Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday morning QBing...

It's almost Monday evening so I'm coming to you a little late in the day for Monday morning quarterbacking...  but, I'm going with it anyway!

*  First, congrats to the Cleveland Cavaliers!  Cleveland needed something good to happen to the city,  and the way the team came back from being down 1 game to 3 and win last night was an amazing thing to watch! It was great to see them win!!   I have family in northern Ohio and I know they are enjoying the "day after" today and feeling good about their city and their Cavs.  

Enjoy it now Cleveland - because in just a few weeks the Republican National Convention comes to down and the atmosphere will be very different then!  I am actually flying into & out of Akron during that week, and I have to tell you I am a bit nervous to be around crazy Republicans (wearing silly hats, and buttons, and loving Trump). I am going to have to be 'incognito' as a Democrat.

*  Hello Summer!!!  Today it is officially here!   I love the weather, but more than anything I love the feel of summertime...  the vacation atmosphere, the slower days, the life of living near the beach.  I love being outdoors - and I love lazy evenings on my back porch, with a glass of wine, and a book.

*  Have I mentioned our house is on the market?  Just wondering because...   we haven't had one person come through yet to look at it.  Not one.   This is only day number 9 but I thought that realtors out there would see it as a new listing on the MLS and bring in some clients to look.   But, no.  Nothing.  I have had friends say to me "your house is beautiful and it will sell easily."   Yes, thank you.  But, it takes the right buyer with the right bank account, and the right timing.   Please do NOT let me go crazy over this!  It's been 10 years since I have had a house up for sale, but I remember well the stress of having everything perfect for walk-throughs, and then wondering what they liked, didn't like, etc.     Here I go again.

*  "The Bachelorette" is back on tonight!  It's my Monday night TV excitement!   I'm not sure but I think Jojo is not going to find her Mr. Right among this group.   What do you think?

*  The US Senate is supposed to vote this evening on a couple of bills that will help stop guns from getting into the wrong people's hands.  One bill will ban anyone who is on the "No Fly List" from buying weapons.  Another, bill will add to the required waiting period and will help get around loopholes.  I called both of my South Carolina Senators' offices this morning and left messages asking them to vote in favor of the bills.  So - Senators Scott and Graham:  I will be paying attention to you!!    I mean, this is just common sense - and it should do nothing to upset the NRA'ers and gun people at there.  It's not a slippery sloop and the government will not take away your guns.  By the way, it annoys me about people getting so concerned about that even IF it might make a peaceful, less scary environment.

So I lead to this...  Today is the first day in South Carolina that people who have a concealed gun license can carry legally in a bar!  Oh joy!!  The law states that they are NOT allowed to drink alcohol (in the bar - mind you) if they are carrying.  It's kind of like being the DD (designated driver) but it's the DGT (designated gun toter) ready to shoot (soberly) at a moments' notice.  

I'm sorry but this is not a GOOD idea.

*  Our church has a new pastor on the way!  As a member of the committee who spent almost a year researching, interviewing, traveling, etc. to find the right person - and the right match for our congregation - I am excited!   Now, I ask...  can everyone be positive?   let's pray for a good connection and let's remember as Christians we realize nobody is perfect  but we know each individual has strengths and gifts.  

*  I am craving some corn on the cob - and sliced tomatoes!  It's summer! I haven't had any yet. 

*  Nashville and the CMA Festival is over.  Again, epic music and a wonderful time with my kids.   There are still things I want to do in Nashville that I never get to do during the festival.  I have yet to go see a live show at the Ryman Auditorium or at the Grand Ole Opry.  I mean, I see plenty of live artists all week long at the fest - but they are outdoors on big stages.  Sometime I need to go to Nashville just for a regular weekend, when it's "normal" on lower Broadway, and go see shows at the Ryman and at the GOP.

All for now.  There is no Hodgepodge tomorrow.  Our leader is traveling.  Speaking of traveling...  I live in a "vacation destination" and it's pretty crowded on the roads and in the restaurants right now.  I know the tourists are good for our economy because we rely on them bringing their money here.  Sometimes it gets annoying tho.   I have to remember how fortunate I am to live here ALL THE TIME!  

Have a good week!

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