Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm grateful.

You know how some people on Facebook have been listing things they are grateful for?  It's another of the little games going around among friends.  I have not made a list on Facebook but I think this morning is a good time for me to start one here…


I'm moving into my time of struggle when the days get shorter, the nights longer.  The days are getting cooler now. The nights chilly.  The acorns have started to drop off the oak trees around here and soon the leaves will be falling too.  My garden will get messy, and some plants will look dead.   Soon I have to put my shorts and flip-flops away.  I'll have to "bundle up."

 It's that time of year when I really try and focus about what is right about the holidays coming up, and what's wrong with how society sensationalizes them with all the ads and "must buys."   I worry about expectations and disappointments.  I stress about buying gifts and doing the right thing to please everyone.

I know….   "To everything there is a season."   I know that.  You can't have spring without fall - but I'd rather just slide on past winter completely.   (Hubby and I joke about moving to Key West, but this time of year is when I think about it maybe a little seriously.)

So:  Making a list of things I am grateful for will help me keep my head in the right place and will help me see all (and I mean ALL) life offers for me.  It's endless.  But,  here's a partial list of things I am grateful for.  I plan on reviewing this list in the coming months… to reflect and help me stay "up" and to add to it.  I know my life is abundant with blessings and I am very fortunate.  Sometimes I just need to remind myself.

I am grateful for…

* My husband who is sincere in his love for me and his love of our daughters.  He's smart, funny, and a provider.  He's my best friend. He's everything a wife could want, and a wonderful role model for what a daddy should be.  He's an excellent example for young men.  

* My two daughters are the joy of my life!   They are caring, sweet, hard-working women now… thoughtful and fun.   I truly enjoy their company and love sharing time with them when I get the chance.

*  A physical home beyond my dreams.  It's not a mansion (and, really I would not want one.  Too many bathrooms to clean) but it's certainly a lovely place to live!

* Caring family and friends who are real.  Everyone needs a few that will "tell it like it is" and still love you.

* So, this list is not in the right order…    God.  God should be first.   I have a belief AND a faith in God and it has gotten me through some difficult times. But, it has also made my highs higher… and given me a comfort, and acceptance, and stillness when needed.  

On to the minor things, but things that give me daily happiness…

* Cafe Francais coffee and peanut butter sandwiches.  I start almost every morning with them.   (Don't judge me….ha!)

*  Facebook and it's ability to keep in touch and share with others. So many people express fear of it, but I have found FB to be a wonderful place to find family & friends, to share experiences, to send out affirmations (Lauren Brown - I love yours every morning).   Also this blog that has given me a place to express myself.

*  Music!  My life would be drab without it.  I love listening to music, and I love my "average ability" (but I'm okay with it) to play flute.  I have such special moments at concerts!

* I can't forget my pugs!  They are my babies - and each day they love me unconditionally.   Pets are God's gift to people.

* Loaded nachos.   I don't have them very often but I do love, love, love them!

* Crosswords.  I'm addicted and try my hand (and brain) at them every day.   The same goes with Words With Friends.  I enjoy the games immensely - and at the same time I hope I am keeping my brain from turning to mush…  there are some times I worry.

* Which makes me think…My health!  And, yes, this is not a minor thing to be grateful for!  I take it for granted I realize and I need to take better care of myself.  But, I am so fortunate to be this age without having any serious afflictions.     (How did I get to this age??)

* "The Good News at Noon" Bible Study.   Each and every Tuesday is interesting, thought provoking, and fun.

* Reading.  Back in NJ I started continual book reading when I was driving my girls here and there for practice, lessons, etc.  and sat in my car often.   Since then I always have a book to read.  I have belonged to several Book Clubs.  I love the interaction and discussions at Book Club meetings.

I'll stop for now.  But, my list will go on!  I will return to it.   I have so much to be grateful for….   and "but for the grace of God go I."   Really!!!

So….  my seasonal and weather issues, I'm not going to let you get me down!   I'm going to "try" and keep positive!   I have so many things to be grateful for!      To be continued….

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