Friday, February 28, 2014

What do you collect?

Last evening at dinner the hubby and I got into a discussion about hobbies, and interests, and having unusual collections - or desires for unique items.   He is in the market for another play car (a sports car with a great look and with power.)  I have told him many times that I just don't get the desire for a vehicle beyond it being efficient and dependable.  But, then I'm a girl…and I was not raised to think of cars as a fun hobby.  I don't get the "need for speed" either.  BUT - I love my hubby very much so his craving for new car toys is okay with me. Heck, it's better than a new wife, or having a craving for drugs!  Right?

We continued our talk about what others like to collect…  and we rattled off a variety of interests that people enjoy:  antiques, jewelry, unusual coins or other collections,  musical instruments, shoes, the newest golf club, and the list can go on and on.

He asked me what I liked…     what is it I would love to have more of, or upgrade to, or collect??

I thought…and thought…and thought…  

and nothing came to mind.   There was a time when I collected the little wooden Cats Meow houses (made in Ohio) that are miniature replicas of real buildings.  I got some that had special meaning to me.   But, I tired of it.  I have a nice collection of them I suppose.

I used to like to collect a Christmas ornament from each place we visited.  But, I have more ornaments now than I can put on my tree.  I tired of it.

It became apparent to me that I am not a physical collector of things.  I cannot tell you how many times I have walked through a store, or browsed at a flea market, etc., but not picked up one thing.  Now, don't feel sorry for me - my house is not empty.  I have plenty of "things" that make home comfortable and meaningful.

Last night's discussion made me realize that I find my joy not in buying something new - or collecting an item - or updating to the newest fangled electronic.   Where do I find my joy?  I find it in special "a-ha" moments, and for me they are often music related.   I LOVE live concerts and I love the tingles I get from a "moment in time" that I experience at them.  I "splurge" on those opportunities.  I go "all out" for a chance to be there up close and personal.  I think they are life's little gems.    Music theatre and country concerts, although very different, are two of my favorite joyful times.

The country music concert season is getting ready to start. I'm very excited! I go online and check out who is coming and when. I watch for pre-sales, and specials, and enter for a chance to win tickets!!  And... I have been waiting for the CMA Festival in June - really, I have been waiting since I left it last year. I love it that much!!    I am also looking forward to going to some other concerts in Charlotte and Raleigh with my daughters this summer.  Let it begin!

So, I don't collect things… I collect musical moments.  I am practically obsessed with it.  (Like my hubby is obsessed with getting his next car.)   Want to go to a concert?  I'm there with you.  Call me up.  


  1. Sigh, my husband, your husband and my son would get, cars, cars..the faster the better.

    Anyways-thanks for sharing..I do have a collection of things... Blessings

  2. Musical moments seem like a good thing to collect, to me! I used to collect Cat's Meow, and I, too, have a fairly big collection of them. I'm also tired of them, and wish for a different way to display them. Perhaps it's time for them to go into a box. SIgh.

  3. I enjoy concerts, too. My daughter and I went to see Chris Tomlin in Atlanta in Nov. Another Christian artist, Matthew West is coming to our town Apr 2 for an intimate acoustic concert. I hope to go. Nice that you appreciate the joy music can bring!