Monday, February 10, 2014


Some things are important to keep going generation after generation.

One of them is the Beatles - who they were, what they wrote and sang, how they changed the world, and the timeless beauty they brought to the world.

Last night was the "Grammy's Tribute to the Beatles" on the anniversary of their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show 50 years ago!  It was a beautiful celebration with the remaining two Beatles sitting in the front row: Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.  George Harrison's wife was there.  His son played guitar on stage.  Yoko Ono was there - dancing in her unique way… and Sean Lennon.  (Or was that Julian? I think so.  He looked SO much like John!)

Talented musicians and singers from different music genres honored the Beatles and performed some of their songs.  Movie stars and others were in the audience knowing they were witness to a unique moment.  Paul & Ringo each did a couple of songs on their own, then finished up the special together.  Ringo, always the "under-rated" Beatle, was energetic, sang well - and played his drums.  I especially liked him on "Boys."   Paul was Paul…perfect!  He still had his voice - age has not effected it.  He played guitar and piano with ease.   He still charmed me!

Now, I know there are icons from each generation.  Frank Sinatra and the big band sound was one.  And Elvis (although I never understood his fame as much.)  Both of them had voices.  But they didn't play instruments and they didn't WRITE the music.

The Beatles did it all.

They broke traditions and created new sounds; they wrote songs that we hear all the time still today (and always will).

Now, you know I love country music these days.  Why?  In a way it's for some of the same qualities the Beatles perfected:  talented musicians, singers, and writers.  Lyrics have always been important to me.  The Beatles wrote lyrics that we ALL can sing!   We know the words - we love them.

During last night's performances I was taken back to the days I first heard the where I was in my life.  Remembering the times I heard the songs on black vinyls, with friends, knowing the Beatles were there as I grew up.

When my daughters were very young and in carseats I made a point to play Beatles CD's on long car trips…to make sure they grew up knowing the Beatles.  It was important to me that they learn about them… who they were, to know the songs they wrote and sang.

One day I hope they do the same -  because the Beatles will survive the test of time.  The genius, the influence, the connection with the Beatles will live on!   Generation after generation.

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