Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September Hodgepodge….

Today's questions are truly a hodgepodge of subjects.  Read on to see my answers and please feel free to respond.  I love to hear what others think!

Here we go…

1.  On Thursday we pause to remember a dark day in history:  9/11.  Will you mark it in some special way? 

I have no plans to "mark it" except with an extra prayer for world peace and understanding.   I have written about 9/11 before in my blog, and I wrote specifically about the fact that I lived only an hour outside of NYC on that day. It was very scary, and the days & weeks after it were very depressing.  Prior to 9/11 I enjoyed some things abut living near the Big Apple (shows, museums, etc.), but after 9/11 I felt the need to get away from big city life and to find peace in a less crazy environment. "Green Acres is the place for me…. "

2.  Do you ever/still…   listen to an actual radio?   Watch a videotape (VCR)?   Look up a number in a phonebook?  Refer to a paper map while traveling?  Set an alarm on an alarm clock as opposed to your phone? 

I still listen to the radio in my car all the time.  I find a need to hear local information… about road problems, weather, and just local chitchat.  The radio provides it.  I also like to bounce back and forth between my favorite radio stations for country music.  If I don't, then it's hard to hear the "new" stuff.   Also, way back in my 20's I worked in radio so it's still in my veins a little and I hate to see radio and the radio business disappear.

I never watch a VCR anymore and I have given most of the video tapes away.   BUT I have held on to  the homemade family videos, and I even had those converted over to DV formats.   I still have a couple of VCR's in the house…. in storage.  Why?  I really need to trash them.

I have already thrown my phonebooks away.  I totally rely on the internet for looking up phone numbers.

I am a bit sad that paper maps are becoming obsolete.  They help in seeing "the whole picture" when traveling.  But, I must admit that I never use a paper map anymore.  I rely on that little robotic voice to take me from Point A to Point B.

And, although I have an alarm clock in my bedroom, I rarely set it - but that's due to my lifestyle.  On the rare days when I do have to get up early, I set the alarm on my iPhone because it is charging on the nightstand right next to me.

3.  Is it ever a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don't know? 

Well, God wants us to share the Good News, so yes, it the "right" thing to discuss religion….but it's not always easy.   If we love God, and if we want others to know about grace and eternal life, then YES it is our responsibility to spread the Word.   We have to be careful HOW we do it, because we don't want to turn people off to religion, or scare them with "in your face" techniques.   But, still, we must try.

As for politics…  it's probably not a good idea.  I have found that people have innate beliefs about how our government should run, and how to spend the tax money, etc.  It's a really rare thing to get anyone to see it "another way"….and unfortunately it can often put up a barrier between people.   American politics has gotten very divisive. It's a shame but that's the way it is.

4.  What's a dish you haven't eaten all summer, but come September find yourself craving?  Have you made it this month? 

I can not think of one particular summertime dish that I still crave.  I do find it a bit unusual that I went all summer with only having corn on the cob once.  But, in general, we have had our share of cookouts, and sliced tomatoes, potato salad, etc.  

5.  What's something you know nothing about. 

Just one thing??     Well, I know nothing about space travel…    even airplane engines and how planes fly!   I am amazed how tons of weight can fly through the air for hours at a time!!  

6.  September is Classical Music Month. Do you like classical music?  If so, what's your favorite piece? 

Yes, I like classical music very much!   I think I have always liked it, but I became a bigger fan when my daughter took up violin and was part of several orchestras.  I have also played classical pieces on my flute.   I consider myself a lover of ALL types of music.   My favorite classical piece? Well, I grew up with the music of Bach.  I can play some Bach on piano too.  But, for expression I have to go with Rachmoninaff.  But…oh,  majestic Handel!  And…the tender nocturnes of Chopin!

7. My random thought. 

My blog entry before this one is a list of ten books that have meant something in my life (so far.)  I was "challenged" on Facebook to list them, and to tell why.  You know, one of those games that go around!!  I'd love to hear from others about their favorite books.  So, if you have a bit of time, read on…then respond with your favorites.  Even if it's not a list of 10. I'd still like to know what books have impacted you and why.

Have a great September week!!


  1. I have answered the book question in a couple of places, just off the top of my head. If I think too hard about it I'll never settle on 10 : ) Like you, The Bible would definitely be my biggest influence, so in additon to that, here's ONE list of top ten. Several are children's books, but they were definitely stories that influenced me in some way, and stayed with me. I re-read them from time to time still.

    Anne of Green Gables
    Crow Boy
    The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
    Where the Red Fern Grows
    Charlotte's Web
    Pillars of the Earth
    The Hiding Place
    Life of Pi
    My Utmost for His Highest

  2. One of my all-time favorite books is "Tuesdays With Morrie". I've read it several times and I always learn something different each and every time.

  3. I also like to ask what are your top 10 movies?

  4. I need to get mine DVR's converted too and Kodak has a deal from time to time.
    (http://www.imemories.com/kodak/) Enjoyed reading your answers to Hodgepodge today!

  5. Marla, I like your answer to number 3.
    The Bible
    Israel, My Beloved by Kay Arthur
    The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom
    Diary of Anne Frank
    Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
    Safely Home by Randy Alcorn
    Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
    Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
    Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers
    Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell