperatures.  This is certainly turning into a "classic winter" season.    Hang in there.

My other random thought….  what a disappointment the Super Bowl turned out to be!  I was happy to see the Seahawks win but certainly had hoped for a closer scoring game.  The commercials were again mostly wacky, and at times I wasn't sure what company was doing the advertising.    It truly amazes me that companies pay millions for commercials that don't really enhance their company or promote buying their product!  But they do!!!

Have a good, safe, and warm week all!


  1. I enjoyed your hodgepodge answers! Mine will post in the morning, but I will tell you we both mentioned high school marching band for #6!! I played trumpet.

  2. I googled your town...Debra Winger is from Cleveland Heights : ) I think band kids have 'sport' memories in that they certainly attend and are part of hundreds of sporting events. They are part of what create the atmosphere we love, so that counts! Under piles of snow here this morning...you're jealous I know!

    1. Thanks for googling Cleveland Heights! ha. I guess i could have done that. Silly me.

  3. Hi Marla! Thanks for stopping by my place...so nice to meet you! Sounds like marching band was a lot of fun for you,,,Indy 500...pretty big deal! And, yes my brother played for the University of Georgia...he was a Bulldog!! Look forward to getting to know you better! :-)

  4. I agree with you on the Super Bowl. Ice skating seems to be a popular answer. Sounds like a great experience for your daughter to get to travel to Russia.

  5. Oh, yeah...Luke Bryan can get me up and moving any time, any day! He's a cutie patootie! That's interesting that you've been to Russia...I think I wouldn't be able to handle the cold temp. I can't even handle the temps. here in GA!

  6. In answer to your question on my post about what famous person came from my hometown. I don't go around bragging about it........ it's Justin Bieber.

  7. Oh geez - here it is almost time for another Hodgepodge and I'm just now sitting down to visit all of my "friends" who stopped by my page last week! I do so enjoy hearing from you each week! :-) Some of my fondest memories from high school are from marching band - and now that my eldest son is in high school marching band I'm having serious nostalgia issues! hehehe... I hope the rest of your week was wonderful! See you in a few days!