Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sit down! ENOUGH!

Thank you US Representatives in the Capitol who are holding a 'sit-in' on the house floor!   Totally frustrated by a majority group that will not even allow certain bills to come forward, these members have found a way to highlight the injustice. 

It is nothing new - the injustice that is...  for 8 years the majority (the Republicans) has stated they will not work with President Obama and the Democrats in any way.  From 'day one' of Obama's first term, they vowed to stop everything he proposed.  They spoke like bullies.  Outloud - in front of the cameras.   Politics became so low.   There was no "we gave it a good fight - now let's see where we can work together."   Therefore, as a bully does, they used power to hold bills hostage, and have stopped any action on all kinds of possibilities for our country. 

For eight years.

Even longer,  Congress has acted like young children, wanting only their way, and not learning to share... and unable to feel for anyone but themselves.   They have been lured by power and money.  Lobbyists have snuck in like a coiling snake to influence them.  Re-election is the big prize. 

So, like children left with nothing (no respect, no chance of being heard, no confidence)  and feeling tired - with no ability to act grown-up,  some representatives have reached the point of  'dropping down on the floor'...and saying NO, I will not allow this anymore!  Can you picture a toddler doing this in frustration?  

I personally am happy that SOMETHING is happening. Finally.  I am glad that there are members of Congress who have found a way to make a point - to sit down - and to make a point in a non-violent way.  They are staying put - at their job - until something happens.  They are using social media to get the word out.  They are letting those who voted for them aware that they are beyond tired of the political game playing.

Game playing.  Toddlers.   It's pretty sad that I see our Congress that way.  Once, a few generations ago, men and women in the House and Senate were respected.  They felt that they worked FOR those in their home areas. I remember.  

Now, these days,  I think most of us see them as people out of touch with the real world, living on lobby money, moving voting lines to their advantage, only concerned with personal 'winning.'    Child-like.

Have you noticed?   I have written this far and have not even mentioned that the 'sit-in' is about the desire to bring a couple of bills to the floor that have to deal with better gun safety and control?  After another horrible mass-shooting in our country, our politicians can not even agree to discuss and compromise on ways to make our country safer.  

Embarrassing.  In-humane.   So completely sad.   

So - sit!  Make a spectacle of the injustice.   Show America that we can't go on like this anymore.

Do it!  And keep on doing it...        you have my support!  I'm sitting right with you!


  1. {{this came up on feed for some odd reason)

    I know this is going to fall on death ears, but, seriously, are you serious? You really need to read up on the laws of this country and the Constitution and Due Process, Marla. What they are doing is an embarrassment to this country. The vote was already taken. Their version of the bill has nothing to do with GUNS---they want to take DUE PROCESS AWAY FROM AMERICANS. It has nothing to do with TERRORISTS. Read up on it and get back with me, please. Those persons who are sitting in, the majority of them want NO GUNS and want to take the 2nd Amendment away, period. AND I think if you read the comments on the liberal news and the regular news, the majority of Americans think what they are doing is darn right embarrassing to this country.

    Exasperrated how the spin keeps going and going. I find it pretty odd that whenever there is a mass murder in this country, the left want to take guns. Have you ever stopped to think what if the terrorist use other means? What's next, take away cars so there is not car bombs? and so on...reallyyyyyyy....your right, this has gotten out of hand, the political correctness has gotten out of hand.

    {{stepping off the soapbox}}

  2. If this alleged Gun (i.e. People) Control thing was soooooo important to our country and to them, why didn't they do something about it when they where the majority? Hmmmm .... ?? And why should Congress "work with the President"? It's their responsibilty to PROTECT us from the Marxist in charge. It's in the US Constitution. The Dem's are just anarchist's trying to cause trouble and make Trump look bad. Ain't happenin'.

  3. I responded to both comments above privately.