Monday, August 17, 2015

Through thick and thin...

This post is a bit of re-cap of my last week - an emotional one around these parts.  By the way.... Have you ever noticed how physically tired you can get when you become emotionally drained?   Anyway...

Over the past few days I attended a funeral of a dear woman from my church, and I also spent time and then said goodbye to some good friends (and our loved pastor) as they set out on a new journey.   Yes, it was draining!   We celebrated! We laughed, drank, ate, and cried. 

Everything had more meaning the last few days.  Everything was heart-felt.  Nothing was taken for granted. 

Sometimes we need these wake up calls to realize how special people are - and how wonderful relationships become.   This past week was a time that made the wake up bell go off!  

Our church has been going through some rough patches recently.  Some things have been said, and emailed, that have been hurtful - and sad.  (It has nothing to do with pastor and family leaving.) So, now when I reflect on the last week I realize how in times of struggle and sadness the bonds can be stronger, and more meaningful.

Through thick and thin!

We all want the roses all the time but perhaps a prick of a thorn makes you realize just how beautiful the flower is!

I don't know what the coming weeks will bring.  I suppose I need a bit of a reprieve from the emotions, and I need time to be "still" again.    But, looking back on the past few days I have been uplifted even in my sadness.  I have felt love, and I have experienced a deepness in people by just looking into their eyes.   Sometimes words are not needed.

Ok...  yet I blog! lol     

See you tomorrow for the Hodgepodge.

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  1. Saying prayers for you. Boy does Satan really want to target churches! We have some strife going on in our church as well. I know it makes Satan happy when he tries to divide us. I'm glad you were uplifted some by your friends and family.