Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What gets you moving??

After a week off our Hodgepodge leader Joyce is back at it!  She moved last week and got her computer and internet set up in time for this week's questions.  I think you can tell where her mind has been.  Read on!!

1.  When was the last time you re-located?  Did you move yourself or leave it to the professionals?  Are you happy staying put or is there a move in your future?  Best thing about moving to a new city or town? Least favorite and/or hardest thing about moving? 

I moved rather often as a kid and as an adult until the last move which was over 8 years ago.  Counting up houses/apartments I lived in (and including one college dorm)  I am at 16 places of residence! I do NOT plan on moving again for a long time!  I love where I am!

Growing up, the moves with my family were easy for me.  And then when I got married, we moved for my hubby's job opportunities.  We had small children and it was easy to pick up and go with them.   Once our girls got into school I didn't want to move as often so we did end up staying in NJ long enough for them to go from elementary through high school in the same school system.

Now, hubby and I have settled into a part of the world we really enjoy.  I don't plan on moving out of this house unless something unforeseen happens.

The best thing about moving?  Meeting new people!  I like that I have made friends in all the places we have lived and I try to stay connected to many of them.  Thank goodness for Facebook!

The most challenging part about moving?  Definitely it's setting up new doctors and finding the "best" place to go for a hair cut, or dry cleaning, etc.    Also, I think it takes almost 2 years to feel like it's "your" community.   Once you can start answering questions for other newbies, then you know it's where you live!

Oh - and I have moved with professionals (when it was a business move) and I have moved with a U-Haul.  If at all possible, the best way is to leave it to the professionals!  Less stressful, less back-breaking, less tiring!

2.  When were you last 'moved to tears.'  Explain. 

Oy.  Well, I think I mentioned this before, but our good friends (who is the pastor of our church and his family) are getting ready to move.  In fact, this coming Sunday is his last here.  So, everything recently has been emotional for me.    Today will be the last Bible Study I will attend that he will lead - and I have been going for 7 years each week!

Moved to tears?  This past Sunday the pastor, his wife, and 2 others sang the benediction.  It was beautiful.  The whole congregation was moved.      This coming Sunday will be a toughie.   Beautiful, sad, meaningful, emotional.

3.  Do you have rules about eating in the car.... any forbidden foods?  What's the last thing you consumed in your car?  Your go-to car snack when traveling long distance? 

I don't have any strict rules about eating in my car.   If you can manage it, you can eat it!

The last thing I ate in my car was just yesterday. I drove up to the airport to pick up my cousin & her manfriend.  I had a late breakfast so I wasn't ready for lunch, but I knew I'd be gone for awhile.  I planned to stop and run some errands too. So, I ate a nut bar in the car.

My go-to food for long trips....   I definitely have some peanut M & M's because it's a treat for me (I don't eat them any other time) and I can "pop" them easily while driving.  The chocolate in them is a caffeine burst.   I also drink coffee and regular caffeinated Coca-cola too.  Those are things to help me keep awake and alert!  I am usually careful about what I eat in life, but I allow myself treats when driving. I also like bags of Chex Mix because munching also seems to help me stay awake.

4. Share a favorite song relating to cars and/or driving.

I'll go with Keith Urban's "Days Go By."

The chorus is...

And days go by
I can feel 'em flying...
like a hand out the window in the wind.

The cars go by
yeah, it's all we've been given
so you better start living right now...
cause days go by!

5.  What's your most frequently visited drive thru...   Starbucks?  the bank?  the pharmacy?  Some other window?

Well, we just got a Dunkin' Donuts open up here about a month ago and I am a DD girl!  I much prefer it over Starbuck's.  So, since opening I have gone through the DD drive thru at least twice a weekAnd, it's been hot out!  I figure I will hit it even more often in the cooler weather months! Yeah for Dunkin Donuts!

6.  "He who hesitates is lost" ....  would you agree?  When it comes to making decisions do you generally act quickly or do you more often than not fall into the 'lost' category? 

Interesting.   Most things in life require some thought, and even though I usually have a 'gut feeling' right away I like to ponder it a day or two.  (Not my hubby! He's a jump in and grab it kind-of-guy).  I guess I feel if it's worth it, it will still be a week later - or a month later.  I don't consider waiting as "losing out".   Perhaps sometimes waiting means it will be gone.  But, then it's no big deal.

7.  When was the last time you got lost?   Was it stressful or an unexpected adventure? 

First question:  I can't remember when I was last lost.  Why?  I make sure I know where I am going!   Before GPS in my car I made sure I had pretty good directions written down, or a map with me.  A GPS is a beautiful thing!   I love having one in my car - and on my Iphone!

Second question:   I hate the feeling of being lost, so yes, it's always stressful to me.  I try very hard not to let it happen!

