Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Good Ole Boys Club

I try to use my blog for fun, and I also sometimes use it for serious topics.  So, this blog post is about the serious subject of racism that has reared its ugly head up again with the taped audio coming out of a conversation with the Clippers basketball owner Donald Sterling and his….   what is she?   girlfriend?   gold-digger?  I mean, come on now… I'm a 50 something woman and there is nothing interesting about Mr. Sterling but his money.   So, you decide what she is.

But, that's not my reason for typing today.  I have been thinking about how people associated with Mr. Sterling are now saying that they knew he was a racist for years and that he was a terrible "slumlord" and made loads of money being one.  He then took a chunk of his money and bought a professional basketball team where a majority of players are African-American.  Perhaps a power move on his part?   I don't know, and I am certainly not here to tell you to feel sorry for the guy.  He seems to have gotten away with unethical dealings for years…and has had a racial bias all his life.  "Allegedly"…  no lawsuit please.

My post today is more about the old way of thinking and the "good ole boys club" that is still strong and alive in America.  Donald Sterling is a card-carrying member of that club.  It worked for him for all his life - until now.   Funny - He has been caught by the use of today's modern electronic world - and speaking when he should have said nothing.   Men of his era, with that pompous style, don't realize just how they can go down.  They think they are better, richer, and infallible.

But, you do know, had he stayed silent, had he not blabbed to the woman who released the tape, he still would have been the same man, and felt whatever he feels about people who are "different" from him.  I think it's unreal for us to think he can change.   And, today, after his NBA judgement came down - strong and right that it is - he is still the same man.  Mr. Sterling will not be changed by being banned from basketball.  

BUT…he was used as an EXAMPLE that being in the "good ole boys club" will not work anymore.   Not in today's world.  He was admonished for thinking he could be in charge of other people and not think of them with respect, as equal human beings.    No, he will not change.   He is one of those… born & raised with a bias, with an attitude, and a sense of being better, and having an ego a mile high.  He is one of his generation - and he will be the same until he dies.

Other men with the same mindset, the same psyche, can be found in all areas of this country… in all types of work, and need I even say politics??    Hello! ?

But, thankfully, with each new generation I hope/pray/think I see a change for acceptance of everyone of every type and color and belief.  Our kids are smarter than us about it!   We can actually learn from them.   They give me hope!  They are open to all and accepting without prejudice (unless their parents teach them differently….)

Truly….    in a generation or two, I think the "good ole boys club" will be gone.


  1. I hope so too...
    I told my husband that - its sad to see that generation of older men still holding tight to their beliefs that were imbedded in them in a different time.

  2. I AM IN NO WAY APPROVING of what he did..OK..just making a disclaimer..

    I meant to comment the other day..and forgot..(I saw your comment on my blog). I think, just in my humble opinion, worth a grain of salt or less, the bigger issue is truly for me, that he was tried in a court of opinion, forced to pay $2.5 million, banned, now they want him -force him to sell his team? Really?? Is this not America where we choose to have a Captialist economy? I am not condoning in NO WAY or approving what he did, I am just saying..all these people standing up and making their opinions known to force him to sell or just take his team. REALLY? Since when you really look at the meat of it, Magic Johnson has been trying to buy the team for ages, and him and that woman were in kahoots, stupid man (Stearling), yes. Racist, yes..however, all he was doing was telling her NOT to flaunt Magic in his face. (HOWEVER wrong it was for him to have a mistress -I know..what comes around goes around, again, I AM NOT APPROVING WHAT HE SAID OR DID.) I am just stating, I smell a rat..a very big one. To try to force someone to give up his company? REALLYYYYYYYYYYY??? The NBA and all these pundits make me sick on their 2 faceness. I have read and watched the liberal news, the conservative news etc..just makes me sick..ANYWAYS--not meaning to go off or anything..if you want to delete it or not post it, that's fine..just my humble little old opinion..I am not mad or anything..just stating what I have read or heard. He said all these things in the privacy of his own home..whats next? I guess we all will have to start writing instead of talking..scary thoughts on how technology is taking over..and the stupid people (in general terms) who think they are safe etc. Because if it can happen to this guy, it can happen to anyone. JMO.