Sunday, November 30, 2014

Today starts Advent.

Is your head spinning?   Mine is.  This weekend is always such a change of gears, and such a busy couple of days changing out decorations.  Thanksgiving day is come and gone.  Fall decorations down.  Up with all the Christmas trees and lights!

I wish there was a bigger break between the two.    And, yes, I know sometimes there is. Sometimes Thanksgiving falls a bit earlier.  

But, it seems like it's the only time of year where we stop "thanking" on a dime, and start "preparing" for Christmas immediately.  

We used to take more attention to Advent.  Advent is the 4 Sundays and time in-between, when we turned our attention to preparing for the birth of Christ.  It had it's own decorations…  an Advent wreath with candles, and an Advent calendar to help count down the days.  

One of the reasons (of many) I am glad I attend church regularly is that I still pay attention to Advent.  We have an Advent wreath with candles there, an Advent reading, and our church holds special mid-week services.

It helps me "pace myself" as I get closer to Christmas Day.   It reminds me of what was going on back before Jesus was born - and why he and his parents headed off to Bethlehem.  You know… the horrible order to kill firstborns,  and then "no room at the inn"…     a baby is born in a stable.   Kind of the perfect start to what Jesus taught us all along.   Be simple,  give love.  

So, yes, yesterday I started putting away my fall decorations and our trees are up.  I'm turning my attention to Advent - and then Christmas.  I am trying to remind myself of the word Advent and the necessary time of waiting.  

Therefore, I say….happy First Sunday in Advent to you!  

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