8.  My random thought for this week.

I am debating stopping two things here at home:  a newspaper delivery and our local land-line phone. 
Both are becoming obsolete.  Our local newspaper basically repeats everything I have already seen on line or on TV, and my land line is almost always tele-marketers.  I never answer it anymore.  Family and friends know to call me on my cellphone.

I'm wondering if any of you have already given them up.  Do you miss having a newspaper or "house" phone?   

Your thoughts?     Thanks!     Have a great week!



  1. I liked this line of questions, having done a big downsizing move a year ago. I think you are right that it takes time to get settled - maybe by next year (year 2)! I think I will definitely feel more "at home" here when the other house sells.
    I stopped our newspaper years ago even though I am sympathetic to the decline of newspapers. Too much clutter in the house! And we got a landline in the new house - I wasn't going to, but hubby wanted it - and *never* uses it! lol! Guess that's not completely true - he calls me on the house phone. :-)

    1. Have you had many showings on the Vernon house? My next door neighbor is trying to sell her house too. (A divorce situation.) I feel bad for her. No luck yet. I basically get my newspaper now for the crosswords! I still love doing them most days. But, I suppose I could just buy a book of them! Cheaper. Less clutter. Thanks for reading my blog posts!

  2. We have a 'landline'...we have Magic Jack--you can get it from Walmart. It only costs $35 a year and the number is private--no telemarketers. The best thing we have ever done, I might add. No smart phones (gasp, I know)---I have one regular cellphone for school.

    We don't take a paper in, I read it online, since it is a small town, the news is only updated like twice a week. Enjoyed your answers, Marla.

    Have a Blessed Tuesday.

  3. So sorry you're saying goodbye to a beloved pastor :(

    We don't have a house phone--we did for about two years because it came with our cable package, but we never used it. Not even once.

  4. I love the Keith Urban song too! It is always emotional when a well-loved pastor leaves a church. We haven't received a big newspaper in several years. I do read a newspaper online, and enjoy the little local paper with in-town news. We had a landline in NJ, but did not put one in the apt. We are going to see how it goes, if we miss it, and then make the call about the lake house. I still like to talk on a house phone, so I think this little interim without will be a good test. Enjoy your day!

  5. I enjoyed your answer to #2, although I know that's hard for all involved. So sad to see a good teacher/preacher move on. :-(

  6. 16 places of residence blows me away. I've lived in 7! I can remember looking at the spiral bound California maps before computers and maps. Of course now I usually depend on GPS. I always do my research before I leave. My husband enjoys reading the paper on the weekend. I love a land line, I can not stand talking on a cell phone!

  7. Love the song choice. :-)
    We no longer have our land line. Let me think, going on three years now. We never really missed it, we already did so much with our cell phones.

  8. I haven't had a landline since 2001 but my parents kept theirs until just recently. They just moved and I think they'll probably do away with it. And newspapers can be read online now. I think it's sad that print paper is dying out but it is what it is.

  9. Enjoyed your answers! Thanks for stopping by my corner!

  10. Enjoyed your answers today, Marla. I moved some as a child as well as my dad was a pastor. Then I married a minister and we moved four times before staying in one place for 33 years before retiring and moving again. I was always on the moving side of the church staff, but it was often very difficult to leave folks who meant so much to you. Regarding the landline: We had ours removed several months ago and have not missed it at all. We could also stop the paper but Hubby enjoys browsing and working the crossword puzzle every morning.

  11. We still have our house phone but we don't have a newspaper delivered anymore. My hubby usually brings home a free paper each work evening and we enjoy doing the cryptic crossword together. We buy a broadsheet on Saturdays and it usually lasts way into the week!

  12. Peanut M & M's. Yum! We stopped both our landline and the newspaper. Saved a lot of bucks. We didn't need them much anymore. Have a great rest of the week!

  13. So sorry about your pastor friend's family moving. That is very emotional. As for the newspaper, we don't miss it at all. it would clutter the house and become recycling before we could read it. We still have our land-line because we live in a valley that doesn't get good cell reception. I also feel more secure having a phone that doesn't have to be charged.

  14. So sorry about your pastor friend's family moving. That is very emotional. As for the newspaper, we don't miss it at all. it would clutter the house and become recycling before we could read it. We still have our land-line because we live in a valley that doesn't get good cell reception. I also feel more secure having a phone that doesn't have to be charged.

  15. Dunkin' Donuts over Starbucks - what?!?!?! LOL Just kidding - I love them both just depends on the day!!
    That is definitely hard to get used to losing a great pastor...they seem really hard to come by these days!
    I am now following you from Hodgepodge...if you want to follow me back I am at http://annstersdomain.blogspot.com