Monday, December 15, 2014

Facebook friends

If anybody questions the value of Facebook, become a member of it and have a birthday! 

Today is my birthday and I have received so many, many short and sweet messages, along with some fun e-cards and videos! I'm just an ordinary person that goes through life trying to make the best of everyday.  And, yes, I'm somewhat addicted to Facebook.  I know.  At times I worry that I am on too much and that I am often annoying to my "friends" on Facebook.  They have to put up with ALL my posts! ( Or at least scan on by them.)

But, Facebook has become a way for me to consider things in a positive way, and to share inspirational quotes and stories.  It also allows for sharing funnies and jokes.  Yes, I admit that every once in awhile I vent a bit - and even then someone replies with a sentence of compassion or a little boost when I need it.

So, this little post today is a BIG thank you to my Facebook connections, far and wide.  Some are family, some are friends, and a few are blog friends that I have never met yet face to face.   You all are important to me and help make my world go round!  You bring me chuckles, and pass along advice, you "like" my comments, and take a look at my pictures.  You laugh at old TBT photos and accept my difference of opinion, be it religious or political.  Sometimes we agree! 

Thank you, thank you!  You all make having another birthday so much easier to accept!  I appreciate all your posts! I love our connection!

PS:  Where am I going to post this?   On Facebook - of course. 

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  1. Happy Birthday (again), Marla! I love FB birthdays - always so fun to hear from our friends, whether or not we've met them in real life. Despite our addiction, there are upsides to the social network. And I've always enjoyed your posts!