Friday, September 12, 2014

The Rice Scandel

Occasionally I like to use my blog for my "two cents" on a subject that seems to be a hot topic right now.   This is one of those posts.  You may click out of here if you want.

It's about this whole Ray Rice abuse scandal happening now…     and first, I must say it is NEVER right for one person to use physical force on another person.  NEVER.   Man vs. man.  Woman vs. woman.  Man vs. woman.   Something has gone wrong in a relationship when punches are thrown.

Here are a few of the thoughts rattling around in my head about this specific case:

* Football players are trained to use physical force in their jobs.  They are then expected to have self control and to not use it off the field.  They work hard at being strong, and tough, and mean on the field.  Most know how to turn it off when not in uniform.   But I think it's presumptuous to think all can click it on and off.

* I have watched the Rice video numerous times due to the fact that it's on every news channel over and over AND every sports channel over and over!  The "extended" video shows both he and she acting wrong prior to his hit in the elevator - and yes, she does fall &  hits her head against the hand rail in the elevator.   We don't know if the punch knocked her out - or the bang on the rail.   But, it doesn't matter.

* The use of alcohol before the argument that turned to physical abuse is not being discussed.  Why?   I think it played into their behavior.  

* Ray Rice is being villianized by the media, although bad behavior happens every day in football, in all sports, and everywhere.   The man will hopefully get help, and the Rices will get marriage counseling, but stop making him out to be a total ass for 5 minutes of drunken stupidity.  Regret?  You better believe he has it!

* I turned on Thursday Night Football last night at 7:30pm and the first half hour of pre-GAME coverage was about Mr. and Mrs. Rice.   Ray Rice was NOT playing in the game.  Yes, he has been kicked off the team - and it deserves a mention.  There is now an internal investigation starting.   But, please, not this overwhelmingly long coverage.   I actually thought to myself that some of the other players were probably feeling left out because acting properly and playing the game does not get TV coverage anymore.

*  Did the NFL commissioner & office make wrong decisions?   Most likely.  They wanted to hide it under the rug.  And, as we know most big-business companies would prefer to keep internal investigations and problems quiet.

*  Stop making football players heroes.

* Start talking about help in domestic discord that turns to violence.   Empower women to walk away.

* Ray Rice was wrong - but so was his wife.  It takes two to tangle.  

Okay…  so, if anything comes out of this whole horrible event and all the airtime spent…I hope it is more education for both men and women on how to communicate without force, to see that alcohol can change behavior for the worse, and that nobody deserves to be in a relationship that is belittling and can lead to physical abuse.  Get out!

That's it.  End of story.    I'm ending with a prayer that the Rices can find help, love each other, and move on.   Let's all do that.  


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  1. Hmm..not that I am advocating violence, but she did slap and spit on him first. BOTH parties need to be held accountable. HOWEVER, she doesn't want to press charges, so the police and such, just back out of it. As for loosing his job, really?? Scary thought on how one can be fired from a job without due process, we do have rules and laws to follow. JUST MY THOUGHTS..and with congress wanting to get into it etc..really..they have more important things to do then this. ANYWAYS--Slipping off the soap box. What he did was appalling, yes..however, if someone spit in my face or slapped me, I prob would cold cocked them too. Just saying...I'M NOT ADVOCATING VIOLENCE.