Monday, August 3, 2015

Taking a few minutes to reflect....

A little Monday morning quarterbacking...

*  What a beautiful weekend we had!  Even though the forecast called for showers and thundershowers we didn't have any rain that was disruptive to the weekend fun.  Daughter #2 had a great group of friends here for the weekend and I was happy they got to enjoy everything at the riva.

*  It's August already.  Why does time move so quickly in the summer - but so slowly in January and February? 

* Schools start back too early.  It used to be standard for schools to go September to June.  Now, every place is different, and many states start students (and teachers) back mid-August.   Another reason summer seems to fly by?    I think so!  

* I do love the start of football season and September & October are lovely months here in the lowcountry.   Thank goodness!   I enjoy SEC and NFL and the weekends are filled with football talk, predictions, viewing, etc.   Speaking of...    who you rooting for?

* I have sadness happening more than usual right now.  Saying goodbye...    it's never easy.  Be it good friends/important people in my life, or a favorite TV show,  or...  summer...        all weigh on me now.

* How will I make it through this long political season without Jon Stewart?  And, who will Stephen Colbert be when he comes back on the air next month?

*  I promised NOT to belittle anyone running for president on Facebook.   Does that include here - on my blog??  Can I keep positive through all of what will be happening?   Can I stop myself?     It's going to be hard...    because they make themselves so easy to ridicule.     It's my challenge.

* The pug life.  It's a subculture all it's own. 

*  Blogging.  It's also a subculture all it's own.   I am impressed by those out there who write and "self-publish" because they love to, and because it's an avenue to speak. Ok...  that is why I do it.
 Nobody can stop me.  It's your choice whether to read it or not.   (Anybody out there still with me??)

*  Friends come in all ages, all places, all backgrounds.   One of the best things of aging is losing the clique mentality and accepting all kinds of people - learning from all kinds of people.

* One of the worse things of aging is....        the mirror.      But, then I guess it's the best thing too because you realize it's not all about the outside.

* I do not miss a hectic life.

*  Instead of stopping to smell the roses, I get to live near the roses and enjoy them every day!

*  So, hello Monday!  Bring it on!!     

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  1. Yikes (slapping my forehead) aging is not for wimps, just saying. The mirror doesn't lie.(sad to say)

    I think it is safe to say, not many people (according to the polls) are very happy with politics and politicians at this point and time...shaking me head, for whatever reasons, both parties have real issues that need to be dealt with. Not taking sides, just being truthful. personal opinion, many people are going to stay home this time around and not vote.

    Let's see, what else...the public schools start back here in Sept. after Labor Day. I start back to college on August 31, no break on Labor Day either, classes still in. I think you asked me a while back, I will be getting a degree/masters in Adolescent Education.

    Great post--a lot of what you posted is on my mind too. Smiles