Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Luck, life, and things green.

Happy Tuesday!
Here's this week's Hodgepodge.

1. What do you think about luck?

I think it seems like sometimes people have good luck or bad luck, but in reality things just happen in life.   Sometimes life goes their way; sometimes it doesn't.   

I don't believe that people are predestined to have more luck than others.  And, I think some people are better at turning bad things into good things...and it seems they have good luck. 

2. Not counting your own backyard, what's a favorite green space in your town, city, or state?

This is an easy answer for me because I live close by to Brookgreen Gardens.  The gardens are on land that originally was comprised of several large plantations.  After the rice era ended here and slavery ended, the plantations were sold.  The Brookgreen land was bought by a famous sculpturer (Anne Huntington) and her philanthropic family.  They turned much of it into absolutely beautiful year-round gardens, and they started collecting sculpture to place among the beauty of nature.   The Huntingtons have passed on, but the Brookgreen Gardens continue to be a picture perfect spot... with huge live oaks, magnolia trees, azaleas, many seasonal flowers, walking paths, etc.  A small walking zoo has been added, a small cafe, and historical lectures and classes are given.   Google it - and see the beauty!  Better yet, if you plan a trip this way (the lowcountry of South Carolina) you must make it a stop! 

3. How do you make your life more complex than it needs to be?

I have worked over many years to simplify life.  But I certainly still have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!  Next month is the annual church garage sale (and I run it) and I plan on getting rid of stuff... I already have an area in the garage loaded with items to take to the sale. 

Beyond that though, I try to stop worrying.  Worrying, especially about things I have no control over, makes life complex and complicated.   "Let go, let God" has always been an expression I turn to when I feel my life getting out of hand.

4. I read here the three places you should visit with friends. They are-New York City, Hawaii, and Amsterdam (rent a bike, walk along the canal, visit one of their world class museums). I felt the need to expound on that one. Moving on...Of the three places listed which would you most like to visit with friends? What's one place not on the list you think should be visited with friends?

Of the three places listed, I have visited both New York City and Hawaii with friends (and family.)  I have not been to Amsterdam although my hubby, and both of my daughters have explored the city.  I have been to Venice, and Brugge, and other European cities with similar old charm. I have walked along canals and visited museums.

A great place to be with friends not on the list?   For me - it's Nashville.  I love the lower Broadway area.  There are many places to hang out, endless music.... museums, and more!  I have noticed it has become a destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties.   It seems every time I have visited "Music City" it has festivities and people just having a really good time!

5. What's the last live performance you saw? On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being best) how would you rate it?

Live performance.... well, I am a live concert person! For sure!    I love musical theater too!    The last one I went to?  I went to some local non-professional Christmas concerts.   But, the last professional music event?  I had tickets last summer to the Country Music Series at the pavilion in Charlotte.   I think Jason Aldean was the last in that series - in September.   I rate it a 9.  I love Jason's music. He has had many hits - so the concert was one hit right after another.  

I have tickets  to see Kelsea Ballerinni and Billy Currington next month at House of Blues.  I'm looking forward to it - and looking forward to going with friends!

6. March 14th is National Potato Chip Day. Are you a fan? Your favorite flavor? Besides potato, what's your favorite chip type of snack?

Hubby and I were just talking about potato chips the other day!  I never buy them for the home because I know they are fattening and have no real nutritional value.  We were saying how every once in a rare while now we will be out at a restaurant somewhere and chips come on the side of a dish ordered.  It is a BIG TREAT!   ha

Favorite flavor?   I like basic potato chips.  Nothing spicy or weird.   

Another chip snack?   Fritos.  I used to love them when I was a kid, as the side for a peanut butter sandwich.  

7.What rule is most important in your home?

I think I have always lived in a home where people are not loud.  Nobody yells... or speaks foul language.   It's calming.  Comfortable.   So, I think that it is an unspoken rule here...  we speak with "inside voices" and are therefore calm and easy-going.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

Spring is here - and so is the pollen! If you are not familiar with the yellow and green stuff that lands everywhere, you are not living in the south.  Within hours we have it all over cars, outdoor furniture, over everything!  Even the roads get green!  It's only here for a week or so while all the buds start to pop.  A good rain usually washes it away.          This year it happens to hit right at St. Patrick's Day... I guess it's appropriate!  We literally have our world turned green!


  1. Nashville is a good choice. I forgot to answer that part of the question : ) My mom is here visiting so I was distracted. Spring temps are here. So far the pollen isn't crazy but I guess its coming. Enjoy your day!

  2. Ugh good luck with the pollen. It's not here yet. I'm a big fan of Jason Aldean's too. Have a good week.

  3. We're getting our share of pollen here in GA. and I'm ready for it to be GONE! The worst hasn't even hit yet, though. I totally forgot about Nashville...it is a great town!

  4. Good luck with clearing your "stuff" out. I'm working my way through mine but it's a slow process. Like your Let go Let God phrase. I wish our neighbour had your rule. They don't use quiet voices often so we always know when a row is going on ;)

  5. Brookgreen Gardens sounds lovely. Fritos is a great second choice. Oh my, that is a lot of pollen!

  6. Hi, I'm visiting from the Hodgepodge! I know exactly what you mean about the green stuff on everything here in the South. I took a walk in my mom's yard a few days ago and my shoes were green as could be. Of course, my car also has a lovely (not so much) hint of green on it.

  7. Allergies are a big problem here in Texas. I too grew up in a quiet home. We never saw our parents have an argument. Ever. And we love Fritos in tomato soup! One of our favorite lunches with grilled cheese sandwiches. And finally, we have way too much stuff.