Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas, the end of the year, and weddings - a few favorite things.

We are getting closer to Christmas... and to the end of 2014.  There are only a few more Hodgepodge questions for the year.  Then in January, our leader Joyce will be focusing on her daughter's winter  wedding - as we here in the Fabian family will also be getting geared up for Lauren and Ryan's big day in April.

The questions today have a bit to do with all of it...     so, read on.

1.  Time Magazine has selected the Ebola Fighters as their 'Person of the Year' for 2014.  Do you agree, and if so who would you say is a close second?  If you disagree with their choice, who do you think should have been chosen?

I believe the doctors and nurses who treat Ebola rightly need to be acknowledged.  And, I like that Time Magazine picked a people who make a positive difference in our world.  Because, I suppose they could have picked someone or people who were negative but life-changing none-the-less.   The news outlets tend to zero in on the bad and the wrongs of our country and the world.  So, yes, I am pleased with the magazine's choice.

A close second?   I continue to like the new pope.  But, was he recognized last year?  Guess I need to google who Time picked last year. 

2.  With weddings on the horizon, here are some good questions!    What's your favorite something old?  Something new? Something borrowed?  Something blue in your home?

Something old?   (Not someONE old??! ha!)   I am not a big collector but I do have a few things that have sentimental value.  I treasure a few Christmas ornaments that my children made when they were small. 

Something new?   As much as I hate saying it, I think my favorite something new is my Iphone.  I use it all the time. Yesterday I accidentally left the house without it - which is rare - and I felt so disconnected!  

Something borrowed?   Tougher question.  Got to get back to you on it.   If I borrow something and then love it, I go get one myself! 

Something blue in my house?   It's definitely my blue comfy sofa in our living room.  The dogs and I share it and you can find me with them on it each and every evening! 

3.  Fudge - yay or nay?  Your favorite flavor?  Do you make it yourself?  With nuts or without? 

Who doesn't like fudge??   I mean REALLY?!!   Yes, I like it but I rarely eat it.   Calories.  Too sweet.  It's only for special occasions.  My mother used to make it from scratch in a big ole heavy iron pot, keeping the temperature just right. I have made it using a much easier microwave recipe.   It's been a long time though.    I like it with AND without nuts!
4.  December 17th is Wright Brothers Day,  commemorating the first successful flights made by Orville and Wilber Wright in 1903 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  How old were you when you made your first flight? Do you like to fly?  Have you ever been to Kitty Hawk or other parts of the Outer Banks? 

I flew for the first time during my freshman year of college, which was in 1975.  I flew from Columbus, Ohio where I was going to Capital University back to my parents home in Baltimore, Maryland for Christmas vacation.  Do I like to fly?   Yes, IF it is a smooth flight - with little turbulence and no weather issues!  You can't beat flying for getting somewhere quickly - again, if there are no problems and delays.   Flying today has become more challenging due to luggage regulations and the like.  I'm not a fan of being squished into a seat, sitting close to others I don't know - who may be sick.   My hubby flies almost every week for business and handles it all pretty well, but as a "frequent flyer" he has earned some perks that make it bearable.

I have never been to Kitty Hawk, and thinking back I don't even think I have officially been to the Outer Banks.  I have been along the coast of parts of NC...and have been on the coast of VA and MD.  I live on the coast of SC.  

5.  Do people in your family tend to follow a particular career path, and if so what's the path? 

No doctors or lawyers in my family.   I would say we are all over the board when it comes to picking a career - we have a teacher, a tax accountant, a businessman, a pastor, a pharmacist, a medical ITer, a salesman, etc.  I used to work in radio before becoming a homemaker and volunteer.  So, we have all done our own things.

6.  What's one thing you absolutely must accomplish today? 

I have a hair appointment at 1:30pm.  I made it a month ago knowing that my beautician/magician would be busy the days before Christmas.  I must go today to get my roots back to "natural blonde"!  

7.  This Christmas I hope __________ .

This Christmas I hope everyone travels safely and celebrates the birth of Jesus at church, amongst family and friends.

8.   My random thought.

Yesterday was my birthday....  and I wrote a little post (right before this one) about how wonderful hearing from friends and family on Facebook is.  I know many people fear Facebook or think it's silly, but I really enjoy my Facebook connections and there is no better feeling than hearing from people far and near via it.   Thank you for all who acknowledged my birthday! I felt the love!  


  1. I have a hair appointment on Friday, booked eons ago in anticipation of the busy holiday schedule at the salon, and my need not to have any gray showing in the wedding pictures : ) I agree with you about FB...birthdays are the best there, and people who aren't on Facebook miss out on some of the love. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Hope your birthday was extra-special, my friend! Too bad Tim McGraw didn't come knocking on your door! ;)

    1. Tim knocking on my door? That would have been my birthday/Christmas/and any other celebration wrapped up in one! lol It was wonderful even without Tim!!

  3. Wishing your family a healthy, Merry Christmas! Happy belated birthday!

  4. I know fb birthday's can be overwhelming! Especially ones that don't really know your birthday.
    It's hard to resist fudge! I love it too but eat very little of it, it is rich! I don't like nuts either! I like having peppermint sprinkled on top.

  5. I really enjoy connecting via Facebook too. I've reconnected with college friends, my BFF from high school, extended family, and much more! After reading everyone's posts, I realized that I flew when I was around 10 or so with my dad's mother to Baltimore to visit her family. Gosh, the mind is the first thing to go. Ha! Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh, I must get my hair "fix" soon too but think it will have to wait until next week now. It's an every 4 weeks ordeal for me.

    I LOVE FB too and have reconnected with folks that I would otherwise have never reconnected with.

    Christmas blessings!