Monday, May 12, 2014

Taking time to "stop and smell the roses."

I just read a blog written by an online friend called "Five Minutes of Grateful."  I like the title. And this morning, I am also thinking about how my niece is posting a picture every day on Facebook showing something she is grateful for in her life.  She has already remarked that this is "exercise" is making her look for the good in each day.  (I love that she is sharing her pictures and her happiness.  It makes me happy to see her happy!)

We all have people and things we are grateful for, and in general we are blessed with our day to day interactions. We have our physical needs met - and really have so much more.  But, if we don't "stop and smell the roses" and think about our blessings, I think they can go right on by unnoticed.

Taking the time to reflect, and to be happy about the small things, is a way to keep a positive mindset.  Even better is taking a few minutes each day to actually dig a bit deeper and express how the special moments make you feel. If you are a Christian like I am, then it's important to thank God for what He has given in his creation, and in His promise.

Yesterday was Mother's Day so many women in the world heard and felt the love from their children - or they themselves expressed love and admiration about their own mothers.   It's a wonderful day!  A day to reflect on the happy times growing up - about family life, a mother's tenderness, a listening ear, and a feeling of comfort.   It was heart-warming to read so many expressions yesterday on Facebook.

I had an especially wonderful weekend!  It was not just Mother's Day, but Friday was the graduation ceremony for my daughter and she received her Masters in Education.   She worked hard, taking classes, and student teaching,  all in a year.  We celebrated with her and honored her for achieving this moment after a pretty high-stressed year.

Some of the family and a few friends were with us and that made it extra special!  Others sent cards and posted lovely comments. 

Everyone traveled safely.  We ate well, we gave toasts, we laughed.   It was simply wonderful!

During our time together our daughter showed us around  campus and took us to a beautiful public rose garden tucked away near campus, off on a side street.  We walked through it and marveled at the beauty of that spot.  We "stopped and smelled the roses" together!


  1. I need roses in my yard. I say that every year, but maybe this will be the one I actually act! Does your daughter have a job? Congrats to her! I know a lot of hard work went into making that happen.

  2. Joyce, Lauren has a long-term sub position at the high school where she did her student teaching. One of the English teachers had to leave early for a maternity leave. I think for bed rest. She went to a teacher job fair a few weeks back and hopes to hear soon from a school for a position this fall. Try the "knock-out" roses because they bloom and bloom and bloom!

  3. It is really sweet the way you said that we should `` stop and smell the roses.`` You are an example of gratitude. There is this article that tells us that gratitude can bring us closer to our Heavenly Father. Being grateful is a way to show God that we recognize His hand in our lives. Here is the link: