Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Morning Quarterback

The weekend is over and I have a few thoughts…

*  When an airplane is on time and the weather is calm, it's the BEST way to travel!

*  You gotta support a team when they are down.  Sometimes it's tough.  

*  Cold weather is invigorating for about 2 minutes.

*  Sleeping away from home for one night is okay.   More than that I start to miss my bed.

* As I say every year THIS year I am going to focus on the real meaning of Christmas.  Catalogs are going right into the trash.

*  A house without a dog or two is very quiet.

*  Stuffing myself makes me feel horrible.  

* I will vote tomorrow.  I will also be HAPPY to see those candidates' signs come down and for the commercials to go away.

* Visiting family is a mix of emotions.

*  And one-on-one time with hubby is still fun.

* I'm keeping it positive!   Happy thoughts….   happy life!

Have a great Monday and week everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Very positive indeed! I voted early and am hoping and praying that newly elected servants will remember that is what they are and work together to do what is right and best for our country.